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  1. For those that are interested: http://www.dotphoto.com/Go.asp?l=clfry&P=&AID=5116751&T=1 This isn't a business, just trying to raise some $$ for a trials bike
  2. Regular decal's won't work, but Ceet and a couple others make graphics that supposedly do (perforated). They're expensive though, and I've never seen any for the 650.
  3. They did replace it, and the new one is much better, but but still not satisfactory IMO. I'm tired of messing with it though, and this is the only 5 gal tank available for the DR650, so I'm using it. Anyone know of graphics for the 2nd gen DR650's? I'm not a fan of graphics, but I think it will look better than this.
  4. I have some experience with casting and moulding, and I doun't see how you could keep from getting some imperfections (bubbles), without having to cast in many smaller peices, but then you end up with unsightly seams My last IMS tank was fine, and thier other products seem to be of good quality as well, so I'll give them the benefit of doubt. Customer service has bent over backward for me to this point; I doubt I would have gotten this kind of service from a big co like Acerbis, and I am less impressed with the quality of many of their products. Anyhow, IMS offers the only tank larger than 4 gal for the DR650, so I don't have much choice.
  5. Jack at IMS had been helping me already, and helped me get this one a bit quicker (BIG backorder). He even shipped it directly to me, even though I ordered it through Motorsports Network. Here's the text from his reply to my email to him (I sent the pictures): I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with their costomer service thus far. My original email to him was just to see if IMS could give me an idea of how long the backorder would take (Motorsports Network couldn't tell me anything), the next thing I know, he's shipping me one direct (plus a token hat)... even though it's a botched one.... Looks like they are eager to please.
  6. Here's what it looks like:
  7. Just got my blue IMS tank today, and it's covered in tiny pinhole pits. I don't remember my XR tank being this way, but then it was white, so it would be harder to see. Anyone else with IMS or other plastic tanks have this?
  8. gotdurt

    18" rear wheel?

    Has anyone looked into converting their DR650SE from a 17" to an 18" rear rim or wheel?
  9. gotdurt

    Turn signals on dirt model 98 DR350

    Dennis Kirk has a universal turn signal wiring kit wiring kit - p# 21-549 $18.99 wiring kit w/signal mounts - p# 21-548 $33.99 I believe Chaparral has them too, or you can go to the DS authority, Baja Designs.
  10. gotdurt

    DR650SE Jets

    Howdy, new DR650 (99) owner here. Can anyone provide some picures of the jets for this bike? Since it's my daily driver right now, I can't take them out and head to the shop with them in-hand to match... Any suggestions on jet sizes (main & pilot, I'm at 500') with stock exhaust and standard air box mods? How about with aftermarket exhaust (considering Supertrapp IDS2)? Does the slide need to be drilled? If so, what size etc...
  11. gotdurt

    Starter Problems on '98-'99 DR650's?

    I just bought an early '99, I need retrofit info. Anyone educated on this subject?
  12. gotdurt

    XR seats

  13. gotdurt

    XR seats

    Anyone know if a XR650L seat pan will fit an XR600? I know the covers are interchangable. What other XR's share the same mounts, if any? XR250L/XR200? XL's? I'm asking because I'm about to put a 650L seat on ebay and want to cover all of the possible applications.
  14. gotdurt

    Valve cover removal - 1994 XR650L

    Clymer says pull the motor, Honda says you can do it with the motor in the frame. I don't have the manual in front of me, but I do recall that the Honda manual says you can slide the cover to one side, then you'll have enough space to lift it off (after removing the upper mounting brackets and other obstructions).
  15. gotdurt

    which CDI units will fit a 94 650L?

    The XR and NX CDI's have different part numbers. I think the NX might work on the XR, but not visa versa, because of the tach. The plugs also appear to be different. I bought a new unit for my NX for $86 here: http://www.servicehonda.com/hard%20parts/hard_parts.htm I don't have my XR650L anymore, otherwise I'd try to swap them to see if it works....