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    I have an SM with the metal tank, decals under the clear coat. I'd like to do something different aesthically & don't want to molest my stock tank or spend mucho bucks getting it professionally painted. I like how the transluscent Clarke tanks look with black plastics. Just looking for stock size or maybe the 3.2, whatever. Not really looking to spend too much as I can experiment with vinyl wrapping for ~$50. But if you're thinking about getting rid of one, shoot me a price & I'll consider it.


  2. Hey all, I was about to pull the trigger on the Acerbis 3.7. I read that Acerbis come with garbage petcocks if you just use the one that comes with the tank. So I figured I'd order a petcock as well. I see 3 Acerbis petcocks on the Just Gas Tanks website. 2 of them have what looks to be a plastic lever. Which looks like garbage & I plan to stay away from: Of course the one that looks like the lever is made of metal is the same price. It looks like the output of this one is behind the lever. So, not down or to the side. Anyone have experience & can tell me if this makes for good fuel hose routing on DRZ w/stock Mikuni carb?
  3. Have you done the 3x3 mod & rejet? After I did that, my bike bogs sometimes at almost WOT (but WOT is fine). I still use the stock vacuum petcock. I might try running it on reserve next time on the freeway to see if that does anything.
  4. Been thinking about this tank. Can you use the stock petcock on this tank? I know a lot of people don't like them. But I don't have a problem with mine.
  5. That 4x6 headlight mod is pretty popular. It does have a hi/lo settings, but it just turns off some of the LEDs for lo. If you're going to be riding in traffic, I might look to one of those Cyclops LED bulbs instead. That's my next upgrade. After reading a bunch of threads, I think it's a better choice. I'm not with the 1 billion times brighter = better brigade. I'd rather have a bulb that was aimed correctly, has a good cut off, & doesn't blind oncoming drivers or drivers that you're following. The Cyclops light seems like it might not be perfect, but the 4x6 eBay headlight isn't really a driving light as far as I can tell. It's probably good for off road if you just need to flood high lumens out ahead of you. But it might be more dangerous if you're using the bike on the street & blinding other drivers.
  6. Always wondered about this. I've had other bikes w/vacuum petcocks & no issues. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it does break... Well, my bike is new to me but 10 years old. I'll just replace w/the same petcock since the OEM lasted that long, thanks. YMMV if you've changed your carb. I'm still running the stocker.
  7. I thought it was just CA/the Bay Area (where everything is expensive). But it seems like people are asking a lot for these everywhere. A brand new one was out of my range, but I also felt that $4-5k for a used one was kinda ridiculous to ask given the new MSRP. I see a lot in the $4.5k range. Making it seem like $3.5k ones are a smokin' deal when they really aren't. I DID end up getting mine for a smokin' deal by being really patient. Not a perfect bike, but pretty damn clean SM model. I like to get what I want, but I cna be a cheapskate & just bide my time too.
  8. I've had the SV in carb'd & FI form. I like both in different ways. I put a race exhaust & rejetted on the the carb'd one. The FI one came with a full system. I don't think it was tuned to the full system with a power commander or the like, but it ran awesome. I just wondered if the big overhaul to the SV caused a corresponding price hike to the MSRP (not the used market).
  9. What happened to the price of the SV650 between gen1 & gen2? I don't really remember. but the engine stayed pretty much the same with just FI added. Plus the new frame. I feel like adding FI over the carb wouldn't be a lot to ask & would probably do a lot for emissions.
  10. Call me a hipster, but I got the olive color of this jacket: Merlin Sandon waxed cotton. I commute on the bike. The jacket's got CE armor, sheds water, and wears like a nice looking jacket & not like bulky moto gear.
  11. How is that 7000 lumen one? Is it too bright for street use? Seems a big step up from the 3800 one, which I've read is a great upgrade. I want to upgrade, but don't want to blind people.
  12. There are plenty of other brands besides TrailTech. Some better, some worse, some with more features, some with less. But overall, bang for buck (& also customer support wise), TrailTech is pretty awesome.
  13. Cyclops now has a 7000 lumen LED bulb. Has anyone tried this for a street oriented bike? It's hard to tell from the website whether it's strictly for off road use or not. Got a little bonus for Christmas & was about to pull the trigger on the 3800 lumen light, then I saw the upgrade to 7000 lumen available. Is the upgrade just way too powerful for on road use?
  14. Yeah, sorry, I guess I came across kinda hot there. In all honesty though, I'd suggest the fender eliminator from the ThumperTalk store: You can add a tail/brake-light and turn signals in the options. It's probably what 99% of the people on here use for a street legal set up. That UFO fender technically has turn signals, but they're too close to the tail-light to be effective. Additionally, if you ask me, that setup doesn't really look that great. Get that fender eliminator above & the turn signals, it just looks like a normal bike. You don't even notice them. The current setup on that bike draws more attention to it all by looking like you're trying to cover something up.
  15. Your kid is 16. I don't understand people that think turn signals look bad on a bike. Unless you've got some crazy weird sleek custom thingy, turn signals are just part of a bike. The LED ones that are sold in the ThumperTalk store with the fender eliminator are pretty lo-pro & they work great. If you ask me, they also look better than that janky ass solution that the bike currently has. Put some normal turn signals on his bike & tell him he can do what he wants when he learns to do it himself & after he turns 18 or you stop paying his rent. #TuffLove