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    1981 XT 250 Jetting after mods

    Hi all. I have an annoying problem with my 3Y3 1981 XT250 which i'm hoping one of you knowledgeable people might help me with. I've recently had a top end rebuild and she now runs as sweet as.... except it wont tick over. During normal service the running is fine - come to a junction or lights and its cuts out unless you hold it on the throttle. If I try to adjust the tickover speed on the throttle screw it races its nuts off I've tried most everything with no success. I should add that the bike has always done this during my ownership and to try a fix it I had the carb ultrasonically cleaned, a Keyster rebuild kit and all the chambers etc cleaned through by the carb builder - essentially a 'proper' job. I have checked the inlet boot for leaks but there is none and a new air filter takes care of the downstream side. Anyone suffered similar problems?
  2. keveljay

    Main axle XT 250

    Sorry no, its the main gearbox shaft with 14 teeth. Its part code is 3Y1-17411-00-00. For some reason its called 'Axle, main' Ive tried to show a graphic from my parts list but can't get it to work.
  3. keveljay

    Main axle XT 250

    Hi all. Does anyone know if the main axle from an SR will fit the XT - the part codes are (SR) 3Y6-17411-00 and (XT) 3Y1-17411-00. My 3Y3 motor has broken the main axle, but I can getta hold of a 3Y6 shaft. Anyone know for sure if it will work? Thanks Kev
  4. keveljay


    Thanks William, as you suggested - cured it straightaway. Sincere thanks
  5. keveljay


    Hi all, Went out to my '81 Xt 250 the other day and had a job starting it. It usually kicks up 2nd or 3rd time - after a dozen or so kicks it started but was flat out revved up at 4K. I turned it off and disconnected the throttle cable - no difference. Took the carb off to check the slide was working, which it was, so didnt strip it, just refitted it with a new forward (between rubber manifold and barrel) gasket which was a bit dog eared. When I turned the fuel back on and started it, it was back to normal, but petrol is now pouring out of the drain pipe at the bottom of the carb. What have I done? Any pointers greatly appreciated.