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    compression test

    Does Honda give a standard compression pressure? I bought my bike used and didn't get the owners manual. With the auto decompressor, I know it would be lower but there should be a baseline to go off.
  2. 711

    Splitting the Case

    Forget about "tapping" WHACK the s&%* out of each crank end with a big dead blow hammer If that doesn't do it, make a case splitting tool (pretty easy)
  3. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    All right. There's a Hinson on e-bay I'm going to try and get. The hub you have is in good condition, not notched?
  4. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    RoostReally Hurts and Mike, do you check your PM's???? ANYBODY have a basket????
  5. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    I sent you a PM.
  6. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    I'm probably going to end up getting your hub and the other guy's basket if its still good
  7. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    I take it, you no got?
  8. 711

    No compression!! Help please!

    You ground the valves? Then, yes you need to reshim. Check the clearance.
  9. 711

    Should I get a new head?

    use the 45 first, that is the actual seating surface. You get a nice concentric 45 cut and narrow it with the 33 and/or the 65. You can also raise or lower the actual seating area with the 33 and 65. The neway stuff ain't cheap, there are different pilots for different engines, different cutters for different diameter valves, etc. I think the complete kit runs about $1500.00
  10. 711

    Should I get a new head?

    I've rebuilts lots and lots of engines and the seats can be recut to good as new condition. So its a waste of $ to buy a new head. Some bike shops have the tooling to recut valve seats. They are made by a company called Neway and they work great. Call around.
  11. 711

    CRF450 clutch parts wanted

    OK, cash waiting...
  12. Anybody have the stock parts left over after replacement with the billet stuff? If they are still useable, I am interested...I need the hub and the basket. oldschool@cableaz.com
  13. Do you know from experience or what?
  14. the head is junk....so does anyone know if a 426 head will work on a 400 cylinder??? will be going with a 420 kit.
  15. 711

    Cam timing

    your motor must run backwards then............... :excuseme:it is always before top dead center except on some euro cars where it fires at top dead center, but pretty rare Right, right... I got turned around I guess...I'm sure it had something to do with all the beer yesterday...lol sorry for the misinfo