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  1. I have a FMF powercore4 slip-on I'm selling , has one ride on it, selling bike and put the stock pipe back on.
  2. Definentley worth it in my opinion, I had them ordered the day after I got the bike, it turns so much better , with the clamps and the suspension tuned properly it really felt like a different bike, good investment imo
  3. Yeah i do agree it felt slightly different after i put it on but i can't ride the bike to it's full potential anyway so i don't really notice it much , bought it mainly for ease of filter installation/removal. I'll check out the SDI valves
  4. I've had mine since release, Great bike Ride Eng. 21.5 Clamps FMF 4.1 Exhaust Loudmouth intake Factory Connection Suspension New chain guides and sprockets love it so far
  5. 11 kx450
  6. Hey guys, I recently picked up a 98 yz250 not running for $400, I've got a question regarding the right side engine case, should there be a hole under the kickstart gear mechanism? I've rebuilt plenty of 4 strokes but haven't rebuilt a 2 stroke in a few years. I attached a pic so you can see what I'm talking about , also added a pic of the piston.
  7. I have stock springs from a 2005 yz250, i don't have the bike anymore so there just sitting on the shelf.
  8. You could split the cases and have it professionaly welded, or clean it up very well and JB weld it, I have used JB weld on an old 426 i had and it worked with no issues.
  9. Double check your timing, when i rebuilt my 450 it wouldnt start, timing was off a tooth, adjusted and it started first kick.
  10. Nice bike, How do you like that front number plate?
  11. +1 I use a quart with filter change and have never had a problem.
  12. I'm pretty sure 09-11 kx250f/kx450f are the same subframes, i put a 10 kx250f subframe on an 11 kx450f with no issues.
  13. upper engine bracket bolts 21 ft-lb (bracket to frame) upper engine mounting bolt 36 ft-lb (bracket to engine head) Out of my service manual.