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  1. Ok guys I need your help, I am going to get one of these bike. Both are street legal, I am fairly new to KTM. Please help me decide which bike is right for me. which bike requires more maintenance? I am going to be doing enduro/ trail riding for the most part, Oh btw both bikes are 450s. any help would be greatly appriciated. I tried to do a comparison and find information online, but I couldnt seem to find much. let me know your thoughts guys. Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R Idle hesitation?

    Thanks for the info, thought maybe I was getting to much air or fuel?? didnt know.
  3. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R Idle hesitation?

    Hey guys, When my bike is idling, I notice that when I give it throttle that it seems to bog and hesitate a little, especially if I romp down on it, it would die if I didnt let off, any clues to what this might be??
  4. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R kill switch help!

    ok I just tried that it did not ground out, so it must be that black/white wire is indeed broken somewhere along the route back to the CDI.
  5. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R kill switch help!

    I do have the wires connected as you stated and still the switch does not work. also the previous switch did not work, I bought the TT switch because I needed a high/low for my DS conversion, and thought this whole set up would be nice with the kill switch included. I thought I had a ground problem, thats why I took a seperate wire straight to the coil ground to make sure. Still it does not work. I may have a problem with the black/white wire coming from the CDI? I also have not tried taking a piece of wire to the black/white and grounding it to see if it stops the engine?
  6. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R kill switch help!

    yes that is it
  7. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R kill switch help!

    I have done everything you have suggested, except the ohm meter. I do not currently have one of those. This is a new trailtech switch, that has the high/low and kill switch in one.
  8. wolfdogg40

    Xr 650R kill switch help!

    i know this should be a simple task, but the kill switch is not cooperating with me. I have hooked the wires up as directed, but the switch still will not work, any ideas, I know my ground is good, I made sure of that by running a seperate wire to the frame ground on the ignition coil. Please let me know of anything else that I might try. Thanks guys!
  9. wolfdogg40

    Trailtech H2 Halogen 650R

    Thank you so much for replying. I noticed from your set up that you had the same problem that I did, your scott damper arm initially hit the back on the light, correct?? what did you use to make it set out further so it clears the arm?? I am in need of doing this as I have the same set up.. please let me know. Thanks
  10. wolfdogg40

    Trailtech H2 Halogen 650R

    Hey guys, I need some help wiring up the H2 light, can someone please tell me what wires go from the headlight to the factory harness Blue, green and black?, any help would be greatly appriciated
  11. wolfdogg40

    Trailtech Switch wiring help! XR650R

    it is for a 2000 Xr 650R. I will also be running a Trailtech X2 headlight
  12. hey guys I have purchased this switch listed below, I would appriciate any help in hooking this up and what wires go to what. Thanks in advance
  13. wolfdogg40

    Trailtech vapor speedo on XR 650R

    are you talking about the little circular battery inside the speedo? how often do you ride, I cant believe that thing lasted that long if thats what you are reffering to ?
  14. wolfdogg40

    Show your PIG

    Before the teardownAfter the rebuild! much elbow grease involved!
  15. hey guys, What is the easiest way to wire in the Vapor speedo to the existing wiring of the XR. Some have told me just to tap in to the black wire going to the headlight. Let me know what you guys have done. Thanks!