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  1. gmann820

    best dirtbike for me

    The 125 will be alot harder to learn on
  2. gmann820

    Wr 250f

    My budget is around 1600... I've ridden track on 150r and trails on the 200
  3. gmann820

    best dirtbike for me

    id go with the 150rb you can grow into it more than the 230... downside to it is basic maintance
  4. gmann820

    Wr 250f

    Looking to get my first bike and am lookin to get a 02 wr... I have a little seat time on a 150r and a gas gas 200. Is this bike good for me? Mostly trails im 5'8 150 14... Also how to tell if the bikes in good shape
  5. gmann820

    125 or 250x?

    Hi im 5'8 150 pounds and am 14. Im going to be shopping for my first bike soon and cant decide between a yz 125 or a crf 250x... I have seat time on a 150r on a track and a gas gas 200 in the woods (really liked the gas gas) looking to do mostley trails. Not looking to spend more than 1500$$
  6. gmann820

    what bike?

    hey im 14 years 5'8 150 pounds. I know the basics of shifting and riding a dirtbike on the street and a straight away once (on my friends 150r). my friends say a 250 is too much for me because i am a beginner. i am thinking of getting a 230f or a 150rb. i am looking for suggestions on what bike to get! help! thanks.
  7. gmann820

    honda 230f or 150f

    thanks so much for the info. i think i might get the 230 for a couple months and flip it and get the 250x
  8. gmann820

    honda 230f or 150f

    thank you! ive never ridden the 150r in the trails just on a strait away and had no problems... never ridden trails before and i wont have any issues with the power right? my dirtbikeing friends thought i was crazy for concidering a 250
  9. hi im 5'8 150 pounds and am looking to get my first bike... i have a little bit of experince on a crf 150r and am looking to do mostley trail rideing. i was looking at a crf 250x but my friends said a 250's to much... help!
  10. gmann820

    250f for a beginner

    just a few questions on the maintenance how often do you have to check the valves on the bike and can you do this yourself (im not very handy)? also how can you telll if a bike is going to blow up?
  11. hi im 5'8 and 150 pounds and looking for my first bike. im looking to do mostly trails and a little bit of track. im loking at the crf 250x, wr 250f, or yz 250f. but am open to anything! i dont mind doing maintance like air filter, oil, and stuff like that but what i dont want to be doing is expensive stuff like valves or blowing up my bike. Thanks
  12. gmann820

    honda crf 230 or wr 250f

    Thanks and im a little concerened about the power of it... Could a beginner handle this bike without killin himself?
  13. gmann820

    honda crf 230 or wr 250f

    Thanks everyone!! The 230 is defintley not a option anymore. Now the question is wr250 crf250 or possibly a 200 2 stroke.. Open to anything looking for a more toned down bike
  14. im 5'8 150 pounds and am fairly new to dirtbikeing. i have experience on a klx 125 and i have putted around my buddies yard on a Honda crf 150r with no problems. i have never really gone trail riding but have gone to a track on a 80. i am wondering what bike i should get either a crf 230 or a wr 250f. i am looking to do mostly trail riding and don't want to out grow my bike to fast. please help!