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  1. I went to Colorado with my 450 and chose to use some VP U4 instead of rejetting. The bike kept more of it's sea-level power and ran great up there. Nice and frisky, and faster than the guys that didn't do it.
  2. rvl

    will a crf 450r head fit on a crf 450x?

    Yes it will.
  3. rvl

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    What is your shock stack?
  4. rvl

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    What is the shim stack for your X shock?
  5. rvl

    Quiet performance exhaust for 08 CRF450x?

    Forget the pipe. Keep it quiet. If you want power, just order the 2002 CRF450R cam and cut the top of the airbox, rejet, and move the pink wire. Presto, a fast quiet 450X.
  6. rvl

    Anyone Running a 14/52 Sprocket Combo?

    The narrow o-ring chain that comes stock on the X model works fine. They are alot thinner than normal o-ring chains. I put one on my 2005 450R and didn't have to monkey around with shims, etc. They also last a long time.
  7. Nope. Think about it for awhile, but if you can't figure it out, read the link you posted above...
  8. rvl

    Honda weight

    Published dry weights are pure fantasy material. Get a good bathroom scale and a piece of 2x4. Go to the local Honda and Yamaha store(s). Put the rear tire of each bike on the 2x4 and weigh the front tire. Then switch the 2x4 and scale. Add the numbers. Then you have reality. It might open your eyes a little...
  9. rvl

    X and R?

    I bought both a 05 450R and an 05 450X. I like the R power better, but the X when uncorked is quite good, as Shady said. But both bikes are slow compared to my old CR500s and KX500s. If you guys think the 450Rs are something, just try riding a crisp CR500 sometime. You kids that think your 450s are fast will be crying for momma.
  10. rvl

    Running race gas = cleaner internals?

    CamP is like that Dobent guy. Stuck on stupid ideas... He just doesn't get it. Kind of like those guys in 1492 that thought the world was flat. Cam, it's not about 50 horsepower. It's about throttle response and maintaining your bike better. It's not all about saving a nickel. If that is the case, sell your bike and get an old beater bike to ride. Maybe you will get a clue someday.... Redbeard, Let us know what you think. I think you will have a smile on your face when you try U4. I sure did the first time. Kelstr put me up to it, too.
  11. rvl

    How to open up the X's motor

    Why do you say that? Have you ridden both bikes? Or a X with an R cam or pipe? Wheelspin is no big deal. Just learn throttle control. My KX and CR 500s and 250s spun alot more than the 450R did. I had the KX500 when I moved to Seattle in 1989 and it was fine in the woods. I learned throttle control real good, though.
  12. rvl

    How to open up the X's motor

    What is this hit that you speak of on R motors? I had an 05 450R and it had no hit. Just a wonderful wide linear powerband. For reference, a stock CR500 has a hit. So does most any two stroke. My 450X has more of a "hit", all in the midrange, than my R did. I am currently modifying my R to have a powerband like my R did.
  13. rvl

    anyone have an r cam for sale????

    How much for the cam? I am in Wichita, and might come get it during a ride at the 500 outside of Stillwater. Robert Lamppert 316-523-0765 wk 316-992-8615
  14. rvl

    R Cam in X, Jet kit for R or X???

    You could help that guy out by walking out to your garage, using a philips screwdriver to loosen two screws on clamps on each side of the carb, rotating the carb towards you, removing the 17mm access bolt on the bottom of the carb with a 17mm wrench, removing the main jet with a 6mm socket, and removing the pilot jet with a flat screwdriver. Then look at them and write down the sizes. Then both you and he would know what jetting you have. If you felt really ambitious, you could remove the tank and seat, the carb cover, and the needle to see what needle is in it and what clip setting...
  15. rvl

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    Did you have the bikes locked up? I had a friend whose bike was stolen, and from his miserable experience, I now always lock my bike up with two cables that are attached to something solid and inconvienient to move, like a trailer or a car or a big bench in my garage. Since any lock or chain can be overcome, I also pay 120 per year for insurance. That way if some lowlife snatches my bike I at least will get enough money for most of the replacement cost. Looks like you have learned a lesson the hard way, like my friend. Good luck finding the perps.