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  1. Betard

    Stator bolt problem

    Hopefully my issue isn't that severe! I was planning on a rebuild, but hoping I could wait until this winter to open in up. I assume I may have a similar issue, or at the least my bearings have too much play in them and is either causing the vibration, or has enough play in it to actually be bumping the stator. Great tip on making sure the oil screens are free of debris! Something easily overlooked for the driveway mechanics of the world.
  2. Betard

    Stator bolt problem

    You ever find any info about this? I have a similar issue, rattle noise and after inspection saw the stator came loose. Had the stator, flywheel and cover replaced, and month later... same issue... Dont want to spend $$$ to replace the stator again, for it to happen again in a month.