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  1. wickidchikin

    Rear Fender Rack

    Here is the oem rack on my bike.... I love it. It sits flush with the fender, has good tie down points, relocates the tool to the side, aanand is color matched to the frame.
  2. wickidchikin

    Gloves causing breakout/rash?

    I get that from time to time. Usually happens when I'm doing some form of activity and sweating, then something rubs or contacts that area and irritates it (such as my gloves). I sometimes get it for seemingly no reason. Usually on arms, occasionally elsewhere. It is normal, common, and nothing to worry about.
  3. wickidchikin

    New DR-Z owner - tons of questions

    1. Not sure 2. No but not a bad idea. 3. Anytime 4. Not yet as I don't know how to change them but will when I learn. 5. Not sure 6. Seat concepts is a popular and inexpensive option. I have one and it is decent. 7. Devol or unabiker 8. Any wrap around is fine 9. The one from TT store, or Ricochet. I think they are same. I have Ricochet. 10. Personal preference really. I have 2-a mx style with goggles for off road only rides, and a modular street helmet where the whole face flips up. I mostly wear that one as it is comfy and versatile. Many like the actual dual sport style but I haven't found a comfortable one yet. 11. I use off road style for all conditions atm. 12. As a female I hate them all. 13. Not sure 14. Walmart has good cheap ones like 29.99 15. I use the Suzuki oem rack and bag. I love em. 16. If anything electrical fails on trail can be an issue. That said I don't have the kicker.
  4. wickidchikin

    Need help on tires!

    I got the 606's this year, and I have not regretted that decision. Yeah, they sound like a mud truck on the street and they brake crappy on the street, but they otherwise drive nicely. Offroad I think they're great all around, at least for my skill level (slightly above novice). I ride in the northeast in pretty much all terrain, and only found them sketchy in the soft sand when new. They are fine now. I swear people who hate the front never even broke them in.... My husband has t63's on his klr, and they are very similar. Biggest difference I saw was a shallower tread depth, so they wore to not useable off road quite fast, but they worked about the same. I honestly think d606, t63 or mt21s are all similar in performance and will all work well for your intentions. You really can't go wrong.
  5. wickidchikin

    How muddy do you get your DRZ?!

    I think mine is permanently muddy. This was pic was taken after I had just cleaned the thing and went to meet my husband at work. I may have found a mud hole or two along the way...
  6. wickidchikin

    IMS 4.0 Gal Tank- Poor fitment issues?

    I also had issues with mine, twice. The first tank I had to drill out the petcock holes as they were too small, and the radiator shroud on the left side did not remotely line up, ended up springing a leak trying to get it to work. We spoke with IMS and they suggested with the new tank to not even bolt the shrouds down, as they stress out the radiators. I ultimately ended up bolting the shrouds on the right and zip tied on the left (for now), as they do not line up, again. I found the tank to be way too floppy and unstable without securing the front, as the tank does not ride the pucks on the frame very well. I also found the rear seat bolts to be a PITA to line up. I have a seat concepts seat, and it did not fit well with the seat catch. In fact, the catch destroyed the seat pan in that spot in one ride and now it does not secure. Overall I am not impressed with the quality of this tank, which is too bad because it is rugged and has great ergonomics for riding. I am still running mine because it is working ok now, but hardly worth the price or hassle. I will say the company has excellent customer service and really treated me right.
  7. wickidchikin

    Death wobble still 2014 DRZ400S

    Are the tires new? Are the wheels properly balanced? I ask because my 606's were quite unstable at high speeds when new, but are manageable now that they are worn in. They do still wobble though.
  8. wickidchikin


    I've had the Shorai for about 5 years, and it was the single best thing I ever did for my bike.
  9. wickidchikin

    Just the Z and me

    Looks like fun!
  10. wickidchikin

    2014.5 sudden sputtering/stalling issue

    So it's running properly for now. Pulled the bottom of the carb off and it looked pristine. He pulled the jets and they looked fine, but he shot some carb cleaner through it all anyway. Put it all back together and it ran great. After a test ride, he let it cool, then fired it back over and it ran crappy again... He dumped a can of sea foam into a full gas tank and let it run with that for a while, and it ran great again... After an 8 mile test ride, he let it cool, tested it again, and it still sounds good. Fingers crossed this saga is over. Thanks for all the advice!
  11. wickidchikin

    2014.5 sudden sputtering/stalling issue

    I'll share these ideas with my husband. We may be able to look after work tomorrow. We do not have a California model.
  12. wickidchikin

    2014.5 sudden sputtering/stalling issue

    Thanks for the quick response. I am guessing you're right. Will check it out as soon as we get the chance. Unfortunately work makes time hard to find.
  13. My husband has a 2014.5 klr with an ims 10 gallon Tank. The bike has always run great. Today, we went out for a light trail ride. He dug the reat wheel in on the side of a hill, so he rocked it onto the left side to get it out, then picked it up and rolled it backwards down the hill. A little gas had leaked from the cap. When he went to start it, it wouldn't catch at first (as expected from laying over), but once it did, it ran awful. It was idling ok, but sputtering and stalling around 2000 rpms. It also smelled nasty. He rode it home, and we did not see anything broken or dislodged or anything. After cooling down, we tried again, and the issue persists. We also noticed it will completely die if you turn on the choke. The air filter was filthy, so cleaned that up. It did not help. I can't imagine it to be a carb problem out of the blue like that... We are at a loss. Any suggestions?
  14. wickidchikin

    Camera recommendations

    I just purchased a Sony as30 for $111.00, will arrive on Thursday. Seems like it will be great for the price. Will report back.
  15. wickidchikin

    Tail Rack

    I use the Suzuki rack. It's color matched to the frame, easy to mount and sturdy. I like the cheezy atv style tool holder on the side too. I stuff my oem tool kit in there leaving more room in my bag. It also comes with a little bag that hangs over the exhaust, and I can fit a small can of chain lube and some zip ties in there.