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    i bought a frame cradle once for my ttr 125....that thing was twisted more than a spring!....the front bolts were good..but the back bolt and the holes didnt even line up! what a bummer....i called bbr and they said they would check it out when i sent it to them....put it on my door step to send off...and it was stolen!
  2. yamaha_freak

    suspension question

    hey im kinda hard on money rite now so i have a question...which would be better to buy.....a new set of fork springs from bbr...or a rear shock spring from bbr...i think they both cost around 80 bucks....also i have a thing of bellray 15w fork oil...so which would be better to buy?
  3. yamaha_freak


    hey that reminds me.....since the small 125 has the small rear tire...with a 49 tooth...and the large 125 has the big wheel with a 55 tooth....do they sorta go the same top speed? that bugs meh
  4. yamaha_freak


    when we got our ttr we checked it out with a gps and it winded out top end at 54...then a cpl years later lol we changed the front sprocket from 13 to 14 tooth...and the rear sprocket...49 to 47 and we checked it again...said 58...keeps up exact with a CRF150F mebbe next time i think we will go about 45 on the rear sprocket...does ne body know if the front sprocket will take a 15 tooth? without tearing or having to take off ne parts...like the case-saver?
  5. yamaha_freak

    flywheel question

    is the only down-side to the lightened flywheel the tendency to stall out at low idles? or at putting around in a high gear?
  6. yamaha_freak

    Spray Paint the Plastics

    its prolly been a cpl weeks since we painted ours with regular black paint....front and back fenders are still lookin good..but on the gas tank...where my knees rub..it gets a lil peeled..unless u put a sticker over the open spot...gas does bad also...found that out today!
  7. yamaha_freak

    Cam Shaft Trouble!

    :thumbsup:that was it....when we took it off the first time i remember it popped off the shaft..all we did was loosen it up and it poped on and then we retightened it...gives the bike a noticable power increase..another question though...would it be a good idea to turn the fuel/air mixture up a lil bit?
  8. yamaha_freak

    What to do

    do they make a baja kit for the 150? if so how much does it cost?
  9. yamaha_freak

    high octane gas?

    i wonder if u clean it with desiel and leave a lil in the filter if it will make blue smoke...thats cool!
  10. yamaha_freak

    what do you use to clean your air filter

    if u use the Gojo and water to clean ur air fliter...do u have to let it set and dry for a lil while? or just ring it out and and put it in?
  11. yamaha_freak

    Cam Shaft Trouble!

    could it also be that the chain is on the bottom sprocket and everything...excepts its like double lapped on one tooth..or folded up so that it makes it a lil shorter?
  12. yamaha_freak

    Spray Paint the Plastics

    i took off the # plate, front fender, tank, and rear fender and painted them black with just regular spray paint...works good...if ya put on about 3 coats :cry: but dont paint the shrouds
  13. yamaha_freak

    high octane gas?

    how much octane is pump gas? like that u buy rite from a store? or unleaded regular lol
  14. yamaha_freak

    Cam Shaft Trouble!

    yall may have seen my posts about the hot cam camshaft...well i got it and me and my bro began to change it out and everything...it about killed us tryin to change the camshaft!!! but finally we got it changed and everything...but on the reassembily we have hit a bump in the road once again. its also a killer to put the head back on and cam sprocket and chain...while its still in the frame! but we got it in and lined it all up but it gets tight rite before the sprocket will slip on the shaft! i dont know what to do! its on at the bottom and everything but im not sure whats keeping it from slipping on correctly!...ne advice?
  15. yamaha_freak

    Hard start when cold

    i have a easy procedure for startin these *cold-blooded beasts*...i have a 150 by the way...and all i do when i pull it out to go ridin...flip the choke switch up all the way...give it a lil gas...about two kicks later it starts...take off and move the choke back down to normal...and it never dies...works great for me!