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  1. psychocandy

    2018 Fuel Tank Options for DRZ400

    What is hydro-dipping? I used Plasti-Dip on my stock metal tank. It's super easy to apply, forgiving, & relatively cheap. But even a little bit of gas dripped on it will ruin the paint job. Also tried vinyl wrap. More durable, but it takes some skill to apply well. I think the Acerbis tank looks a lot nicer than the Clarke if you're interested in a 3.9 gallon. I can tell you that the 3.9 gallon Acerbis is well made & for the S or SM, the moldings for the fan & horn are perfect. Before I know that Acerbis had started making a tank for the S/SM, I thought about getting the Clarke. Someone, maybe on Thumpertalk, told me to try to get a look of the left side of tank. It's impossible to find one online & there's a reason. The tank is not symmetrical & the left side of Clarke just looks &%$#@!in' ugly / weird.
  2. psychocandy

    What can I expect with the 3x3 mod?

    They're both pretty similar, but the Acerbis just looks a little more finished. The Clarke is kinda bulbous & just doesn't look as nice in my opinion. Again, it's also incredibly difficult to find a pic of the left side of the Clarke tank. It's pretty asymmetrical & the left side just straight up looks borked. If I'm gonna spend $250 on something I don't technically need (although even for non-offroad riding, the extra tank capacity is great), I'd like it to look nice. Acerbis: Clarke:
  3. psychocandy

    What can I expect with the 3x3 mod?

    The new(ish) Acerbis 3.9 is great. I've never seen the Clarke 3.9 in person, but someone mentioned that there's a reason you never see pics of that tank from the left side. The few pics that I did find after I say that comment do seem to point to that side looking kinda awkward. The Acerbis, on the other hand, looks fine & it fits up nicely. The thermostat & horn moldings in the tank are in just the right places for the SM.
  4. psychocandy


    It just fits really well in the pic. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel & was wondering if anyone had a rear view or knew how it was attached. Short of drilling & tapping a hold into the cylinder block (lol, of course I wouldn't do that) the placement in the pic above looks perfect. I just can't figure out where/how he/she attached it since there's nothing there but cylinder & I don't see a custom fabbed bracket or anything in the pic.
  5. psychocandy

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    OK doke, just ordered the V10.
  6. psychocandy


    I have the same horn. But I can't figure out how the person with the photo mounted it. I just look on my bike & there's nothing in that spot to attach it too.
  7. psychocandy


    I know this thread is 10 years old, but I have one of the same horns as above. I separated the compressor from the horn (compressor under the seat, horn to one of the fork legs). Then ran a rubber hose from the compressor to the horn. This doesn't really work that well. There's a big delay from pressing the button to getting the horn to go. Anyone know how the horn above was attached? I'd love to run my horn like that but I cannot figure out what that would be attached to.
  8. I was so ready to pull the trigger on a Cyclops LED headlight bulb. Then I went to their site & it looks like they've got a new "version 10." It's $15 more, but seems kinda vague what the improvements are. Should I just go for the standard? Or is the new version really that much better? https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/3800-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-bulb-_p_83.html https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  9. psychocandy

    What can I expect with the 3x3 mod?

    When you first do it, you will think to yourself BAM, this is great! Really wakes the bike up! Then you get used to it and you realize that no matter what you do, it's still a 400cc single. Don't get me wrong, I love my bike & I am no speed demon. But most of my past bikes have been streetbikes. I'm just now finding out I prefer something lightweight & fun that I can throw around, but that I can still take on the freeway for long enough to get to work.
  10. psychocandy

    DRZ400S simple grip change

    I'd totally recommend the R6 throttle tube while you're at it. Made a noticeable difference to me. Got a little intimidated after reading a bunch of posts with people talking about not being able to get rid of a sticky throttle & having to shave the throttle stops otherwise "danger Will Robinson! You will die!" But it fit fine & response is crisp. Pretty sure people with throttle issues on an R6 throttle tube just have their return cable too tight
  11. psychocandy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I could, but I found one on eBay for cheap & I figured spending an extra $25 was worth it to make it slightly easier to do the switch. Especially since I couldn't be sure my tank would be empty on whatever day off I had to make the swap.
  12. psychocandy

    Grrrrr acerbis tank install problems

    I think this is pretty normal. My tank fits very well but not perfectly. I had to shave the seat retaining thingy a little bit (no grinder, had to file it by hand, boo). The tank butts up right next to cable guides but not in a way that is concerning at all. I haven't measured how it rests on the rubber tank mounts on the frame, but it's secure. The bolt holes at the rear of the tank line up nicely & the cutouts for horn & fan are great. The radiator shroud holes aren't as perfect as the stock tank, but pretty damn close. And they are not off enough that the shrouds can't be easily fitted or enough to cause the shrouds to bulge awkwardly. My biggest complaint is that the petcock holes & the petcock screws are pretty badly mated. The screws should be longer and the holes a smidge smaller. Although one fit fine, I had to go to a slightly larger size self tapping screw to even bite into the plastic on the other. It was a little nerve wracking to worry whether I'd end up ruining my brand new tank by putting a hole in it. But it was fine & even though the bolts aren't torqued down extremely tight, the petcock does not leak. The tank rises higher & at a steeper angle than the stock tank, but it has to because that's why you bought the tank. Extra capacity doesn't come out of nowhere. If the wrinkles in the seat bother you, maybe park it in direct sunlight for a couple hours & try massaging the vinyl when it's hot? I think I also have the slightly larger gap between the tank & the seat at the nose. But honestly, I didn't notice until I read this thread. It's a universal mass produced plastic tank. Not a custom piece for a show bike. The fact that it looks like it was made to fit from 10 feet away, heck, I'd even say 5 feet away, plus that I no longer have to gas up once/week means it was worth the price.
  13. psychocandy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally installed my Acerbis tank. I bought a used OEM petcock & ordered a rebuild kit. I am happy to use a vacuum petcock despite the chorus of nays from Thumper talk. For some reason I really like the clear/natural tank with black plastic. Looks way better than my shitty PlastiDip sprayed tank. 175 miles & still not even on reserve yet! Hallelujah! Also, believe it or not, been riding for >20 years & I've NEVER had a tinted face shield. I usually just wear my prescription sunglasses. Decided to reward myself with a nice mirrored shield so I can look like a hooligan.
  14. psychocandy

    Best front number plate for a DRZ?

    What number plate is that? I like plain square flat track looking one's.
  15. psychocandy

    Security chain recommendations?

    I already use a disc lock on the rear wheel. I'll check for the little triangle by the shifter. I live in SF Bay Area of CA. Lotta homeless folks. So a stolen cover is not super surprising. Although it's summer, so not rainy season. Shrug. Just one more "tax" I guess.