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  1. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Well I got a better look at things tonight. Had the pipe off, turned the bolt on the power valve and watched inside the cylinder. It seemed to be making its full motion without any issues. Left the cover off, put the pipe on, started her up and gave it some throttle to see if it was doing its job. Seems to be doing its job with no issue. So it's looking like this isn't the problem. Tomorrow I'm going to tear the carb apart and put some new jets in it. It isn't acting 100% like a jetting issue but I never rule that out. It wouldn't be unlikely considering it has an fmf pipe and it also supposedly hasn't been ridden since spring (roughly 60 degrees) and when I rode it Sunday it was in the 90s.
  2. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    That is the only cylinder bolt that was rusted. my compression judgement wasn't based on the kick starting, it was based on the power it is making on the top end. I'm more used to kicking a 500 2 stroke so this kick start lever flies down for me without noticing either way. As of right now my plan is to remove the cylinder, remove the power valve, clean the carbon off of it, check cylinder for wear, check it with a bore micrometer, and check the piston. Reassemble everything (hopefully), change the jetting, and then if I need to I'll do a top end. But as of right now, it's definitely not gonna happen this week.
  3. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Well, do we think we have a verdict? Moves fairly freely, but not sure how it's supposed to feel.
  4. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Yes, a fresh top end is always nice, haven't done a compression test, but it doesn't feel low on compression. Just feels low on the bottom end. For now id rather stick to the cheap route, and I'd definitely like some seat time out of it before doing a top end. Plus, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Anyways, didn't get too much done on it tonight. Wrapped up putting new valves in my 250f, got started on this. There is a novelty "125 heroes race" at one of my local tracks this weekend (Byron motorsports park, Byron Illinois) and I was hoping to have this thing good to go for that. Anyways, pulled off left side cover (mind you this cover is visible and had been polished by previous owner), and everything looked fine. Took off the right side cover, lots of carbon build up. Will most likely need to be pulled apart and cleaned. Hopefully I will have time to do that tomorrow. I took pictures, I'll try to figure out how to post them. It's been awhile
  5. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Cooking dinner now, it's almost 8pm my time, gonna try to get some work done on it tonight. Also got some jets I may swap out. I won't be able to start it up till tomorrow at the earliest, then I'll let you know. I had the same issue on an 01 kx 250 I owned many years ago. Somebody had disconnected the KIPS, took me at least a year to finally find out after buying tons of unnecessary parts like fmf gnarly, flywheel weight, reeds, was going to port the cylinder for low end, then started tearing it apart and that's how I found out.
  6. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Thanks, I'll definitely check that out tonight.
  7. Tkeen511

    2006 cr 125 mid range power

    Hi guys, just picked up an 06 cr 125 this last weekend. Excellent condition, awesome handling bike. took the bike out for a rip this last sunday. Here's my only complaint, the bike is making almost no power until your almost completely wide open throttle. It has an fmf fatty on it with a shorty exhaust. The jetting is definitely off but I should have that fixed by Wednesday or so, but I don't think it will improve the problem as much as I'd like It to. I looked for an fmf gnarly but it doesn't seem like fmf makes a gnarly for the 125, so what pipe are you guys using to get some more usable mid-low end power? Boyesen dual stage reeds maybe? Any info appreciated, thanks.
  8. Most of this build has been documented on kx riders, as opposed to this site, so this site is getting kinda the cliff note version. Bike is a 98 kx 250 motor, 2014 kx 250f chassis I scored with a blown motor, connecting rod snapped and punched through the cases and ripped apart the cylinder at 29 hours. Score for me. Anyways, the motor is being completely rebuilt, wossner rod, getting bored out to 300. Finally got the frame cut apart, got some rails and yoke machined up from another member of kx riders, hoping I'll get a chance to machine some motor mounts this week or next weekend. The whole engine will also be vapor blasted, so it should look pretty good! Excited to get this beast running.
  9. Tkeen511

    73 s2 350 and 74 kh 400

    I actually ran across that post last night jeekinz! Sweet build! I was looking for an h1 or h2, but didn't want to spend the &9,000 people around here are asking for them in non running condition. I'd love to restore the 400, but don't know if I'll have it in me. Might just part it out or sell it. If anybody wants parts from the 400 let me know! I'd be happy to trade them for s2 parts or Kx parts. Or even donate em if you can give me a sweet sob story. Like I said it'll be a couple weeks before I get going on this project, but I'll keep updating this post!
  10. Tkeen511

    73 s2 350 and 74 kh 400

    I like it! I've got access to just about anything you could possibly need for fabrication/machining. I wouldn't mind machining some custom triple clamps. But I'd rather not have to cut any springs or fork tubes, so as long as I could find the same length or close to, I'd be happy. Looks like a pretty sweet bike ya got there!
  11. Tkeen511

    73 s2 350 and 74 kh 400

    Haven't been on here in a while but glad to be back. Last night I set out to buy a 73 s2, and after only a couple impulse decisions ended up coming home with 2 bikes for the price of one. I know this doesn't really belong here, but there isn't a kawasaki 2 stroke street bike forum and I figured you guys would all be interested. The s2 is pretty much complete, minus a few parts like battery, right side cover, but needs a lot of new parts. She starts when I filled the cylinders with some premix and she's stays running till all the gas is burned off, so 5 seconds if I'm lucky. The plan is to get her running good, and then tear down the bike completely, check every bolt and what not, and possibly turn it into a cafe racer if I am less than pleased with the parts available via ebay. The 400 is about 60% there, but only has 4,000 miles and the engine still seems strong. I figured I'd use the 400 for parts for the 350, seeing as it was the 350s replacement, I assumed a lot of parts may be compatible, and I figured I could part it out to guys other guys. If anybody knows any forums for these, it would be much appreciated. These bikes will be on the back burner for a couple weeks( till I do the fork seals in both kx's, and get the ktm together after a full rebuild) and I will be posting on here. If anybody has any info or input on here, please do tell! The chrome on the forks is deteriorating and definitely will not seal well enough to hold oil, wondering if there is any other modern forks that may fit.
  12. Wow, good to know. Thank you for the input, it's much appreciated. He's only ridden this bike one time, definitely has some heat issues. He's fairly new to riding and can't ride sand, so when I took him in the sad the bike started smokin real quick. I recommended a boyesen water pump/impeller combo to him assuming that would help keep it cool, and an engine temperature sticker. Got any input on the boyesen water pump/impeller combo?
  13. Tkeen511

    KX500 / KDX Flywheel Interchangability

    I don't really do electrical, and I don't have any answers to your question, but I know on kxriders.com there are a couple guys with street legal Kx 500s that may have better input on this.
  14. Hard to say, every bike offers a little something different between the two. My old man has a '12 ktm 200 xcw, that he bought thinking it would be a newer version of my 98 Kx 250. He likes it, but he complains it doesn't handle quite like mine, and that he doesn't have nearly the bottom end bite that I do, the ability to power over a log while on a steep rocky hill. So he complains he wants a 300 (he'll never be happy regardless). But I will say the pumpkin has it's bonuses, like the brembos, the over sized tank, excels, and obviously more updated suspension, hydraulic clutch, etc. anyone know the stock wheel size off the top of their head on a ktm 250 xcw vs a k model Kx 250?
  15. Tkeen511

    99 kx250 adjustable foot pegs

    I don't think I've ever heard of any, but that doesn't mean that there isn't. Your best bet might be to talk to your local machine shop or custom fabrication shop and see if they can make a spacer for you.