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  1. Hi, after a ride Saturday, bike running fine, I noticed the fuel pump intermittently coming on and off, i disconnected the battery and cleaned the bike with high pressure washer. Bike still did the same after reconnecting the bat and bike still started as normal and ran fine. i disconnected the bat to charge and after reconnecting the fuel pump doesnt come on when the motor swings over, I can hear the relay ticking on and off but no pump. There is no spark too, i removed the fuel pump and tested direct to bat and it works. Ive disconnected all plugs to clean, still no luck. I checked the voltage that comes through the little plug that connects to the tank and the is only 4.6V when the motor swings... the EFI light lights up as per normal when you swing the motor, fuses are also all still good. Does anybody have some insight on this problem, someone has mentioned this problem has been resolved before by replacing the voltage regultor
  2. You are looking at the plug that clips onto the coil pack. I think I had 2 separate issues one was possibly the 2 wire in the plug in the pic that was shorting out and the other like I mentioned is the coil pack that wasnt sitting tight enough.
  3. Maniac, the jetting I can only remember the #38 leak off, not the rest, but I can assure you its not jetting, the bike runs perfect and super strong when it does run. Update... Yesterday I thought all was sorted after the silicone job, but no, bike runs and idles, but on throttle dies. Bike starts very easy then as soon as I touch and turn or wiggle the coil pack on the plug it dies. I got it running reliably by pushing the coil pack in as hard as i can, I just hope it stays there, today ill find out what replacement cost is or if I can try one on appro, to see if it solves my problem. I dont think the coil pack is nacked as it should stop working consistently as it heats up no? but never the less, my situation seems like a new thing or not heard of on a WR, at least now its documented. Mongial, I checked my wiring directly off the bat, all seems good, but i will keep that in mind.
  4. Hi all, i'm new to the forum, a quad bike converted dirt rider now with my first used 2008 WR450F. The prev owner looked well after the bike but didnt do any free mods and as i couldnt ride the bike after i bought it due to a busted knee figured id do all the free mods: ais removal, grey wire mod, snorkel out, o-ring mod, etc bike's got an fmf ti on. The bike always fired first kick or swing, but after going on dirt trail it started sputtering and backfiring and wouldnt go again. i pulled the carb at home and found a 175 main jet ( i thought too big but bike ran well) cleaned carby and put back in. The bike fires once, sputters, then backfires and dies. i pulled the carb many times now to make sure i didnt miss any dirt, i dropped the fuel, changed to the suggested 168 main jet for my area, still no starty. So yesterday i filled all day and changed the plug back to the old one i replaced and the bike started first thing, ran beautifully, took it around the block, dies half way so me pushy back. Change out plug again to new one, what do you know, it works again. So at this point i believe my problem is on the actual plug that clips onto the coil pack that sits on the plug as it works fine every time i WDF it. Has anyone heard of this, does it make sence? I must add that on the dirt trail the the problem increased every time i went trough water untill the bike eventually died. I have now degreased the plug and wires, dried it and siliconed it up nicely, hopefully IF my diagnosis is correct my prob is solved, but i would love some forum guru opinions.