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  1. Washington

    See you at the PSER enduro in shelton .. I'll be sweeping you tomorrow and checking on the long course.
  2. Washington

    May 2 is the PSER enduro weekend
  3. Washington

  4. Washington

    oh if your going to the lucky duck tomorrow i ride a wr250 black riding back pack has a blue plastic hawaiian lei on the back from my first poker run..betting im the only one with one of those. green dodge truck with black cargo trailer. see you there!
  5. Washington

    will do 6 riders..hey so i have a group coming with us tomorrow...we are wondering what the difference between the beginner and advanced courses are?
  6. Washington

    Anyone going to the lucky duck this Saturday?
  7. Washington

    No problem. Great riding tho!
  8. Washington

    nice gooch...come say hi! of Blucru Yamahoppers green dakota black trailer with NMA sticker on the back.
  9. Washington

    Anyone going to the DPR in mattawa next weekend?
  10. ok you want to know how to get that low end bog out of your WR250 .....JD Jetting, Athena dual spray. wow...just got the bike back from Dave Sheets at TBT last night and am totally excited to get some real ride time on it.
  11. Washington

    lol yeah I ride better without my husband. He is always worried about me and goes slower on purpose cause he thinks I'll get hurt trying to keep up. But then if I can get out in front of him.. But if I do get in trouble he's there.
  12. Anyone know how to make the passenger tire obstacle? I want to make a couple but am not sure how they hold the tires tight together so your bike tire won't push through.
  13. Washington

    i try to as much as i can..but the events i hear these girls go to are like the ISDE qualifier, right. Ill tag along with them doing course sweeps, but they don't even talk poker run!
  14. Washington

    right on..yeah Id love to try it out. My bike is at TBT right now getting re jetted and some bugs worked out. I probably wont have it back in time for the weekend but Ill be going to mattawa for the DPR march 14/15 for the first poker run of the year. then I hear the Lucky Duck is the following weekend. want to try the endurocross course out! Im a PSER..and am out in the shelton area.
  15. Washington

    Looking for a group of women riders to ride with. I am a beginning rider and like to hit the NMA events. I want to ride more events and usually ride with my husband but he is not always available and I don't like going by myself. Would like to hang with the same caliber of rider. The group of lady riders in my club are far more advanced than I am and I feel like im holding them up. Id like to try out more enduro's and hare scrambles but have been chicken to do so thinking im just going to get run over out there!! Im not opposed to guy riders in the group long as we are all learning together and not just getting roosted by some know it all, right?