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    Lseca: Did you have them do the valve separators? Do you think those are necessary for the local hardpack tracks like Straddleline and Horn Rapids?
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    Ive got a 2011 yz450f. Its my baby, Ive got a lot of money into it. I ride Intermediate moto only, no trails, dunes maybe every one in awhile. I want to go very high end on my suspension, cut no corners and drop as much $,$$$ as needed however, I also want the most bang for my buck. Ive narrowed it down between Devol or ENZO. Can I get some feedback on each? Who do you guys think I should go with? FYI: Devol is trying to sell me on extended bladder (because the 2011's exhaust header is so close to rear suspension) and valve separators (for those hardpack choppers at my local tracks). Also Devol offers free suspension setups, guarantees their springs and free trackside support when their trailer is at the local tracks (I live in WA State so that offer has a lot of value). Devol quoted me at $800-900 for everything. I consider ENZO to be the best in the game when it comes to working on Yamahas and KYB. Heres the email I got from ENZO: hey there, so here is a quote for the suspension work we would recommend doing to your bike, based on our conversation. front fork revalve: $180.95 plus parts and oil front fork parts: $70.00 front fork oil: $19.95 front fork mid speed valve parts: $20.00 front fork springs: $112.00 enzo technica spring tubes: $250.00 rear shock revalve: $180.95 plus parts and oil rear shock parts: $50.00 rear shock oil and nitrogen: $14.95 rear shock spring: $122.00 lowering plate: $40.00 for a total of $1,050.80 i know that you said devol would do your suspension for $738 - $788 depending on if they put a bladder cap on it or not. suspension is one of those things that you get what you pay for. i know you were hoping that we could beat their price, and if you take some of our stuff out, like the spring tubes, the cost goes way down. the price i quoted you will give you the best set up for your bike. and i also quoted you with new seals and bushings, front and rear. if your wear parts are new then you obviously wont need them and that would then save you another $120.00. please let me know if you have any questions thanks -dave PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE GUYS!!!!!!!!
  3. I have a new/gorgeous/wonderful 2011 yz 450f that needs a new shorty break lever, clutch lever and clutch perch. I know the factory JGR guys run kbc levers. They look nice and are suppose to eliminate up and down play in the clutch which is important to me cause I enjoy a crisp, smooth and tight clutch pull. However the GYTR perch and levers look nice and so does the ASV and the Sunline. I have ASVs on my 2005 GSXR 600 and they are nice but the Sunline levers seem to be more durable since they pivot up, down and forward while the ASVs only pivot forward. I also like how Sunline makes a wider range of other parts and accessories such as shifters, pegs and rear brake levers. Whats your guys opinion and experience with these products? Which do you recommend?