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  1. Man that amount of $$ and effort to avoid tubes is crazy in your case. I’d just go back to tubes lol. you guys are having way more trouble than I ever have with tubes. But then again you went tubliss for a reason so I don’t know, carry on.
  2. It works best if you remove the core and jam the tire valve in your nostril
  3. Nothing would surprise me from tweakers. They once got into my brothers car and stole the owners manual for a 1995 dodge neon. That’s even more useless than tire air.
  4. If anything we need MORE cheap, entry level stuff
  5. What size bolt was it? i don’t think the HF torque wrench was the problem here. Most 8,10mm, and 13mm stuff on dirt bikes is way too low of a torque value for a 3/8 torque wrench.
  6. Unfortunately here in the states we didn’t get any of those diesels, petrol versions. Same with the Toyota’s. We only get them if imported. i saw an episode of grand tour and they were using one of those diesel trucks. Made me want one lol
  7. Buying a treaded sole in case you have to dismount is just planning to wimp out.thats the wrong mindset. jk, I bought AT sole tech 1s, and love them. although I’d avoid anything with a super crazy lugged sole. The AT was only very moderately treaded.
  8. Are you referring to rears specifically, or the fronts too as a set? I’ve had good luck with Maxxis rears, never tried a front. Always heard a rumour about the IT front being terrible, though. i am interested in their whole sets, particularly washougal 2 and ibex, front and rear.
  9. Had to look that up, as in the states that’s a pathfinder. Those of that vintage are rock solid as far as I know
  10. I can hear that nasty peeling sound of skin from vinyl right now lol. I would be too. Hopefully shooting for a 60s/early 70s pickup soon. in some ford vehicles with cloth seats, the cloth is so tough you almost can’t wear it out. My seats have 0 tears or holes in it after 25 years in the sun and wear of sitting on them. I have worn the butt out of my pants though. They’re almost like sandpaper.
  11. Couldn’t agree more, I hate the crazy strong brand loyalty people get. Awhile back my parents had a Kia van, it was littered with problems at 160k. BUT, that thing was not taken care of. Half the time you checked the dipstick it had almost nothing on it, and they never knew when the last time the oil was changed. everything that has been taken care of has done great, in life there will always be a few lemons.
  12. Idk what it is about them, they are just more comfortable to me. Even though they don’t have all the “fancy” luxury things like heated seats or any of that. It’s just works, and that’s what I love about them. Seats, while minimalist, are more comfortable to me.
  13. Go barless and Just grab onto the clamps
  14. That’s still going strong in prunetucky haha. The Forrest there is pretty cool, I want to explore more of that. There’s tons of river action still too. So that’s where all the meth comes from around here lol
  15. I know it used to be really common and then they cracked down years back. Bikes are awesome these days, but it sounds like the time to be alive was years ago.