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  1. I'm with them. I have left the motor stock, added a pipe and carb. Power Now valve, and the thing has never let me down. All these guys who think you need to modify everything, just kill me. Honda made it this way for a reason. LEAVE IT ALONE AND RIDE IT HOW IT WAS INTENDED! JEEEEES!!!!
  2. Does anyone know a company that makes a mount for a Renthal Fat Bar for a Garmin Rino 130 GPS?
  3. Does anyone know a company that makes a mount for a Renthal Fat Bar for a Garmin Rino 130 GPS?
  4. red66

    20mm offset for 02

    I have Applied Racings' version...love them!
  5. red66

    Will I Have Too Change The Jetting?

    It is a common misnomer to have to change your jetting if you put on a new pipe. Not necessarily so. Try the stock jetting before making any changes.
  6. red66

    Lugging a 450

    What is the mechanical description of lugging an engine? What is the knocking sound? Is this harmful? And before any of you say "twist the throttle harder"...don't... Thanks for your help.
  7. red66

    "X" kickstand on an "R"

    Pro Moto Billet is the way to go without a doubt!
  8. I have an '02. It has the stock setup...13/50. I am looking for about 10 mph faster with a new setup. Will 13/48 work for me? Can I go any lower than 48 on the rear? How large can I go in the front? Anybody got any info on this? Thanks.
  9. red66

    Honda Frame Generations?

    Nice collection of bikes!
  10. This may seem obvious, but it happens all the time. When disassembling the carb, did you turn the idle all the way down?
  11. red66

    help with stock 02 450

    I have had my 02 since May and love it. Run the stock settings listed in your manual and see where you are. My guess is at sea level you will be fine. The bike is awesome just stock, so...The trick is to get it as lean as possible at sea level knowing the more altitude you gain, the richer it gets. Hope this helps. Let me know if you plan any other mods, I have done a ton, and can give you some insight.
  12. red66

    Desert Season Is Here!

    Where is Ridgecrest? Do you need to be dual-sported? What kind of riding is it?
  13. red66

    Desert Season Is Here!

    Painted Gorge is right where you enter the desert when traveling on 8 East out of San Diego. Go in there and basically head north. San Felipe Wash is your main landmark to follow. If you are serious, let me know and I can give you more specific directions. We didnt have an odo. on the ride, but it is 65-75 miles, roughly.
  14. red66

    Desert Season Is Here!

    I don't know where the rest of you were riding this weekend, but Dr. Thumper and I checked out the dez on Sunday. Turns out it was cooler out there than in San Diego. We rode from Painted Gorge to Ocotillo Wells OHV and back. AWESOME! Had to rub it in, because attempting the desert this time of year is a crapshoot as far as the heat is concerned. Gotta love riding in the dez! Looking forward to the winter! Late. Red66