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  1. This is for the IMS 20L tank kit through justgastanks.com. Price would be 15% off retail of $689.99 plus actual shipping charges to get it to you. So $586.50 plus shipping. Any buyers? Cheers Brett Thread started on the RXV forum here: http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?243846-Anyone-interested-in-a-IMS-tank-group-buy
  2. The vibrations usually get better as the bike wears in. Congrats on the new bike
  3. I am over in Naples. I do dual sport mostly. Ive been trying to find legal riding areas down here with not much luck. Only thing I have found is the enduro loops at the Seminore Tribe Motocross park. If you know of any good trail riding down here let me know. Ive got a KTM 625SXC. Brett
  4. Do they still do emissions testing on bikes in AZ? Brett
  5. I dont think AMA allows twins in Supermoto now do they? I think the rules specifically say single cylinder. Brett
  6. I was involved with the development of the Yosh 450 kit on the DRZ WORCS bikes. The difference between it and the 436 is really noticable. Like stated before, its pricey. When I was there, many were simply sending their entire engine in for the whole shebang (450 kit, cams, ignitor box) to the tune of around $3500. If you haven't gone with the cam/ignitor upgrade yet, do that. good gains are avalable there. Brett
  7. Excellent show. I magine they were trying to offset the costs of the other production stuff by offering some product placement to a moto company. Bravo to BMW for stepping up. I think KTM fumbled the ball a bit. It would've been a good opportunity for them to get their name in front of some people who have never heard of them. Oh well, Ive set my cable box to automatically goto Bravo every Thurs at 10pm. Brett
  8. He ended up getting a Doma pipe from Langston Racing.
  9. I am posting for a friend that has a 2000 TE610. He's looking for an aftermarket pipe for it that is spark arrested. Any ideas?
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