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  1. RawbW

    Winter Dirt Bike Maintenance

    Yep but I’m good with it for now lol. It’s well setup and serves the purpose
  2. Lol my dad said 2 1/2 hour drive was too far to drive to see me when I was a kid and teenager🤩
  3. RawbW

    Finding the solution to arm pump

    I know it’s something that may seem hard to save for, but it really is worth it. I would say #1 besides maintenance. The bike I bought from a riding buddy had the suspension set up for his weight and riding, using a system where the suspension guy meets you and hooks sensors up to monitor the activity. I believe nobody does that anymore. But, he is very close in weight to me, and riding style and it was like a dream. Il contact the same person and see if he can make adjustments fine tuned for me, if any. but suspension setup is really worth it.
  4. RawbW

    Finding the solution to arm pump

    Proper suspension setup, and and don’t let the bike pull on your arms. Weight forward under acceleration generally, unless fighting for traction.
  5. RawbW

    Winter Dirt Bike Maintenance

    Lol not lucky enough to get 19 after a 18..... im lucky to have 05 lol
  6. It was just a huge flatulance that I mistook for a bowel movement last time I was out in the desert.
  7. RawbW

    What to do?

    You have to do what you want to do with your life. Nobody understands my obsession with dirt bikes and mountain bikes so I just have to go at it myself and find other like minded people.
  8. RawbW

    Pastrana's MXDN RM250

    Lol that shouldn’t be a complaint, Costco hot dogs are way better. weinerschnitzel puts their diarrhea chili on everything.
  9. Here’s what happened: energy drink bros paint a bad image for us all bikes have gotten better, but more expensive ktm isn’t a weird cousin manufacturer anymore everyone thinks they need 60hp(that’s probably always been going on) just like when you left, 2 strokes are popular, but there’s not as many manufacturers making them. It’s ok, the ones we do have available are really good.
  10. RawbW

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Possibly. The closest stock thing for tall people is ktm with their stock multipostion clamps. I remember Italian husqies used to have a super roomy layout too(04~ish), that felt like a tall persons bike.Later redhead ones got smaller. theres lots of bikes that do fit short people though, x trainer , 250 free ride, crf230. Those may not be the bike they want though. havent hopped on a beta yet, but certainly not opposed to them.
  11. RawbW

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    I’m 6’4 all bikes are short and normal person bikes, what we really need is tall people bikes!
  12. Thanks, Hopefully il be good and all set to ride by next weekend. It’s a nasty bug, I’m finally on the getting better end of it.coughed up a golf ball sized ball of snot and got my voice back this morning. the shinkos weren’t too bad to mount, neither was Michelin starcross tires. A 6ply IRC ve33 was the hardest tire to put on for me.
  13. I’ll see how my next change goes now. Cool vid btw. I just changed both tires to try out the shinko 216 fatty/525 hybrid combo. I did one tire each night since I’ve been hammered with the flu I’ve only had the energy to do one per day. I was hoping to ride this weekend with the new combo but I don’t think I’m going to be better by tomorrow. I get tired going from the bed to kitchen at this point lol.
  14. RawbW

    Suspension for MX and Hare Scrambles

    Get one fork leg setup for mx and one fork leg setup for harescrambles, that’s why there’s two legs so you can do both lol. Talk it over with a suspension guru and they’ll setup your suspension right. Won’t be cheap though, but it will be worth it.
  15. I don’t know how I’ve been doing it that wrong for so long haha. Welp, guess my next tire change may be an improvement lol.