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  1. I really like the supermoto but was also thinking of the DR 650, and sence I plan on buying new I didn't want to spend the money to convert it right way. I have read that the 650 does quit well with a good set of street tires so that may be an option.
  2. Thinking of getting a drz 400sm and was wondering how it will do on the highway? I except blowing around and a little under powered. I am more conserened about engine life? I am planing on commuting about 120km a day on it with speeds around 100km to 120km. Any idea on how the engine will hold up with regular maintance.
  3. How is the Dr 650 on the road to throw around in the corners? I love torque and powering out and threw a corner. I found the klx wasn't to great at that. I will be doing majority of ride on road probably 80% of it.
  4. I wish I had the funds to do so.
  5. I knew the dr was heavier then the klx, but I thought the dr would have some more power, all I am looking to do is travel to work and some pleasure riding with a little offroad here and there. I know the dr won't ever have sportbike power just didn't know what it was like to throw around in the corners on the street.
  6. So I am thinking of buying a new to me bike. I was looking at the d 650 and like it , but I am a sportbike rider and am torn between buying dr or another sport bike. I have had a klx 400 and it was fun but lacked power. Was looking for some advise if anybody has been in the same postion. Thanks
  7. Looking at buying a 2 stroke bike and looking for some advise. First I am 5'11 and about 155lbs. I had a klx400 and found it heavy on the trails. I was wondering if I should get a 125 or a 250? I didn't know if I was to big for a 125. Next any model I should lean towards then others? I wanted a 2 stroke because I can do the maintance myself. I would be doing mainly trail riding and maybe roll around on the track a bit. Thanks any advise would be great.
  8. I have a 2003 KLX 400 with SM suspenion and want SM wheels. Does anybody know which wheels will fit the easyest? I would like solid wheels not spokes.
  9. I like the third.
  10. There only back a bit on the left side, nothing major. I will check the clamps though.
  11. One day on bent bars and hardly noticed.
  12. It's just a small bend enough to notice. I'll just leave them for now and get used to it. Thanks for the info
  13. Had a bit of a spill and bent my bars a bit. Does anybody have any tricks to straighten them? They are rental twin bars. Thanks
  14. My engine is not blowing smoke from what I can see. At idle when cold I can rev it up a bit nothing crazy not wide open and there is no smoke. I asked a tech when I got my tires put on to have a listen to the motor to see how it sounds were the bike is kinda new to me. He said sounds great everything looks and sounds normal.
  15. what do you mean by NOACK