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  1. 4Given4Life

    Fighting off boredom...

    put on some head phones under your helmet.. put on your GF's favorite song, it will make you want to stay out longer, never to return ... or put on justin beiber, but that makes me want to ride off a cliff sometimes
  2. 4Given4Life

    04yz250 5th gear issue

    this work for an 04 yz 125?
  3. NO MY GOD what was the end diagnosis? just a scratch lol?
  4. 4Given4Life

    Anyone Ride With Music In?

    i always listen to music while riding, i dont like hearing my engine knock
  5. so it is the ufo? im indecisive of just going to chaparral and buying a 250f fender and drilling it or buying a ufo online
  6. 4Given4Life

    yz 125

    Never! i glue it to my hand so its everywhere i go
  7. 4Given4Life

    yz 125 seat cover help

    ya ill post it in this fourm? i think im in the right thread, ill get on that right away
  8. 4Given4Life

    yz 125 seat cover help

    ok thats what i wanted to know, thanks.
  9. 4Given4Life

    yz 125 seat cover help

    im going to be starting a good post here shortly of a restoration of my 04 yz125.. quick question, can i get a 250f pleated seat cover and muscle it to fit? im wondering how interchangeable seat covers are, i realize if it was a graphic specific to match, but its just black. i wanted a step seat, more for personal preference, or a pleated one i see on ebay by FLU designs. has anyone put these on bikes that aren't technically made for it? the pleated ones on Ebay all say for certain 250/450F bikes, and i want to put it on my yz 2stroke.. please let me know if it is possible, and any tips if you have done it before. thanks!
  10. 4Given4Life

    2000 yz125 project

    wheres the smoke?! haha
  11. 4Given4Life

    yz 125

    my backwards hat flies off at about 40 which i have to stop and turn around to get it, so i dont go much faster than that or what the street digital speed detector says in the neighborhood.. ill test it out with a helmet today and see what it says
  12. 4Given4Life

    Another graphic question

    make sure the JGR comes with the seat cover, that adds that fresh look.. i hear its a little difficult to get it to match up perfectly though.
  13. is that the restyled UFO front fender or a 250f front fender with drilled holes?
  14. 4Given4Life

    Yellow Plastic...

    Out here we call it Lambo-Yellow.. yz's Rm's street/dirt, the 06 R6's in yellow are head turners for sure