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  1. clk748

    What is she worth???

    Any ideas what a 02 drz with 6k miles and 3 sets of wheels is worth?
  2. clk748

    shed some LBS. from the S

    Loose the rear pegs, new pipe, trash the reflectors, reduce the taillight/plate assmbly, new bars, new little rear view mirror, and fill the tires with helium And I lost the fan long ago, and never had a problem. And it gets 99-105 here
  3. clk748

    Sacramento area DRZ Valve maintenance party

    Beer and Valves.....My bike should run great!!! Im in the Citrus Heights area.
  4. clk748

    Any Downside to Stiffer Fork Spring?

    And yes it was a joke...Im sorry someone pissed in your wheaties..And to answer your questions: "Do I know what spring rate is in them know?" Yes the .48/5.7 is in the bike now. They were a gift from the Eibach rep. "Have I done any valving to the forks/shocks?" Yes and no. I personally did not do the work, I took my bike to the Suspension Guru. A close friend who used to work for the Erion Racing Team and has done extensive work with my Ohlins set-up for my Ducati. Yes it has been revalved and sprung. I believe he used gold valves. "What type brand oil?" I believe it was 7.5wt Ohlins HP oil, but I can ask him for sure. "What oil level?" I don't know, want me to pull the caps off and look???
  5. clk748

    Any Downside to Stiffer Fork Spring?

    If you like that feeling of urinating blood after a 50 mile ride through the rocks definately don't change the springs.
  6. clk748

    Which rack do you have on your drz.

    I have a Ford rack. My F350 is perfect for hauling little things. And for that matter it can even haul a full sheet of plywood. And it looks way better than putting some monsterous metal on the rear of my Dee-are-Zee.
  7. clk748

    Anybody use the stiffer shock springs?

    Im in the 48/5.7 club and listen to Us.....you will be very happy!!
  8. clk748

    Drz/klx Dirt Riders

    I have an 02-S and its 95% dirt. I just bought some Michelin AC-10s and swaped the M12s so I might do some Evening Urban Assaulting around the city... But prior to this, its been all dirt... Clean Pic Dirty Pic
  9. clk748

    Off pavement riding course??

    Just go out and ride....There is no substitute for experience behind the bars Have fun and be safe!!
  10. clk748

    I need a NGK CR8EK.....Help? Dealership guys?

    I called my local NAPA store and they had them in stock....
  11. clk748

    Arai XD Helmet.....HELP ME PLEASE...

    Double check that XD helmet, I have one that I thought would be good for the DRZ, but after a short ride I got sick....the contour of the shield distorts your view...I got a headace before I got home. I even returned the shield for a new one and still the same problem. Now I have a troy lee helmet, goggles and a very expensive Arai XD ashtray...
  12. clk748

    Sarge bike carrier

    These guys have way better customer service!! HAULER
  13. clk748

    Motorcycle carriers......

    Ultimate MX Hauler is perfect, just tell him what bike you have and if you have a skid plate installed. He has a couple different platforms, And he was more than eager to help get the right platform for the right bike. MXHAULER PIC 1 MXHAULER PIC 2
  14. clk748

    Carbon Fiber Parts

  15. clk748

    Advice on Jacket and chest protector

    I have the MSR ISDE pak jak and the Troy Lee chest protector.... The pak jak is cut and designed to be worn with a chest protector and the troy lee has removabe shoulder pads so it can be worn under or over the jersey/jacket without sacraficing any movement