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  1. Steel2TRollers

    From which year this bike is?

    The 10th digit in your vin says it's 2010
  2. Steel2TRollers

    A few too many sand whoops

    That's crazy
  3. Steel2TRollers

    Would i be let down with the YZ 125?

    Yeah 125 has plenty of power for playing around with wheelie's, easier?
  4. Steel2TRollers

    Would i be let down with the YZ 125?

    Man 128 lbs on a 125 haha, that thing will do mach 1 with you on it. I like 2 strokes because they're easy to maintain and have less that can go wrong with them and I love the sound This is a good vid on the powerband but kinda boring, hope it helps.
  5. Steel2TRollers

    Why does my yz250 sound like this?

    Piston slap, time to rebuild your top end. It could be the power valve as well.
  6. Steel2TRollers

    What size 18" tyre for woods?

    I would check this tire out and see how you like it, has some good reviews http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/29/391/4982/ITEM/Dunlop-D952-Intermediate-Rear-Tire.aspx
  7. Steel2TRollers

    What size 18" tyre for woods?

    Have you tryed the Dunlop D756 or the Bridgestone M404? I used the D756 alot on my old RMZ 450 and even tho western washington doesn't get as much rain as wales it is always wet and damp from oct'ish till August(usally, this year has been dry). Just a constant drizzle here lol, in 99 I think it was 90 some days of rain out of 120. I like the mud tho
  8. Steel2TRollers

    What size 18" tyre for woods?

    Thanks, thats the only video I could find of my buds riding, I wish they would use a go pro when they ride. Some of the stuff they do on their bikes is just insane lol, Hey soon you will have some ice to ride on haha. Chamber66 sorry to hear with the bad luck you had with a trials tire, maybe a bad make of tire?
  9. Steel2TRollers

    What size 18" tyre for woods?

    If you live in western wa, this is the way to go especially if you're going to hit trails like this. (Quality isn't great but you get the jist )Guy riding the WR450 uses trials rear tire and his brother in the back does too, not sure about the other guys. These guys brought me out to capitol forest when I had my 06 RMZ 450 (with my riding skill, I had no business being there lol but the guys I rode with took care of me) took me out for a "quick" ride. 30 some odd miles later we get back to the truck and I was bruised and battered with a broke clutch lever haha, wish I had a trials rear tire because I slipped out alot of times from roots and wet rocks. Invest in a trails 18" rear for the nasty trail riding and a good knobby for that other stuff.
  10. Steel2TRollers

    1992 yz 250 plastics?

    If thats the cheapest you can get it for and make sure that the rear fender flares out to meet your side covers. Don't want UFO to sneak in a chintzy "Universal" rear fender. You could always bide your time and pick a part up here and there on ebay or even some good used parts on craigslist. I have been searching for parts on craigslist from states around mine and asking the sellers if they would ship the part to me at my cost. I guess It all comes down to your patience. Good Luck
  11. Steel2TRollers

    1992 yz 250 plastics?

    Rear fender http://www.ebay.com/itm/1991-92-Yamaha-YZ125-YZ250-WR500-White-REAR-Fender-NEW-/150899369071?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item23224da46f&vxp=mtr Side Covers Go with the thumpertalk store https://www.thumpert...1992&model=6630 Shrouds http://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-1991-1992-Yamaha-YZ250-YZ-250-WHITE-Radiator-Shrouds-SET-NEW-/150878851528?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item23211491c8&vxp=mtr Front Fender http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-Acerbis-Front-Fender-/320984386088?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A1992|Model%3AYZ&hash=item4abc290a28&vxp=mtr Number Plate https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=337953&manufacturer=7&category=3&year=1992&model=6630 Make sure when looking for that rear fender that it matches up to your side covers, UFO sells a "universal" rear fender for the 92 yz 250 which is garbage. Side covers and shrouds are the cheapest I could find for you. The front fender you can get away with a non OEM look pick out a style you like. The number plate is easy use ebay to pick one out that you like, I picked the more expwensive one because of style. Rest of the stuff just use ebay and price match the parts stores you can find off of google. Thumper talk store seems reasonable on most prices. I am in the same boat as you, just picked up a 91 yz 250 roller that hasn't ran in 8 years haha. She is running and looking good now, just waiting for my correct rear fender to come in =) . Good luck with your build.