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  1. StonedInNy


    I even tried to put him on ignore but I can't find it on the iPhone app.
  2. StonedInNy

    05 crf450x e start issues

    Have you checked valves ? Not starting cold is typical of tight valves.
  3. StonedInNy

    2013 crf450x jetting issue pls help

    Fuel screw. I remember reading here recently about how to mod the new carbs to run a R&D fuel screw.
  4. StonedInNy

    looking for a 12v plug

    I got mine from west marine for my crf. It's water resistant when not being used
  5. StonedInNy


    You sure it's the limiter or is it so lean that you think it's the limiter. If it's not your jetting do what doc said and change your gearing.
  6. StonedInNy

    Your best pic of your 450x...

    Dirt and street trim
  7. StonedInNy

    CRF 1000 Africa Twin

    Now I'm gonna have to sell my triumph tiger I just got.
  8. StonedInNy

    Running in Top End Rebuild

    Good ? If it's a new rebuild and your concerned with debri in the system flush it with white vinegar and water beforehand. Then fill with what ever coolant you decide and ride.
  9. StonedInNy

    steering yokes 2008

    Know anyone in the US to buy and ship them for ya?
  10. StonedInNy

    triple trees ,clamps 08 to present

    http://brpmoto.com Nice products from them.
  11. StonedInNy

    Busted Clutch/Hot Start Lever. Replace with stock?

    I run ASV levers. I also have bark busters on so I don't worry about breaking them. If ya don't run guards go with OEM they are cheaper. As far as the ASV quality. They are great. Hot start function works perfect and no slop in either front break or clutch levers
  12. StonedInNy

    E start problem

    The service manual give you steps to diagnose the starting circuit. My friends 07 was doing the same thing I followed what the book told me to do and it wound up being the starter itself. I changed the brushes inside and it works like new. I'd tell ya how but my book is at the motoshop. You will need a multimeter to check.
  13. StonedInNy

    E-Start Button Issue

    I had this happen to me last year. It was the actual button that broke. Open up the button and make sure the plastic that holds it in place didn't break.
  14. StonedInNy

    Just joined the club, have an odd question.

    I would keep the battery (go with a shorai or something similar for weight savings) and keep the estart as the X has a fragile kick start area. If you research more you will find a lot of cracked engine case posts from the kicker being used. As far as more weight removal. Exhaust , Ti bolts , tubeliss tires. I'm sure others will Chime in but that is a few areas to shed some weight.
  15. StonedInNy

    Out of options...What am I forgetting?

    Good deal. Glad ya got it running.