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  1. husqvarnarider10

    Sprockets? Husqvarna tc 450

    I have a 2004 TC 450. I want to buy new sprockets but im not sure what to do. Some say 15f 50r and i have also heard 13f 48r. I do Trail and track in NorCal and some of Nevada. what do you ride or suggest thanks
  2. I just bought the bike used and I want to know the tricks to starting this thing up without draining the battery. Any tricks cold and flooded and I also wanted to know if putting cooler coolent would stop if from over heating. Thanks
  3. husqvarnarider10

    CRF250X power/performance etc.

    the pink wire mod helps, its basically a rev limiter. And if you have california X take of the smog pump thing. After market pipe will help also
  4. husqvarnarider10

    Decal kits?

    i bought 250 r graphics for my bike and everything fit except the rear fender (cuz the size/light spot) and they work great
  5. So i would haft to buy an already plated dirt bike or can i buy an out of state bike, do the kits, and then transfer it over at DMV as a street legal
  6. husqvarnarider10

    A good KTM dealer?

    I dont know where you live, i go to Roseville KTM IN California. they did my brothers 525 and fixed everything and we picked it up the next day
  7. All right so im 17 and i live in cali. I am currently riding a crf250x but i want an upgrade. I dont really want a dirt bike for the purpose of street travel but I think it would be a cool perk. I dont want a bike that is trail mainly so im nervious about the 450X cuz i have blown the fork seals on the 250 a bunch of times on the track and think i will have the same issues with the 450. Im getting into some more track but i need a dirt bike that is green sticker, rocks the track and the trails, and can become street legalized just for random rides. The KTM's are good and i would like to know if i can street legalize the xc-w. I have also been looking at the tc husqvarnia 450 (race model) on craigslist and i was wondering if that is green sticker and can become dual sported. Any DMV laws to watch out for? heared it is based on vin code. help on this subject and any other bike you think will work write down. Thank you!