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    orange county to monterey by dirt road?

    This rocks, thanks so much for the info. I was hoping to find a route above Santa Barbara and Ojai thru the los padres nf the up behind paso robles, then thru the mountains above big sur. I can't find anyone, that has actually found a route thru though.. Maybe I'll have to find it myself!
  2. Hi all, Starting a family has kept me away from the sport and this site for quite some time, however the kids are a little older and it's time to get back in the saddle. A grand welcome back ride is in order! I love on and off road bikes and am a huge motogp fan. I am in the planning stages of a dual sport ride from orange county to laguna seca raceway in monterey for next years motogp race. I would like the route to be as much dirt as possible. I am new to the oc area however and have very little knowledge of the trail system in south and central california. This is where you experts come in. My first choice would be to follow the costal mountain range, however I don't know if there is enough of a dirt trail network to make it a good off road ride. If it ends up being 60 miles of pavement for every 6 miles of trail that isn't at all the type of route I'm trying to plan. If it isn't feasible to do the coastal range, I guess I would consider the sierra's and then cutting across the valley but that's not at all what I had in mind when I dreamed up this crazy plan. Any and all advise is welcome! It's good to be back
  3. Chris_P

    NorCal Rides Over The Holidays?

    You kill me...
  4. Chris_P

    NorCal Rides Over The Holidays?

    If you spent less time tossing the salad , you might be able to keep
  5. Chris_P

    NorCal Rides Over The Holidays?

    yzwiley - You take Dom to Prairie City. You can ride wherever your little gay pride heart desires. I'm hoping to do some real riding; no talking about manscaping, metrosexuals, or manorexia. No gays were hurt in the making of this post.
  6. Chris_P

    NorCal Rides Over The Holidays?

    OldeDude, long time, no see. I have an "all day pass" from Miss. Chris_P on both the 19th (Monday) and the 21st (Wednesday). I would love to follow you around Elkins on one of those days if it works with your schedule. Open to all takers. This will definatly be a "NO gay ride".
  7. Chris_P

    Mammoth Bar Ride Friday 11/18 Morning

    Wow, guess I didn't sell this one very well.
  8. Hey guys, it's been forever since I've posted last. And up until a week or so ago it had been at least 6 months since I'd been on a ride. A 8 month old daughter will do that I guess. Well heres the gist of it. I'll be at Mammoth Bar around 9:30 tomorrow morning to ride what trails they haven't closed for "seasonal rehabilitation" or some crazy thing like that. I've heard how Foresthill has been clear cut, and now better than half of Mammoth Bar is closed. If any of you want to come ride in circles with me, I'll have a red Nissan Frontier and a black KTM smoker. See ya there. Chris
  9. Chris_P

    I'm leaving California

    I play at the annual jazz festival they have in Sun Valley, ID. I don't think I've ever been to a more beautiful place. Good luck!
  10. Chris_P

    MorningRider check your PM

    Dicks did my suspension work and had it done on time as promised... Cross your fingers
  11. Chris_P

    How much grip's in a corner???

    Look where you want to go. It sounds simple, but is not easy at all in practice. Let me guess, you get on the gas coming out of a corner, the bike starts heading towards the outside of the turn and all of a sudden you're looking at the outside berm where the bike wants to go. Naturally you go right where you're looking, not where you want the bike to go. Instead, TURN you head the direction you'd like to go, focus down the track, not to the outside of the track and almost magically the bike will go right where you want it. All the other factors and forces involved in cornering make you tend to forget about this simple solution, it's your task to concentrate down the track way ahead of your front wheel and the bike will follow. Again, look at the picture of the trials rider above. You'll see the bike is pointed one direction, but instead of looking in that direction the rider is looking over his shoulder where he wants the bike to be. In a fraction of a second after the picture was taken, the bike rotated hard left (in this case) and followed the riders eyes down the trail where he's looking. You can do it!
  12. Chris_P

    Look at what I saw at Georgetown today.

    HAha! Now you're talking! Was the deep water crossing something a mere mortal could cross?
  13. Chris_P

    For you California guys

    Mailed mine yesterday. In case you don't want to click without knowing what it is, it links to a the baja designs website where they have perwritten letters to Governor Arnold about making it legal to dualsport a greensticker bike (again).
  14. Chris_P

    For the California guys

    Mailed mine yesterday. In case you don't want to click without knowing what it is, it links to a the baja designs website where they have perwritten letters to Governor Arnold about making it legal to dualsport a greensticker bike (again).