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  1. yea i suppose it would sound louder if it came from the air box, but the noise im referring to is coming from the carb itself, like before it was jetted the air box would make a suction noise and after it was jetted it stop making that noise and ran a lot better
  2. the only reason it doesn't have more plugs is because i ran out
  3. sure thing
  4. hahah yea it does, i actually did do that to see if it'll help it but it ended up sounding the same if not louder
  5. i actually ended up not doing the 3x3 mod i was afraid of having sand and dirt going in the airbox, i used a 1" hole saw to make holes at the top and the right side of the airbox and stuck filtered plugs in them, its not going to completely block out the elements but it'll help a bit,
  6. thanks for the answers you guys, i dont have a problem with it and its running fine as far as i know, i was just concerned cuz the stock one didnt make that noise, so i guess i was worried for no reason, you guys are awesome
  7. I had a 39mm FCR-MX carb installed on my DRZ-400s and whenever i give it about quarter throttle the carburetor makes a sound like its pulling in air, is that normal with these carburetors? Am i depriving it of air? is there some adjustment im supposed to make on the carb to allow it to pull more air? Id hate to not use this carb to its full potential