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  1. from_xr_to_cr

    This guy is amazing.

    in before giving the sport a bad name etc
  2. from_xr_to_cr

    2008 Crf450r & Crf250r

  3. from_xr_to_cr

    Sport bikes

    You'd have to change the title or the engine like you wanted to do...
  4. from_xr_to_cr

    Woman in Bikini next to Kawi!!

    give it a couple years buddy you will not care
  5. from_xr_to_cr

    Woman in Bikini next to Kawi!!

    songs pretty bad, really bad actually and how are some of those models "not so attractive?" guess you dont like chicks yet?
  6. from_xr_to_cr

    To nut or not to nut?

    nut in it definetly. feels good
  7. Need to find a salvage rear swingarm off a 98 CR125. Been looking around with no luck. Ebay had one but I missed it. Worldofpowersports.com wants 650 for a new oem one. Help me find a online salvage or even just the swingarm (linkage would be awesome as well) please!!! Thanks TTers
  8. from_xr_to_cr

    89'-99' Chevy/GMC???

    I just bought a Pro-Comp 6" reason being the two piece subframe is stronger than the bolt together pieces that come with the superlift (holds and alignment better) I went with 20" KMC rockstars and 35" nitto mudgrapplers. Not sure if you go to fullsizechevy.com but there is a ton of pictures its like thumpertalk for trucks.
  9. from_xr_to_cr

    can these be photoshopped?

    quick chop
  10. from_xr_to_cr

    5 gallon gas jugs...California only!!

    I think Maine has the same thing although it is not enforced. They only sell the new spill proof red/black 5 gallon cans and you can get VP race ones at VIP I think. Like someone else said, you spill much more with the non spill cap than you would without it, unless you have less than 3 gallons in.
  11. from_xr_to_cr

    Ricky James Backflip!

    This kind of thing is sick I have a lot of respect for that if I ever got injured badly I would like to think or hope that I would carry on to still have a good time. The only reason I quoted you was because the way hes strapped in... If he wrecked it on dirt he is already paralyzed right? Not to be a dick but hes already kind of f'ed up so he might as well go for it:applause:
  12. from_xr_to_cr

    Offroading game

    You can't be serious every poser and their brother wears FSAS
  13. from_xr_to_cr

    does this sound right

    Depends on your elevation. Did they ask you where you lived or what you're elevated at? If not then we can't really help you since we don't know what you're elevated at.
  14. from_xr_to_cr

    Ripped off by fellow TT'r?

    yoooo 2bb that is olddd school
  15. from_xr_to_cr

    corner shots

    Hey dude cool pics, I feel your pain I hate east coast wheels and wont ever shop there again they took I think 3 months to get me my rear wheel when I was quoted 2 weeks.