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  1. It's one of the best bikes if your a tall person like me. Glad you got the year that wasn't plagued too
  2. I felt the same way about huskys of those years, later on when it was the x-lite(red head) tc mx bikes they said it wasn't as good of a mx bike, but if you used it as a trail/xc bike is awesome. I had no clue the tc was green sticker in 05
  3. I had a 04 te250, it was a great bike. Plagued with defective valves in that year(04, not 05). I now want a husky 2 stroke of that same era, the chassis was great and fit my 6'4 frame nicely
  4. It's a bad habit of mine, got any secrets for that other than me to quit being an ape??
  5. That wrong-for-the-bike eBay Chinese coil is probably best used for a decor piece
  6. Everything, and I mean everything. Check out this gem of butchery that I found on a bike I picked up a bit ago....
  7. Looks neglected, count on replacing every external bearing and seal, as well as tires, sprockets and chain. Float bowl gasket and fuel inlet needle. Engine you won't really know unless you take a peek in there, but then might as well do a top end... if you can get it cheap it could be worth it. Maybe 1k tops but preferably less, but seller probably won't like that.
  8. @S.O.A.N.Z @KDXGarage thanks! That is a much better price,and a lot better than I was finding on eBay!
  9. A 99kx250, carb is a pwk(the short version). I believe only certain oem pwks use this style of top cap, aftermarket versions use the twist on style.
  10. I have a knack for breaking the little tube on the carb top off, nobody sells just the top, on eBay it's the whole carb you gotta buy(makes sense) and it's a $75 Oem part which is the asking price for a whole used carb. Any fixes for this other than bite the bullet, buy a spare carb for the part and quit wrenching like an angry gorilla? Anybody have a spare for sale? Thanks. Here is a pic for reference.
  11. Awesome! I'd get rid of that striping if you can and maybe some all seasons or all terrains if you can put up with a little extra noise and shorter wear, but if you'll be venturing a bit I'd say use them.Seems like a cool buy. Maintain it and it will probably be great to you! also, your family member who was a gm mechanic probably has parts and knowledge for you to pick up, absorb the info like a sponge!
  12. Search for a how to video, a yz125 is one of the easiest bikes to whip.
  13. The unchanged yz line should have a purpose that Yamaha isn't going to use...cheapness. I said in another thread they should drop the price by a lot, since you know they've made their money back on the tooling costs for those damn things.if they made them a nice price of 4500 then they've got an idea...dreaming I know. Ktm you can see where the costs come from, Yamaha no, not when you can buy the same exact bike if you go back 10 years. The yzs are great bikes, and Yamaha has made it back on them, so lower the price and they'd have a brand new buyer here.
  14. Mazda offers manuals in *almost* everything and that's awesome. I guess ol never be buying a new half ton lol. I think dodge is the only one still willing to stuff a manual in their trucks, although only in 3/4 and 1 ton. May only be the diesel too but I'm not sure. I may end up going older in what I buy next, 60s or 70s pickup
  15. I like the old ranger, solid, built tough, and not gigantic. Not sure how I feel about the new one. Idk if it's built as tough to endure years and years of thrashing. Also, if no manual in the US it's a good as garbage to me anyway. I'm in the minority, I realize.