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  1. xjeeper

    Lifting the DRZ400 onto a dirtbike stand

    Stand on left side of the bike, reach over the bike and grab the bottom of the fuel tank with your left hand, grab the rear subframe just behind the seat with your right hand, pick upe the bike(the rear will come up, the front wheel will stay down), push the bike onto the stand with your left thigh. I am not buff, but I am tall enough to do it this way. I do have a lithium battery in the bike so it is super light!
  2. High EGTs and heavy towing kill EGR coolers letting coolant into the intake, blowing the head gaskets, $80 egr valve plug from ebay will solve most of the EGR related problems, installs in about 15 min. Weld up the exhaust pipe where it feeds the EGR cooler, will keep coolant out of the exhaust and turbo, and exhaust heat away from the engine coolant. Use some common sense when using power adders. When buying 6.0s be careful of trucks that may already have head gasket issues, they are not always easy to spot. EGRs are a bad idea for any diesel, soot in the intake air will shorten the life of an diesel. I am on my 2nd 04 6.0 and love them, very reliable aftr the EGRs are delt with. Torqueshifts are great.
  3. xjeeper

    4WD Diesel Motorhome

    One of the diesel pickup mags had a press releaseabout a hydralic front drive conversion for medium duties, it was aimed at retrofitting existing trucks.
  4. The 2 best values for what you want to do are jeep cherokees, suzuki sidekick/geo tracker, also a Bronco 2/ ranger pickup are good and very cheap. all of these have good aftermarket support. I advise that you make a short list of candidates and go looking for the best buy, do not get a fixer upper, cosmetic damage works in your favor.
  5. Chips and programers throw the factory mileage readouts way off, and they may not have been correct to begin with, increases in fuel pressure and pulse width make the factory fuel volume tables in the computer invalid. On another subject, every time I hear "rolling coal" mentioned as a good thing, I have to laugh. on a street truck it just means that you are overfueling, not a big deal for racing, but it means that you need airflow improvement to use the fuel that you are injecting. why not just dump some on the ground when you fill up? would that be cool too? at least we would not have to breath it!
  6. Stock 6.0 fords put out about 250rwhp,325 at the crank, SAE hp ratings are at the crank with all accessories and factory exhaust in place, Gross HP ratings, like back in the 1960s were done without accessories, using open exhaust and air intakes, race fuel and more. Most chips and programmers are tested at the rear wheels, your Dodge probably gained 120hp at the crank from that 100hp chip, My 6.0 gained 150rwhp using a 130hp chip, and cut 2 second from it's Quarter mile time.
  7. xjeeper

    before I dump some money.....

    Thaornbirds are the worst tire made by interco, I used to manage a 4x4 shop that was an interco tire dealer (we bought them by the semi load) the are an all terrain, bad in all terrains. the ttb leaf spring f250 does not like wide heavy tires and wheels, the increased leverage exacerbates bumpsteer, and alignment problems. a buddy of mine bought a set of 35"s over my arguements, for his dodge 2500, when fourwheeling the only worked decent in sand, and when driving in ruts (where the side lugs could get bite). the flat smooth tread gave no directional control on any slippery surface. And last, the large side lugs will break your Dana 50 front end if they rub on your leaf springs when turned, because they will not give. Try a 36x12.50 tsl sxwith a 6' lift, 10" rim with 4" backspaceing, or better yet a 285 75, or 255 85 e range radial mudder of your choice.
  8. Chassis and body durability is the area where ford Superduties have an advantage, GM and Dodge have larger rear ring gears in the single wheel trucks, but Fords have stouter and simpler suspensions, steering and front ring gears and axle shafts, Dodge is a close second, but GM hds use components sized very close to ford f150s (really this is not an exaggeration) that are not up to the load/power of even a large gas motor. I (as Manager of a 4x4 specialty store) have seen 1st hand what fails on hundreds of these trucks, and the GM trucks do not hold up to heavy hauling in 4wd, Dodges see less failures, but do see some ball joint, track bar, and sector shaft failures, the Fords see the least failures, mostly worn ball joints, tie rod ends, not outright failures.
  9. Ford 5.4s have a very flat torque curve, these higher horsepower gas v8s have a more pronounced peak, so at say 2000-2500 rpms the torque figures are much closer to those of the 200-300hp motors, the trucks pull the same until you are forcrd to downshift and then the trucks with the higher peak numbers will run away from the less racy old school trucks, that is why most aftermarket parts that make more hp do not help much when towing. using higher rpms when towing kills your mileage.
  10. The 6.7 is supposed to be more fuel efficient because it utilizes urea injection and better combustion, so the DPF will regen less. time will tell, but this motor shares nothing with any of the Navistar designed Powerstrokes. Ford is the largest automaker in Europe, and has produced millions of diesels over there, if only we didn't change our diesel emissions standards to a stricter level than europe ford could have imported high mpg automotive diesels quickly when oil skyrocketed last year.
  11. xjeeper

    6.0 powerstroke owners.

    I drained off 1 quart of Rotella T from my 6.0, we will see if can tell a difference, next oil change I will fill it with 14 quarts of ? mobil 1? motorcraft? So the excursion had trouble after a long trip, Don't you love how everything is a u-tube moment, you know that we did not have mechanical failures before the invention of streaming video. I didn't get any video of my 7.3 sitting on the side of the road outside of Moab, running but unable to stay in gear (trans problem), or on the side of 1-17 south of Flagstaff, alternator locked up, or my buddy's 7.3 SD with a blown HPOP, or blown trans (twice) on the grade between vegas and searchlight, so that we could start you guys off on a don't buy a 7.3 thread. My 6.0s have had mechanical problems, but have not ever left me stranded (yet?) Ford powerstrokes outsell duramax and Dodge cummins trucks combined, the #1 selling year for powerstrokes was 04, so it just follows that there are more reports of 6.0 problems, because 6.0s are the most common.
  12. xjeeper

    8 Year old Daughter....which bike?

    There is no klx 100, kx 100 is a 2stroke race bike, klx 110 4st auto clutch 3 sp, the basis for many of the adult pitbikes. we also have a klx140 4st manual clutch electric start, about the same size as a kx85 but much heavier, my 8 year old daughter is tall enough to ride it, but it is too heavy for her to handle on a trail.
  13. xjeeper

    6.0 powerstroke owners.

    I have been reading and hearing about HEUI injection and oil for years, I cannot tell the difference in my truck and have not experienced rough idle or enough powerloss to notice. I always run clean synthetic oil and motorcraft filters, changed at 5k miles. Synthetic oil is expensive, 6.0 motors are really expensive, I am going to try the 14quart refill because my rear main drips just slightly when parked on an incline(my driveway). There is no danger of running low on oil because the truck will not run if the pressure is low (this is the one advantage of the HEUI system). On my first 6.0 Mel Clayton Ford in PHX Az damaged the O ring on the oil return from the turbo when the replaced my EGR cooler, I drove home and arrived 7 Quarts low, truck still running, no oil light, full oil pressure on the gauge. If the oil gets low enough to starve the HPOP the injectors don't fire and the truck shuts down, this happens long before the regular oil pump that feeds the bearings starves. I still sold that truck, mostly fearing turbo problems down the road, and pissed that the wouldn't even clean my driveway or the undercarraige after the mess that they made!
  14. xjeeper

    6.0 powerstroke owners.

    6.0s are always bagged on, and they are not perfect, but what truck is. 6.4s get poor mileage, not their fault, it is caused by the DPF system required by law, the same is true of 6.0s, the EGR and it's cooler are required by law. 7.3s are reliable, so is a 6.0 tuned for 214 rwhp. Stock 6.0s put out about 250 rwhp, chip/tune them to 400+ without other upgrades and you will likely see failures, tune an otherwise stock 7.3 to 400+ and, no scratch that, you can't tune an otherwise stock 7.3 to anywhere near that level, even though it is 20% larger. 4r100 transmissions will not last at that powerlevel anyway. I am not bashing any truck, just stop bashing 6.0s without facts. Ihave owned 5 ford trucksin the last 7 years including both 6.0s and 7.3s, and I currently drive a 6.0 because the 7.3s that I found used were slow overpriced beaten down junk, but the 6.0s were nicer and priced right(thanks to all the misinformed haters out there) Iwould rather fix the EGRcooler and head gaskets with a delete and studs if it is required, and enjoy a clean fast comfortable truck for less $.
  15. xjeeper

    6.0 powerstroke owners.

    I dynoed 770lb ft on a chassis dyno with my first 04 6.0 in 04 while testing a dr performance 115hp module for an Off Road magazine article back in 04. the truck had only an AIraid intake and a gibson exhaust at the time, it ran abest of 14.4 at firebird raceway (cc 4x4 7500lbs) with only the module, before we installed the intake or exhaust, also the air temp at the track was 105, and the truck had a 4"lift but we ran it on stock 235/85 16s, so we had to launch in 4wd.