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  1. Hmmm, it doesn't appear to be the throttle mod. Nor does it appear to be the nipple that I used to cap the emissions vent thingy. Upon further inspection, it appears to not be an issue until the bike starts to get hot - not like overheating hot, just like riding for more than 1/2 hour hot. Once he bike is nice & hot, putting a little load on the engine by slipping the clutch a bit will bring the idle back down to normal. Any ideas?
  2. Balls. I just installed. Still interference. But a little less at least. @ktmrider2002, do you have a link to this clutch perch extender?
  3. I think, depending on your bar, it's possible they won't always line up perfectly flush. But if you mock 'em up & keep all the connection points loose: bar end, armor to inside clamp, inside clamp to bar, you can just kinda jiggle 'em a li'l bit to find the best position. Yours do look like you might be able to get them a little bit closer to flush.
  4. Gave the return cable a li'l more slack and it mostly solved the problem. Now the idle hang up is for just a second & goes back down without having to put a tiny amount of load on the engine. Still don't think slip-ons require a rejet. But 3x3 is on my to do list. So, no matter what, there is a rejet in the bike's future eventually. I'm at sea level & bike will be at sea level for 99.9% of its like probably. Is there a easy peasy jet kit for 3x3 I can get? Or do most people do a li'l trial & error?
  5. Slip-on but no 3x3. Slip-ons generally don't require a rejet.
  6. Bike is new to me. It has a slip-on, not a full exhaust. I don't recall this happening with the stock throttle tube. But I've spent more time getting this bike set up than actually riding it.
  7. I did not trim the throttle tube. There seemed to be a lot of conflicting info as to whether that was necessary. What do you need to trim? Not the throttle stops bc the carb stops before the throttle stops even matter.
  8. Looking at the butterfly on the carb side, it all looks good. I'll try giving it a little more slack. I gave it some after I took the vid, but since the engine was hot, I could only do so much.
  9. When I give the bike a rev, the throttle has good snap-back, but the idle doesn't seem to quite settle where it should. I did the R6 throttle tube mod/upgrade. There IS slack in the throttle return cable, but is this still possibly indicative of still not enough slack in the return cable? The idle returns to where it should be usually after a few seconds or after feathering the clutch a tad and putting a little bit of load on the engine (as you can hear me do around 0:12 in the vid below).
  10. Yes. It fits the stock DRZ400 perch. The pod just happens to get in the way. A shitty company wouldn't do anything about it. AVS is being really cool. I hope the F4's don't have the same interference 'cuz ASV is bending over backwards to accommodate me. It sucks that I ordered these & they ended being problematic. But when you take into account how many different bikes there are to cross reference & manufacture something as simple as as levers for, I think it's pretty cool that 99% of the time, I've not run into fitment issues. Technically, the lever I ordered do "fit." They just run into interference with a stock part.
  11. I think the levers are designed for off road bikes without the control pod. They would work fine without the control pod. It's just the bulky hinge area where the lever is supposed to flex outwards instead of breaking that causes the interference. It's unfortunately a design issue. But at least they're awesome about replacing/refunding.
  12. In the mail, should arrive this week. F4 are quite a bit more $, but they look really nice. ASV customer service was so good, I decided to splurge and see instead of just going with Zetas. The person I talked to said I was free to return if they still interfered. The F4 levers are really similar to their sportbike levers and look really slim. I'll update this thread once they arrive.
  13. @ktmrider2002 I just went ahead & splurged a little & ordered the F4 levers. I'll update here how they fit when they arrive. Luckily I'm in NorCal & ASV is in SoCal, so the round trip should be pretty quick.
  14. ASV said they'll take them back. A+ to these guys on customer service. The levers I got were the F2 levers. Anyone know if either the F3 or F4 works with the control pod? The F3 doesn't look that different from the F2, but the F4 looks like it might fit: http://asvinventions.com/F4-Series-Clutch-Lever-CDF410.html Does anyone have experience with this?
  15. Jeez, spent Labor Day laboring in my bike. Aside from wiring up the blinkers in the Zeta handguards, I'm just about done! DRC Edge tailight & signals Luggage rack R6 throttle tube Zeta XC handguards w/LED signals Oury grips Santa Cruz Slimeballs for sliders HEL front SS brake line New brake pads AMR decal kit for shroud Crappy vinyl wrap to cover decals on steel tank Yoshimura slip on came with the bike.