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  1. Roon, Will that tailpiece fit the '18. 300RR? Do you know if there's a red tailpiece available from OEM or Polisport for the '18. models? I assume that other red plastic pieces from earlier years will fit.
  2. I have the opposite situation on the 2018. 300RR. I moved the pedal as high as it will go and it's barely level with the footpeg. It's ok when sitting down, but when standing (and hanging back) it's difficult to flex the ankle enough to lock the rear.
  3. I recently switched from 400 to 300. Short answer: You won't like it. Long answer: It's been thoroughly discussed on this and the other forum. Here are recent topics and my opinion on why I don't use it:
  4. KRAN, Can you adjust the ARC lever closer to the bars than the stock or other levers you tried? I'd appreciate if you could measure the distance.
  5. I asked the dealer about OI and he recommends to disconnect it, but leave it on the bike. Use premix but have the OI tank full in case of need. There is a long waiting list for the '18. 300RR despite these issues.
  6. A helicopter rescue will probably be cheaper.
  7. It just happens that I have a spare airbox assembly (right side of the picture) for a '13. model. Maybe I should keep it. My 400RR is in the ads, hopefully it will sell soon. I can tell you never used that kickstart. My has a pretty deep notch from the footpeg.
  8. Just to confirm this, there is no more a compartment for the toolkit in the rear fender? In that case I'm going to have to carry 1kg of tools on my back, and that's not fun. Did you try any of the '18.? I'm in line for a 300RR if the stars align. P.S. I never had to use the kick start on my 4t, but I really like having it.
  9. My damaged hose melted and burst on the very next ride. It was a small hole, and I was close to home, so I lost only 150ml of fluid limping it back. I need to decide wether to get OEM hoses for 70$ or Chines silicone for 95$. Here's an economical option for the 2Ts. >> They even make a set in white.
  10. Mark, There are six positive feedbacks from Beta owners in the seller's feedback score. There many others for different brands of moto and car. The hose closest to the exhaust is nearly burned on my bike, so I'm thinking of replacing the whole set. Price for OEM is around 60$. This silicone hoses are interesting. Please report if you get it. I just had a look and the original SamcoSport hose kit from Boano should be only 35$ (+shipping) more.
  11. Are you referring to part number 21 or 22 in this picture? Part 21, (Gasket, Throttle Valve Plate) is pricy. Gasket set sold by Beta (part 22 and others) should be around 50$. Stock setting for the fuel screw is 1+1/2 turns. Even that can be a bit rich, depending on atmospheric conditions. I've tried 2+ turns and it guzzled fuel without any benefits. Don't get the aluminium fuel screws. I've tried one and couldn't get any consistent results. Brass screws are better. I've assembled a folder for FCR carb servicing with manuals, tutorials and photos. I can upload it if you decide to service your carb. Consider removing the JD kit and trying the OEM needles after cleaning it.
  12. Where do you measure this 10mm preload? I usually set by race and static sag.
  13. You didn't happen to have a pen and paper by your side, and just felt like tracing the Pegz on it, did you? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
  14. Have any of you guys seen the mounting points for the new Beta Steg Pegz? If you remember, there was an old topic about that> I'd appreciate if those who ordered them could take pictures and tell us what they think. I wish there was a competitor in the USA with similar product for the Beta. The prices the guy that makes them charges are way off.
  15. Excellent job tonybike! You deserve a case of beer (or maple syrup?) for your effort. I've been putting off this job for 50h just because of that clutch basket nut. I've put your posts in a .pdf file for easier viewing and sharing. I hope you don't mind. Cheers.