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  1. heavenlyberm21

    13 450 suspension

    Not a serious racer but i do plan on doing it a bit. what would be ideal? id like to get it as perfect as possible honestly. Obviously there becomes a preference aspect to that but in order to get to that point?
  2. heavenlyberm21

    13 450 suspension

    Hey all. I'm curious to see how folks are setting up their suspension. Mainly the heavier riders. I'm 205 without gear and recently took my bike out on an mx track for the first time thos past weekend. Needless to say, it needs work. I found myself bottoming on a few jumps, but really the issue was the breakibg bumps. it was beating the hell out of me. So im interested in recommendations and current setup for some folks of similar weights. i imagine stiffer springs than stock? Any input is appreciated. I am a suspension noob really. Thanks in advance.
  3. heavenlyberm21

    Fast Farms MX Park Full Prep Practice Friday March 29th

    When do gates open?
  4. heavenlyberm21

    2013 RMZ SFF Forks

    They feel a bit soft for me. probably need a revalve but not bad stock.
  5. heavenlyberm21

    13' Low pegs Tall seat

    How did you move the stock pegs back?
  6. heavenlyberm21

    2013 OTD?

    7197 OTD...I picked it up out of state. Didn't get the Yosh pipe or anything, just took the 600 off.
  7. heavenlyberm21

    going from 2012 to a 2013

    Yea you need to get it less than 7k. i just got my 450 for 7200 out the door and 0 interest. this is a killer deal.
  8. heavenlyberm21

    Purchasing 13 rmz 450

    Can't wait to get this thing on the track. rode it around a bit and it's a beast. very happy with my purchase!
  9. heavenlyberm21

    Purchasing 13 rmz 450

    Thanks all! I go tomorrow to pick up, I got 7197 OTD.....that seems like a good deal? What are other people buying for?
  10. heavenlyberm21

    Purchasing 13 rmz 450

    Hello all. First time poster long time Lurker. I am purchasing a13 zook 450 this weekend. First time on a 4 stroke. Any pointers or suggestions for a converted 2 stroke rider?