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  1. Weeeeee

    Settings Questions

    No app. Just the webpage on my iphone.
  2. Weeeeee

    Settings Questions

    Since the last upgrade, every time I click a post it takes me to the beginning, even though I just read 5 pages. I'm sure I just need to check a box somewhere, but I can. It figure out where. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Weeeeee

    Advice dressing wound

    I use superglue, as soon as I can after a cut. Use the thicker stuff. Add a nice glob on top of the cut, and hit it with a little accelerant. By the time the superglue wears off, everything is good to go. I wouldn't try this with an old injury, but with fresh ones it has worked great for me. Clean it, hydrogen peroxide, then the glue. It even holds slices together.
  4. I have a 2008 f150. In the last week it has decided to not start. In the morning it starts fine. I drive to a job, and no start. It seems like when it is hot, it doesn't want to start. I was pretty sure it was the starter, so i pulled it out. An hour and a half for the stupid top bolt, and a lot of swearing, but it is finally out. I took it to the auto parts store and they tested it. It passed, but it was cold. It seems like the problem only happens when it is hot. I tried jump starting when hot, and nothing besides a little click from the relay in the fuse box. I switched relays to make sure that wasn't bad. Any ideas? Matches and gasoline?
  5. Weeeeee

    Mountain bike gurus?

    Its a giant contact, switch I think. I'm a big guy and it has held up well for me. I haven't had a single problem with it.
  6. Weeeeee

    Mountain bike gurus?

    There is no comparison between a dropper post and regular. Sure you can stop, get off your bike, adjust the seat, get back on and pedal away, or push a button while riding and have the seat exactly where you want it. I love mine. It's almost like cheating. Sometimes your not sure when a section is going to get steep and nasty. When it does, I can drop my seat and roll through it. When I start pedaling again, the seat pops right up where I need it. I am constantly adjusting my seat now. I can roll up to a big set of stairs, the seat drops, ride down the stairs, the seat goes up, and pedal away, all without slowing down.
  7. Weeeeee

    Anybody got a good use for old MC chains

    I'm pretty sure someone was making pattern welded steel out of them.
  8. At the end of my last ride, I thought I lost my rear brake. When I got back to the truck, I found the cotter pin that holds the foot peg bolt was gone. The foot peg bolt was slipping up, and not allowing my brake to work. I guess I lost the spring at the same time. A search for it just gives me a million results for drz shock spring. anyone have a picture of one? Is it something I can pick up at hardware store, or auto parts store? Thanks.
  9. Weeeeee

    Carby vac lines. 2 randoms with no home.

    Those two hoses are vents, or drains that don't connect to anything. Are you saying you have a barb on the bottom of the white tank? That is just your overflow tank for engine coolant. The barb should be on top, and it is just a vent too.
  10. Weeeeee

    Now what did I do? Needle problem

    I think your right about it getting mashed in. It's the strangest thing, but it healed itself. It looked terrible when I pulled it out. I went to the shop, came back, and the lip was gone.
  11. Weeeeee

    Only runs on 1/2 choke

    I have a new pilot jet on the way. Carb is apart again. Time for another clean, and fix my new problem. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. As i said in my other thread, I'm trying to get my bike back on the trail after years sitting in the garage. I had fuel leaking from the bottom of my carb. I pulled the seat for the needle valve, and replaced the oring. The new was was 7/16 od 5/16 I'd x 1/16. It was a tight fit, but it seemed to fix the leaking fuel problem, while creating a new one. I pulled the carb apart again, to give everything another going over, and the needle has a definite bump to it. The needle was fine before I messed with the seat. Did I not seat the seat deep enough? I ran it around the block, and the needle went from new to scrap.
  13. Weeeeee

    Only runs on 1/2 choke

    I did clean the pilot jet. Would a place like cycle gear or a dealer sell a new one?
  14. Weeeeee

    Only runs on 1/2 choke

    So my DRZ sat in my garage for almost eight years. I finally dug it out, and got it started. I took the carb apart, and gave it a much need cleaning. I wasn't sure if it would even be salvageable, but it was. The problem is that my bike only wants to run with the choke half way out. When I push it in, it works like a kill switch. It runs really good with the choke on half though. I pulled the carb again, and the pilot jet looked like it had some gunk in it, so I cleaned it, reinstalled the carb, and same problem. I have the mikuni carb with the dynojet kit in it. Any ideas on what else I should check? Am I creating a problem riding with the choke at half, because I forgot how much fun this thing is, and I want to go ride?
  15. Weeeeee

    Boot troubles

    I put my boot on today and this happened,