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  1. It’s a 17 year old neglected mx bike.the only thing it has going for it, is it would be a green sticker 2t in Cali, BUT It doesn’t have paperwork or a title.Could be stolen, could not be. If they won’t put the effort into obtaining a title for it, which would raise its value, that should tell you something. There’s more wrong with it than a carb cleaning as well, I know that persons type, as long as it technically runs it’s good to go!probably needs bearings, seals, etc. Without a title, offer him about $400 for it.
  2. There was a test years back where some made most power at 16:1, better ring seal and overall lubrication were the reasons I believe. I wish they would redo that test today again. Some people say but premix is expensive, it is not. Even at 32:1 you’re burning minimal amounts.
  3. But look at that decreased suicide risk! Possible Arm pump>suicide
  4. I don’t get it either. At 32:1 my bike doesn’t even smoke when it’s warm, and doesn’t give me any spooge.
  5. Drz400 or plated xr400
  6. I’m looking for a bond for my cases and in my life, if I could yamabond my life together that would be great
  7. Morning coffee drinker, I can’t comment on if it has an effect on arm pump for me, typically my forearms or hands will get tired, I haven’t had arm pump in awhile. Il try no caffeine on my ride mornings though. One thing coffee does do to me is make me have to crap, like 15 mins or so afterward. And not the whenever you get around to it kind of crap, the it’s coming out soon and fast kind. Could be something else wrong with me in conjunction though...
  8. ktmbond is lighter,more powerful, and features electric start applicator. Even with electric applicator, it is still lighter than the manual applicator japbonds.
  9. @Truman Sparks i wonder if a manufacturer will make a 500(or something bigger than 300),the interest is growing. However, I unfortunately probably know the answer.
  10. That’s not too bad considering they’re machining they’re stuff here and assembling it here. Still out of my budget though lol.
  11. The cost of a service Honda 500 stock shocked me, can’t imagine this things price tag.
  12. I believe it could make 100 hp, but my real skepticism is engine life making that 102 hp lol.
  13. Another important question. Hp is useless (to me) if it last only a couple hours,whether 2 or 4 stroke.
  14. I didn’t mean to come at you, that comment quoted towards you is a little harsh though. 2 strokes aren’t allowed in formula one, nascar or nhra. Not due to inferiority, but were banned a long time ago.
  15. “For a 2 stroke” sort of implies it’s being compared to something, usually meaning the 4 stroke However, sorry for my misread of your comment, was reading between the lines too much the other part about the debate wasn’t directed at you though lol, that was just a disclaimer for the people that will read it and start the debate, since it is thumpertalk. Lol