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  1. Balkan boy

    TM 300EN first ride day

    Chris, thanks for taking the time to write. Please lay as much details of these bikes on us. Have you tried the 4strokes? I value your opinions on bikes, and I look forward to seeing your son racing in blue.
  2. Balkan boy

    Another red italian dirtbike ???

    Are the prices (for bikes) similar to Beta in Greece? I only found some prices in Italy, and it seems it's the same or little bit more than Beta. I would like if someone close to me had a TM to swap bike on rides, but I'm keeping the Beta for a few more years at least.
  3. Balkan boy

    300 RR MAP switch

    And in a bad way at that. For me, the cloudy switch position is useless. ('18. 300RR) A few times a branch flipped the switch while riding, and in my head I was already changing the piston and diagnosing why is the bike running poorly. Then I lose focus and make riding mistakes. It has one more chance to prove its worth, or I'm taking it off.
  4. Balkan boy


    And in the opposite world: I'm 6'2'', something's wrong with that brake pedal from the factory.
  5. Balkan boy

    Power decrease at last quarter of fuel tank

    You may be right. Last time it happened I took off the gas cap to see how much fuel there is, and I noticed a burp of pressure coming from the tank.
  6. Has anyone noticed a change in power delivery when petrol gets down to the bottom quarter of the tank? About 2-3l left in the tank. At first I thought I was imagining it, or that my wrist was tired and I'm not giving it enough gas ... But after 20 tanks I'm almost sure something changes. Motor doesn't rev as quickly as before, and loses revs more noticeably when off gas. Power feels softer and less sharp than with the full tank. It's not major, and I doubt I'd notice it in open terrain, but I can feel it when doing laps on a familiar track. All my quick laps were with the full tank. This happens around reserve with the petcock on ON, but also bellow reserve with petcock on RES. Bike is 2018. 300RR and I've been noticing this since it was new. It has around 75h now. I'd like to hear if anyone has an opinion on this. P.S. For reference, with the 4T Beta on the same track I was almost always around reserve, and I never had this drop in power.
  7. Balkan boy

    I'm a believer! Motion Pro fork alignment tool

    Good way to test if the front end is tracking straight is to ride steep off-camber section in both direction. If it's not straight the wheel will steer down or it will be difficult to hold the line. Maybe I'm sensitive to this due to lack of skill and some bitter experience, but I can tell when it's off even by a hair. Well set-up Beta will track like on rails. On the '18. 300RR I have to apply quite a bit of pressure on the right leg to get it in line. Maybe 2mm inwards from where it settles on its own.
  8. Balkan boy

    I'm a believer! Motion Pro fork alignment tool

    How does that work exactly? For me, MotionPro tool made the difference between crashing and having a straight tracking front wheel on '13. and '18. Betas. Before it I used all the home-brew tricks without success.
  9. Balkan boy

    2019 300rr speedometer not working

    I had this situation recently, but it was most likely caused by me. The rubber cap around the sensor was cracked in the first place, and after (unrelated) manhandling of the break caliper it stopped sending speed reading. Hour meter and all else works. I destroyed the rubber cap in trying to take it off. Don't do this. It's unlikely that you'll be able to position the wire without it. Even worse, don't take the shrink wrap from the end of the wire just to check it. Sensor inside is very sensitive, and you'll likely destroy it like I did. Your choices are: Item 15: https://shop.betamotor.parts/en/products/enduro/2018/rr-2t-250-300-5/wiring-harness-516 Trailtech: https://www.trailtech.net/101-06 (I don't like that connector down by the pickup sensor) At the moment I'm using a GPS watch to track the distance, mainly to be sure I have enough fuel. Fortunately, the hour meter works.
  10. Balkan boy

    300RR Michelin Enduro Competition?

    Even if the Michelin Enduro isn't the best for the terrain you ride, it certainly isn't so bad to behave as you describe. Is your rear still reasonably new? Throttle+clutch control may help you more than any tire. Also, never stop. Even if that's easier said than done. For reference, this is very similar to the type of terrain that I mainly ride: (at quarter speed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkWplDEt33g
  11. Balkan boy

    300RR Michelin Enduro Competition?

    In retrospect, I'm pleased with the factory Michelin Enduro tires. I didn't give them much thought while they were fresh since I was dialing in the bike and it was the wet season. Rear lasted about 1000km/30h before it started to slip, and the front had about 30% more life at that point. In contrast I get only 300-400km/10h from the Mitas EF07 (fim) before knobs are ripped off. I go back and forth between the FIM size and the MX profile. When I use the tire like 120/90 with tall knobs I like some aspects, but when I go back to 140/80 FIM my first thought is 'damn the short life, this is more stable'. Last I checked, there aren't any 140/80-18 non-FIM tires on offer.
  12. Balkan boy

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Boanos are affiliated with Motorex, so they recommend that. I used it once in the 4T Beta, and I won't use it again. I used Motorex 2T (with OI), and it was ok, except for the 15euro price. I would use any brand if I could get a sponsorship or a steep discount. I use Nils when I can get it. If I was in Italy I'd use that. Their top line is expensive (25euro for 1l of 2T or 4T oil). I'm back to Motul, because that's the only oil I can get at a reasonable price. I have no complaints with Transoil (10euro) for the gearbox, and 710 (8euro) (sorry @dirtbird ­čśë) at 2% mixture.
  13. Balkan boy

    Oil injection removal

    What did you do with the TPS? Boanos have this: http://www.betaboano.com/cgi-bin/archivio/Tappo_sostituzione_TPS_2351.asp I don't understand why it's so different to the small plug form Beta USA: https://shop.betausa.com/p/oil-injection-removal-kit I like that plug for the pump connector. It's much better than my five layers of electrical tape over the connector. I'm at 60h with the OI disconnected, and I have no complaints. Bike rips, and most important to me, throttle response is predictable at all speeds. What do you plan to do with the jetting? Is your main setting for sea-level altitude?
  14. Balkan boy

    Endurocross season starts!

    New 12 minute format must hurt a lot. That length is on the wrong end of both sprint and middle distance in terms of physiology. Does Ty have any particular training off the bike? I remember Cody Web saying that dialing in his fitness made a big difference for him.
  15. Balkan boy

    Endurocross season starts!

    Chris, Every bit you can share is very welcomed. I've been keeping an eye on your kid since he joined the Junior class. EX promotion has been thin in past years. Live streams are nice, but I have to watch them muted because of the arena announcers. What do riders think about these unnatural obstacles like cars and ramps? Does it take a different approach for an outdoors Trials rider? Shame about that new frame that got bent. Can you fix it at all? Cheers.