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  1. Just want to invite every one to come out to the 6th Annual 24 Hour Challenge. It will be held in Maplesville, AL on the weekend of June 2-3. Come & spectate or come & ride More info here: www.24hourchallenge.com
  2. custombike

    rm65 any different than kx65

    Well ... That & Graphics
  3. custombike

    rm65 any different than kx65

    Just responded on the Suzuki forum ... ALL the same:thumbsup:
  4. custombike

    is there any differences between rm65 and kx65

    They are both the same bike. ALL parts are interchange. For OEM parts, I've heard that Suzuki parts where cheaper?
  5. Practice your starts. This is overlooked by most riders. The better your start is, the better chance you have in getting out in front of the 250f's. Then you'll have to make them work for the position. You may also want to play with the gearing on the bike to best suit the track you'll be racing. This may be a trial & error type of thing to get it right. Once again, go and have fun & don't get discouraged!
  6. Of course the 250f will be the better bike. But, The 125 or 144 will hold it's own against the 250f's, you just can't be lazy on it. As long as your having fun it doesn't matter.
  7. custombike

    Buying oil filters in bulk, where?

    Don't feel bad, I've done this before myself:banghead:
  8. custombike

    Buying oil filters in bulk, where?

    Those are Honda filters!
  9. custombike

    Buying oil filters in bulk, where?

    Wrong filters.... HF 141's fits the 03 & up newer bikes. The HF 142's fit the the older 02 & prior 250/400/426's.
  10. custombike


    Thanks for the pic. A friend of mine is in the same situation (with the class background color & blue plastic). I'll get him to take a look at these. The white & blue outline around the numbers makes it. Again, Nice bike:thumbsup:
  11. custombike


    KAS, Do you have any pics of the whole bike? I'm not a huge fan of yellow backgrounds, but man these look sweet!
  12. custombike


    Now that looks good
  13. custombike

    maxima 2 stroke oil ... any good ??

    You'll get mixed views on this one. I've used Maxima 927 for the last 6 years without any problems. I will admit that I do rebuild my top end fairly regular & clean the power valve when I'm at it. Also jetting & mixture (40:1 for me) will play a huge factor on how clean it runs.
  14. Try to adjust you float level. You may need a new neddle & seat. This is the only thing that'll let the gas over flow. This may be your problem, or at least part of it.
  15. custombike

    Advise for a generator purchase

    Don't worry about the noise. If your not listening to your generator, You'll be listening to someone elses! I can't say that I've been to a race yet that I didn't have to listen to a generator.