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  1. Just ordered the baja designs switch, hopefully that will fix the problem
  2. Unfortunately I have the hydraulic switch. I will have to look into getting a mechanical one. Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a ufo rear fender with tail light. Its wired correctly, it just seems the pressure to actuate the other filament in the bulb is very high
  4. The pressure required to set off my rear brake light seems very high when testing it in the garage (I suppose it could be different on the streets). Is there any way for me to adjust my brake light actuator? Is everyone else's brake light like this? Thanks
  5. Yea that makes sense, thanks. I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and save up for a supermoto setup, I'm just afraid I wouldn't use it enough/get my moneys worth.
  6. MT43 looks good. How does it corner?
  7. I figured I bet not start a new thread as I also need some advice on tires. Now that we are approaching Winter I am going to keep my WR down here in Texas instead of Colorado. As you can see in the attached picture my D606 hasn't been doing very well with street duty and ill probably replace my front tire too. What tires can yall recommend I would go with a supermoto setup but as a highschool kid I just dont have to the money for that. I want a tire that I can really lean and carve the streets with and maybe a little dirt here and there (city power line trails). Thanks for all the help!
  8. There's a little video I tried making with my gopro for some friends. Just fast forward to 11:00 for a little speed. EDIT: Ignore the title haha
  9. Yea I might just try it this weekend. Thanks, the BMW is my dads....I'm pretty jealous of it!
  10. Here is my 2011 after a wash: I'm still debating whether or not to install this. I ride in the Colorado mountains and Texas and I'm unsure as to how big of a hassle it is jacking with the jetting every time I go to Colorado...but the jetting and AIS kit would be nice...
  11. Darn I wish you had replied a day earlier I would have bought the cheaper one. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the original one I linked. Maybe I'll post a little tutorial or some finished product pics once i get it installed..
  12. Or does anyone have any good ideas for a license plate lamp that won't shake loose?
  13. I would like to put one of these on my 2011 WR450F. The reason I want it over the other model people use for the alum. WR's is because it has a built in license plate lamp, a requirement in Texas (my main residency). Will this plate holder fit on my WR? Thanks, Matt