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  1. Balkan boy

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Boanos are affiliated with Motorex, so they recommend that. I used it once in the 4T Beta, and I won't use it again. I used Motorex 2T (with OI), and it was ok, except for the 15euro price. I would use any brand if I could get a sponsorship or a steep discount. I use Nils when I can get it. If I was in Italy I'd use that. Their top line is expensive (25euro for 1l of 2T or 4T oil). I'm back to Motul, because that's the only oil I can get at a reasonable price. I have no complaints with Transoil (10euro) for the gearbox, and 710 (8euro) (sorry @dirtbird 😉) at 2% mixture.
  2. Balkan boy

    Oil injection removal

    What did you do with the TPS? Boanos have this: http://www.betaboano.com/cgi-bin/archivio/Tappo_sostituzione_TPS_2351.asp I don't understand why it's so different to the small plug form Beta USA: https://shop.betausa.com/p/oil-injection-removal-kit I like that plug for the pump connector. It's much better than my five layers of electrical tape over the connector. I'm at 60h with the OI disconnected, and I have no complaints. Bike rips, and most important to me, throttle response is predictable at all speeds. What do you plan to do with the jetting? Is your main setting for sea-level altitude?
  3. Balkan boy

    Endurocross season starts!

    New 12 minute format must hurt a lot. That length is on the wrong end of both sprint and middle distance in terms of physiology. Does Ty have any particular training off the bike? I remember Cody Web saying that dialing in his fitness made a big difference for him.
  4. Balkan boy

    Endurocross season starts!

    Chris, Every bit you can share is very welcomed. I've been keeping an eye on your kid since he joined the Junior class. EX promotion has been thin in past years. Live streams are nice, but I have to watch them muted because of the arena announcers. What do riders think about these unnatural obstacles like cars and ramps? Does it take a different approach for an outdoors Trials rider? Shame about that new frame that got bent. Can you fix it at all? Cheers.
  5. I've noticed an improvement in the design of the air boot and filter cage from the 4T '13. to 2T '18. models. The 2T '18. model has a raised edge on the filter cage, where 13'. was smooth. It seem to me that the seal is better because of it. Is your '16 like this? Clamping force is also good and I can't easily lift the filter from the base with my fingers. If you think that a bigger sealing area of the filter may help then InnTeck filter mentioned in another discussion is better than the TwinAir. I installed the InnTeck the other day but have yet to ride with it. Material seems firmer than the TwinAir. http://www.innteckshop.it/index.php?pg=prodotti&s_prodotti=af1039&brand=28&tree=64-38-35&obid=2279&vr=y&dm=y
  6. Balkan boy

    Chainsaw mounts

    Weird thing is that most out of place thing in those pictures is the bike. Do you create new trails on these expeditions or is that a regular setup? Over here we follow the forest tracks made by actual loggers, and I carry this.
  7. Balkan boy

    Naked (no graphic) Betas...

    Roon, Will that tailpiece fit the '18. 300RR? Do you know if there's a red tailpiece available from OEM or Polisport for the '18. models? I assume that other red plastic pieces from earlier years will fit.
  8. Balkan boy

    Beta Xtrainer brake pedal height

    I have the opposite situation on the 2018. 300RR. I moved the pedal as high as it will go and it's barely level with the footpeg. It's ok when sitting down, but when standing (and hanging back) it's difficult to flex the ankle enough to lock the rear.
  9. I recently switched from 400 to 300. Short answer: You won't like it. Long answer: It's been thoroughly discussed on this and the other forum. Here are recent topics and my opinion on why I don't use it: http://www.betarider.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2296 http://www.betarider.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2951
  10. Balkan boy

    Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful....

    KRAN, Can you adjust the ARC lever closer to the bars than the stock or other levers you tried? I'd appreciate if you could measure the distance.
  11. Balkan boy

    Oil pump malfunction -results

    I asked the dealer about OI and he recommends to disconnect it, but leave it on the bike. Use premix but have the OI tank full in case of need. There is a long waiting list for the '18. 300RR despite these issues.
  12. A helicopter rescue will probably be cheaper.
  13. Balkan boy

    2018 BETA 4T

    It just happens that I have a spare airbox assembly (right side of the picture) for a '13. model. Maybe I should keep it. My 400RR is in the ads, hopefully it will sell soon. I can tell you never used that kickstart. My has a pretty deep notch from the footpeg.
  14. Balkan boy

    2018 BETA 4T

    Just to confirm this, there is no more a compartment for the toolkit in the rear fender? In that case I'm going to have to carry 1kg of tools on my back, and that's not fun. Did you try any of the '18.? I'm in line for a 300RR if the stars align. P.S. I never had to use the kick start on my 4t, but I really like having it.
  15. Balkan boy

    Silicone hoses from China

    My damaged hose melted and burst on the very next ride. It was a small hole, and I was close to home, so I lost only 150ml of fluid limping it back. I need to decide wether to get OEM hoses for 70$ or Chines silicone for 95$. Here's an economical option for the 2Ts. >> http://www.as3performance.co.uk/beta-rr-250-300-2t-2013-2015-high-performance-silicone-radiator-hoses-red/ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BETA-RR-250-300-2T-2013-2015-HIGH-PERFORMANCE-SILICONE-RADIATOR-HOSES-RED-/131594920047?hash=item1ea3ab206f They even make a set in white.