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  1. honda roboxl

    Clutch is slipping 1985 XL250R

    It was a dual sport bike but only take it offroad now. Signals off and only run a headlight. Dirtbike tires on it. Stock gearing. It got stuck a couple times and the clutch is on it way way out. Thing is 30+ years old. LOL. Yes I put the right oil in it for wet clutch... Looking at the EBC clutch kit. Any good? Comes with friction plates and steel spacers and springs. I can get it for 76.00 to my door. (Canadian)
  2. honda roboxl

    I need a longer shift lever (1985 XL250R)

    I will give that a go. I only get out a couple times a year on my bike around this time of year. It was a pain shifting... Heck I even used my heal to kick it into the next gear... lol. I did not have my old boots that worked ok with me or I would of worn them...
  3. honda roboxl

    Weak spark cant figure it out

    Is there a resistor in the spark plug boot(?) Heck if were me and I had spark I would be putting fuel in it and trying to start it... Not a bad idea to clean the carb too. As said before I would look for fuel delivery...
  4. honda roboxl

    what works better than helicoils

    Depends on how bad it is. (pics of the area would help us judge) I have used 'timeserts' in the past and work great. I bought a kit a while back and it is the 'cats meow' As far as precision... yup it takes a bit of skill. I have done both.
  5. honda roboxl

    Weak spark cant figure it out

    You have spark and it 'maybe' weak... Are you getting fuel?? It is a new bike to you and does not run. As long as you have spark... look for fuel delivery...
  6. I just picked up a new set of THOR 'Ratchet boot' and are size 12. My shift lever is WAY to small for me to upshift my bike. Trying to look for a longer shift lever. I did a search and did not come up with much (remember I am in Canada and shipping is a pain) I looked into a couple companies but am looking for specs on the overall lenght and tooth count for the shaft... TIA
  7. honda roboxl

    93 XR250L Started Fine but now Won't Start

    Where are the voltages taken? At the battery? I don't like taking a voltage reading from a connector. I like to take it from the battery post itself. Rules out voltage drop in connectors. I 100% agree about removing the 'bullet connectors' and soldering in a connection if done right. (this caught my eye-been off the forum for a bit... not trolling)
  8. honda roboxl

    clutch problem

    Time to have a look at your clutch. You say that a new clutch was installed...... To me sounds like the basket has come loose as the center bolt was not tight. Had this happen on my bike several years ago.
  9. honda roboxl

    Tire Selection

    Most sites have an conversion chart available. Sometimes not easy to spot... 3.00/21 4pr = 90/90 21. The metric system means 90 wide X 90 aspect ratio X 21 inch rim 4.60/18 = 120/90 18. The 4pr is the casing strength or 'ply rating' Dirtbike tires are tubed tires.(for most part I believe) anything I looked up were tubed tires. Where are you from? Maybe someone can point you in a direction on where to get tires(?) Are you doing them yourself?
  10. honda roboxl

    To change oil or not?

    My last rid was about late October. I store my bike in my non-insulated garage. Temps have been up and down during the winter so far. A couple of weeks ago it was in the + degrees. Heck why not start the bike up.... It had condensation on the engine on the outside of the engine case. It was a drastic change in temp.... It started and idled on the 2nd kick (BLAA)... Going to do a dump on the oil. Cheap insurance.... If in doubt... Change it out.
  11. honda roboxl


    .... most of my questions and posts have been in this section without a problem in the past and mine is an '85. I find the peeps in this section had or have an older bike (Honda)at one point in time. I know about the 'vintage' section.... If you are going to get pissed and remove your question...... that is on your end. Take a pill and let it ride. Someone will hopefully will answer your question.... Just sayin'
  12. honda roboxl

    Should I buy these xr's?

    Sounds like a great deal. Garaged for 10 years.....A good carb cleaning a general once over (plug,air filter..) and giver'
  13. honda roboxl

    Fully Synthetic oil in XR's anyone done it

    So you guy's are not having any problems running a full synthetic automotive oil on a wet clutch?
  14. honda roboxl

    1981 xr250 value? Super clean, like new!

    Funny how these bikes hold there value. If that bike was around here in Canada it would go for $1200.00-$1400.00. Thing is most people that have a good bike don't sell them or get gobbled up quick.
  15. honda roboxl

    XR400 Leak Down test

    A leakdown test will only tell you if you are loosing compression. In no way shape or form is this going to tell you on a oil consumption problem. Leakdown is done at TDC. I had my bike out a couple of weeks ago and due to the cold and moisture in the air I had white smoke from the pipe on start up and warming up..... normal. White smoke on an air cooled in cooler temps is normal. On a watercooled (coolant) it is different. Sure you may have a bit of burning a little oil but is it worth opening it up?? My bike has an 'auto-decomp' All it says if you have freeplay in the decomp cable and rotate the engine counter-clockwise to TDC.