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  1. jacksmack21

    Help stripped allen head bolts

    "I have stainless steel replacement allens that I use for most everything and Snap-on allen drivers (in both metric and standard sizes) but on every project I do I seem to strip at least one. Like I said, it is probably my gorilla grip and the fact I hardly ever use a torque wrench." Just want to give you a warning that S.S. fastners and Aluimnuim have a nasty tendency of seizing together and Galling. When I mix metals like that I make sure to use a compatable Anti-sieze coumpound
  2. jacksmack21

    Good belaclava?

    Skidder Still have that HD belaclava up for grabs?
  3. I started the process I think in 03. I think it was for salvage title or something to that effect. The DMV told me this is what I had to do and it worked. It took almost 9 months, lots of Noterized letters and 2 ads in the local paper but in the end I got the title. Not sure if you still can. You need to contact the "Specail title section" in Trenton
  4. I plated my E the proper way, through the DMV (the 20some step process) and I think it cost me in $$$ it was around $300.00. The money was the easy part and I am poor. It was all the hoops you have to jump through that make it so painful. So it has to be worth at least $500.00 I would think. Jack
  5. jacksmack21

    New to Vintage

    I have 82 xt 550 currently for sale. Replaced it with a klr 650 for road duties and I have a drz for the trail.
  6. jacksmack21

    400Drz s Vs KLR 650

    Just got my Klr still need to mount some new tires I should be riding this weekend. It is the perfect combo for my low budget, Drz 400 and Klr 650 I am happey
  7. jacksmack21

    Street only tires??

    I have the Perille mt 90's. Not to many miles yet but like them so far, and the price was right.
  8. jacksmack21

    XT500 and synthetic oil

    My xt550 did not like synthetic oil didn't shift right and hard to find neutral, so I switched to Rotella oil. Much better. Friend of mine had a similar out come with his xt350.
  9. jacksmack21

    What is a 82 xt 550 worth?

    Just got a new to me 92 klr 650 for the roads and already have a Drz400e plated for the trail so I am looking into selling the xt. It is in great mechanical condition with a minor fuel leak on the carb an slight oil leak coming out of timing mark plug, it has around 7,000 miles on it with brand new pereli mt 90's front and rear. Cosmetely it is prety good shape except for the 1/2 gallon size dent (think big) in the tank and the paint is worn. Almost forgot the kick stand mount on the frame, the weld is cracked. Also I can get a new tank I won from clark but I was going to put that on the Drz, or do you think it would be better to put it on the xt and get more$$$
  10. jacksmack21

    Anyone ever have this happen......

    I made a plate out of aluminum to mount mine on. Works great, in NJ they will take your license if you lose it and won't tell you until you have been pulled over for driving on the revoked list.
  11. jacksmack21

    Mill Hall Ride

    We had great time on sat, stayed at camp on sunday. Glad we did. Found a small bar in town and had great brunch buffet on sunday. All in all it was good time.
  12. jacksmack21

    Mill Hall Ride

    Mill Hall Pa. around 3 hours for me.http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?rezoom=1&csz=Mill+Hall+PA+ It is a real good ride do a search.
  13. jacksmack21

    Mill Hall Ride

    Think I will be leaving sat morning from North NJ. I always camp out when I have gone in the past, does anyone know how the showers are or what hotel to stay at that has a bar. Anyone who does stay at a hotel how do you secure your bikes at night, I can pull an enclosed trailer would rather just use my pick-up. Jack
  14. jacksmack21

    Bike dies when hard on gas.

    when bike is setting at idle if you blip the throttle it will stall, and when starting off you need to wind it up like a 2/stroke to get going but going threw the gears it is fine. It's right off idle.
  15. jacksmack21

    Bike dies when hard on gas.

    Yes it is. Orginal post is in the jetting forum. Sorry for slow replie