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  1. Tom14911

    Anybody heard this before?

    Cool. I'll disregard the sarcastic tone. Thanks
  2. Using an OBELP (Honda) needle in a 03WR250F? I've disabled the ACV and done the BK mod. Still experiencing some bog at the bottom. Thanks Tom Maguire
  3. Tom14911

    WR426 owners... I need help !!!

    I'd help you out but I yanked mine off. You don't really need it. No problems for 3+ years. Tom Maguire (I use engine ice and I have a boyesen impeller)
  4. Tom14911

    Powerbomb O-ring????????????????????????

    Not needed for the 426. Are you talking between the header and the pipe? Nope not needed. Tom Maguire
  5. Tom14911

    Gaerne SG10 Boots???

    I'll give you my 2 cents. I have worn my tech 8's for the last three seasons. They are comfortable. They are nowhere close to water resistant/proof. I have sucked more water in these boots than my original axo rc1's. I even put the special paste on them?!? Also I snapped my left ankle casing a double with my toe stuck on the footpeg. Not even a crash. I'm not blaming the boot, that was my error but it may be possible that a different boot with more ankle protection may have helped. My next pair = SG10. Tom Maguire
  6. Tom14911

    Motorcycle Insurance

    I'm pretty sure it depends on where you live. Insurance companies frequently "suspend" writing policies on certain things in certain areas. It all has to do with their gains/loss differentials. If a company isn't insuring its possible that it will be in the future. Tom
  7. Tom14911

    GPS systems

    Magellan Sport Trac Topo, hard mounted to a small lead-acid battery. Mounted on bars with the motorcycle mount. Works great. Tom
  8. Tom14911

    protaper top and bottom clamps

    Yes it is pressed and yes its a b*&^h. Tom
  9. Tom14911

    DeVol Rear Brake Guard for 01 WR426

    Its been awhile since I did mine. I know that the order on mine goes(inward)swingarm, brake assembly, guard, spacer. I want to say that the spacer supplied takes the place of ine of the stock spacers. Therefore the stock spacer on the chainwheel side would be longer than the spacer on the brake side. Sorry my memory sucks, mine works good though. Tom
  10. Tom14911

    Cool trail tips???

    I drop the aspirin to thin my blood, which reduces arm pump and is a pre-strike against muscle pain. Works great for me. Tom
  11. Tom14911

    Cool trail tips???

    In black sharpie, I write the main jet, pilot, clip position and fuel screw setting on the side of my carb. Tom PS I put aspirin in my camelback.
  12. Tom14911

    2003 Green Sticker updated info

    I was just thinking the same thing. BUMP. Tom
  13. Tom14911

    My Lights stopped working????

    My switch fried at about 500 miles. I jury rigged something together and it still works. Tom
  14. Tom14911

    Do-it-your-self fork revalving?

    Prior to having my suspension done professionally, thanks Lindeman Engineering, I used stock fork springs with one shim and an increased oil heigth. I weigh about 205 dry. It worked pretty good but I'm much happier with my new setup. Tom
  15. I had the same problem and used pivot works bearings but my two were mixed up, upper vs. lower. Tom