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  1. malevolent73

    Wrecked my XR650L SM... what should I do with it???

    the frame is bent... very slight bend to the rear sub frame part. could prob be bent back... Im still fighting the insurance co thou. I decided to go after the other guys, cuz mine was trying to give me chump change. The other guy was at fault and ticketed too. They are sending an appraiser out tomorrow. im crossin my fingers. anyhow my ins. co wanted $1400 to buy it back!!! and I still owe on the bike!
  2. I had an accident on 7/6/10... some DB turned right in front of me! Wrecked my 2007 XR650L SM that I built. I loved this bike, and put a LOT of my time and money into it. I have a real bad feeling that Im gonna get AZZ reamed by the insurance co. for all my aftermarket parts! I had about $4700 in it, not including what I paid for the bike! I'm thinking of maybe buying it back and trying to part it out... what does the group here think I should do with it??? Any one think I can break even parting it out?
  3. malevolent73

    XR650L high comp knocking!!! Any thoughts?

    I'm running an edelbrock... so I'm pretty sure i have plenty of fuel. I could bump it up a bit though. The plug looks pretty brown
  4. I just finished my motor build on my 2007 650L. I put in the JE 10.5:1 standard bore piston, a hot cams stage 1 cam, kibblewhite stainless valves... some serious head work, polished ported, throat bored, blah blah blah! And I am using Sunoco 93 oct fuel... still getting engine pinging!!! Its usually in 3rd or higher, when I roll into the throttle hard, I get some pretty good pinging! And if the bike is really hot, then more so. I tried octane booster... didn't do anything. The compression is not that high, so im kinda puzzled. I am waiting on a dyno run... but not sure when thats gonna happen. I have had people tell me to advance or retard the timing. Only thing is thats a pain in the A$$... you either slot the cam gear, or try an offset woodruff key, which they don't make!!! so I was going to have one made from an oem key. Any thoughts from anyone about the pinging or otherwise??? thanks
  5. malevolent73

    XR680R build/rebuild

    have you had any problems with detonation since you built your motor??? any pinging or anything???
  6. malevolent73

    Any luck with Speedo conversion???

    Yes I have seen it... but its a foreign bike for us, where could you possibly get parts for it here in the US?
  7. malevolent73

    Any luck with Speedo conversion???

    Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? how about an online parts source for the elusive Honda FMX650... sold only in Europe, or Australia??? Anyone know of a foreign outfit like Babbitts or Service Honda, where I can buy parts online???
  8. malevolent73

    Any luck with Speedo conversion???

    ya might work... but what is a FMX650??? is that a Euro bike? where would I get one?
  9. malevolent73

    Any luck with Speedo conversion???

    I had a 93 XR250 purchased new. I put 10,500 mi. on the bike, and it still worked when I got rid of it! Haven't had any issues with the new bike either.
  10. malevolent73

    Any luck with Speedo conversion???

    Ya I came across that item too! However it converts kph to mph... however if we could get one of you genius engineers types on here to fab something similar that would correct the difference in wheel diameter, that would be perfect!!! And very easily removable if you wanted to swap out ur moto wheels for a day in the dirt! I like the little gadget, but its not EXACTLY what we need to solve the problem... Suggestions anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller???
  11. malevolent73

    XR600r - Seems similar to my XR250r with mods

    You have more than DOUBLE the motor with a 600!!! I think might want to check that exhaust and intake/jetting again. The difference between the two should be much greater than what you are reporting... Ride it again, this time TWIST that throttle more!
  12. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution or had any luck with converting the STOCK speedo drive to read correctly when running SM wheels on an XR L. I want to SM my L and I WANT to keep the stock gauge cluster! I DON'T want to switch over to a digital computer speedo. Bottom line is I would like to find an adapter that can be easily removed, for switching between dirt and SM wheels. Am I asking too much??? I have seen some auto adapters on flea bay, but they have a 7/8in. thread on them... and I doubt that an XR cable is that big! So anybody got a great hidden secret out there??? Any and all input appreciated! Thanks
  13. malevolent73

    I heard through the grapevine that the XR650L is

    Did you buy ur bike new? how do you think they found you? btw my dollar was not crisp:cry:
  14. malevolent73

    I heard through the grapevine that the XR650L is

    This may be slightly off topic, but I just received a survey about the dual sport motorcycle I just purchased! I bought an '07 "L" last may, used... don't know how they found me!!! It actually came with $1.00 in the envelope!!! It had a lot of indepth questions about "the bike you last purchased"... where you ride it, street/dirt? % of each? what sort of OEM and aftermarket upgrades you have purchased or are considering purchasing for your bike. What were you likes and dislikes, and also rate what are the top 3 things that needed IMPROVEMENT! Has anybody else ever got something like this??? It leads me to think that maybe Honda was looking for a voice, some feedback??? or some ideas at the least... No?
  15. malevolent73

    What did you do to your pig today?

    what gearing you running? I'm 15/43