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    1992 yz 250 plastics?

    The tank is still in good condition not faded or anything yet. The rear fender is broke, the side coveres are trashed and the shrouds are broken and missing pieces, the front fender is still okay haha. Thanks for the list of parts, I've been looking artound and found parts I need but total was close to $300... don't feel like spending half of what I paid for the bike just on plastics at this moment in time. Edit: I just priced out everything included mix and matching from different sites. and Ordering everything I need from UFO plastics is my cheapest option. Ordering everything from UFO plastics ended up being 194.97 after shipping and tax and all that Order the two parts from ebay and the side covers from TT ended up being 198.82 Ordering the UFO rear fender, UFO side panels, and the radiator shrouds from TT ended up vbeing 209.36. So should I just go through UFO plastics then and have everything shipped together?
  2. Sn0wm4n21

    1992 yz 250 plastics?

    Well I found front fenders galore. But it seems every site I go to is missing. How fast is shipping on the TT site? I found https://www.thumpert...e-p4191208.html on the site, but are they going to look like the original plastics? There isn't a picture... I basically just need to find where to search for the side panels and the plastics that go on either side of the radiator by the tank. Sorry for sounding so dumb, I realized my question doesn't sound the brightest
  3. Sn0wm4n21

    1992 yz 250 plastics?

    First off, I'm new to the forums! I find this an awesome place to read when I'm bored. Second, I just bought a 1992 YZ 250 for $600. Mechanically it's an amazing bike, I took it out to the Chengwatana State Park here in Minnesota this weekend and had a blast. However... it looks like a piece. All of the plastics are either faded horribly, broken and stapled back together, or just completely broken. I've been searching these forums, and searching online for a while, but just can't seem to find a place where I can buy all of the needed plastics. So I thought I would ask here, someone has got to know a place where I can get a full set of plastics. Thanks!