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  1. Up until a few months ago I had a 04 te250. Same color scheme as your but with different husqvarna color scheme. I miss the bike it served as a green sticker trail bike well, and the brakes were awesome. Thinking of getting a two stroke husky of the same years
  2. So you were the only other guy I saw that had a husky of those years at hollister....
  3. @shrubitup we derailed it hardcore now. yeah you'd have to settle for 95 percent of a new x, but at a pretty cheap price lol. I think the yz would be good enough with a pipe and flywheel weight, and wr gears. @800screws ok back on track here lol. Yep, every bike has to be setup pretty much anyway, and no matter what you're riding the money you put in will be over what it's worth if you're maintaining it, so ride what you enjoy or can afford! Even the "better" bikes need setup too
  4. @shrubitup i believe you can closely create the same sort of mods as the x by using a early 2000s wr450/wr426? 3,4,5 gears and get close with a gnarly pipe and fww. I figure suspension gets done anyway. 18 inch rear is up to you. It could be done that route cheaply, maybe barely so. but just buying a x would be best. Before riding the kx, I would've been yz all the way, now green may be my thing. now if I could just get my hands on a decent rm250/rmx250
  5. @shrubitup thats what I've found too. I've ridden bikes that are better, but not x amount better, and The grin factor is big. The way the trade worked out it was almost free to me anyway. Also in my state(ca), the newest green stickered two stroke you can have is 2002 anyway. There is year round riding places regardless of sticker here too, but I have a state park nearby to ride that enforces it, so I'd like to keep a green sticker 2t around. Bs. i rode a mid 90s Yami wr250z (yz250x of the 90s) and loved it. Makes me consider a yz250 in the future, those have better parts availability than our old kawis
  6. @shrubitup mine is a 99 with a gnarly pipe and turbine core 2 silencer, also a flywheel weight. May try a different combo soon, but man do I love this engine! In fact I love everything about the bike, except the terrible condition it's in lol. I honestly thought when I got it I was going to be whatever about it and get rid of it soon, but I was having too much fun once on the first ride. I've ridden machines that are so much nicer, but for some reason I want to ride this one im debating selling another bike to bring this one back to glory condition now
  7. Sounds like a late 90s Kx to me... jk. Mines a basket case and somehow it manages to make me want to ride it all the time. Engine is really good. the brakes seem to be known to suck on the late 90s ish years, some people swap to Honda or later kawi stuff. But make what you got be in the best shape like mentioned above. I find the brakes a bit weak but good enough. my clutch pull is great, just have a cable in good condition and asv lever. It also had the actuation arm cut and lengthened a tiny bit.
  8. Team Suzuki, especially if they brought out a rmx 2 stroke for enduro. after that, beta or gas gas
  9. Ontrac can look like a sketchy delivery system, but they've been good for the few things I've ordered that used them. But I could believe the problems people have. RMATV has been great to me. They even sent me a voucher with the difference in store credit for something that went on sale like a month after I bought it. Out of the blue, got an email that said here is a voucher for your items.sweet.
  10. Forever, it may just get parked and I accumulate another bike, and repeat...
  11. cant comment on the IT vs pirelli tires you listed, but have put a few rides on an IT rear before and liked the tire. didn't have crazy grip or anything, but did work well enough in basically everything. but that sucker will last forever. If i had to run one rear tire, and i was too poor to be replacing tires all the time, it would be a strong consideration. The IT front ive heard is a nightmare.
  12. As long as you don't go too crazy with it. Keep it real mild.Some people modify the crap out of xr's and to me it sort of takes away from the point of the bike. They were great how they were(uncorked of course)for what they were intended for.
  13. Not sure what the secret sauce is to wheelie. I think it's a genetic thing, either you're born with the talent to wheelie or not. Don't get me wrong I can get over logs/obstacles that are in front of me, and on a mountain bike I can wheelie for a few feet every now and again getting a good one but not a good wheelie person. I'm decently quick and can get everywhere and over everything but you can bet your ass I'm getting outdone by a fat kid in sweats and sandals on a stolen bike in the parking lot when it comes to wheelies. Crazy. My first 45 mins of mtb ride is a climb and I just practice wheelies over and over the whole time all the way up, and never get more than a couple feet. Some can dream I guess....
  14. rmatvmc

    Rocky Mountain emailed me with credit back on things because of a price drop too.Wow! Good job Rocky Mountain
  15. i can ride any bike with kids?