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    Dealer in Canada?

    There's Riverside Yamaha/Suzuki/KTM, and Riverside Honda in St. Albert Alberta. Don't have a Website but a search should turn them up. :cry:
  2. thrtlljnki

    overseas moto shipping

    Hey Mike, I looked into a couple of places after we got back from Baja to try and get bikes shipped to La Paz. They all seemed to have a little trouble with the Mexico thing. One of the places was www.motorcycleshippers.com Bryan Burnes(800) 730-3151 x 233 I can't remember if I talked to him or not, but it's a lead anyhow. Another place was www.freightquote.com same thing, just a lead. I don't think I contacted them, but Ocean Transport Freight Forwarding is another one I've heard of. Best of luck!!
  3. thrtlljnki

    Fun on Ice

    The trucks/tractors are a necessary in order to keep the ice clean. If they get the right timing, they keep a nice clean line. Having only raced the quad, I know we can be a bit of a pain to the bikes since the quads can change lines in the middle of a corner. Like I said earlier, I think I'm giving up the training wheels this year though!!
  4. thrtlljnki

    Fun on Ice

    It's a freakin blast!! I have been racing a quad for the last few years, but this year I think I'll ride a bike. A couple of years ago we got organized enough to run transponders for lap counting. The series is usually 4-6hr races and 1 24hr race. We averaged 60mph on the quad at one 6hr a couple yrs ago.
  5. thrtlljnki

    SCORE series questions

    get in touch with Tim at bajaboundmoto.com. He's a Baja guru!
  6. thrtlljnki

    Fun on Ice

    Here's a vid of what we do for fun in Feb. up here! http://www.members.shaw.ca/rsneep/aeira/files/video.html
  7. thrtlljnki

    For the boys that cruise the Thumpette forum

    How about M for mouthfull??
  8. thrtlljnki

    Cold Weather Riding Gear

    -38C? If I'm not mistaken, that is right at -100F right??? Geezus pleezus that is cold! Was that temp alone or w/ windchill? I would have to say my rides would be only about +15 to +20F (about -8C). Soon thereafter the snow usually falls, and out comes the salt Well not quite!! -40C and -40F are the same. F$&*ing cold! That was ambient with no wind chill. I ended up freezing a small spot on my forehead, and turned my right thumb black. At those temperatures as soon as you feel a little cold STOP. I felt both of those spots, but not for long, as they just froze and there was no feeling left. -8C is not a bad day. We mount Trellborg ice tires, and race up and down a local river as soon as the ice is thick enough. -15C usually keeps us inside, but anything warmer, and it's "To the river"!! Like I said before, if you have something windproof, you don't need much underneath.
  9. thrtlljnki

    Cold Weather Riding Gear

    How cold do you intend to ride? We have an ice racing series up here that runs all of Feb. I've actually run a machine in -38C weather. The most important thing is having a wind proof outer layer, that is big enough to get fleece, long underwear etc. under.
  10. thrtlljnki

    Tire Change Tricks

    What about the tire changing hat??
  11. thrtlljnki

    So what does your DRZ weight?

    My '01S weighed in at 308lbs on a go-kart scale with my IMS 3.8gal tank about half full. Renthal bars, Yosh pipe, set-up to try Motard with a Sportster front and a Dunlop Qualifier Rear.
  12. thrtlljnki

    I wish I could do this!

    How about all the really cool single track that you can tell not everyone gets to ride!!
  13. thrtlljnki

    I wish I could do this!

    Wow, the mex2can ride looks great. How about turning it around and going can2mex?? As I wrote about in another thread, myself and 9 buddies did a ride this spring with Bajabound. As is normal human nature, I think we all wondered what we were going to get for our money. What we got was an unbelievable trip through Northern Baja!!(Thanks again Tim, Irondude, and the rest of the staff). By the third or fourth day of our 7 day ride, we all had come to the conclusion that we were definately getting our money's worth. It's got to be worth something to be able to ride into a town, get off your bike, and not worry about it again until the next morning. We gave the chase drivers a cooler and some cash, and we always arrived to nice cold Pacifico's!!
  14. thrtlljnki

    Baja 500 Ride Report (Very Very Long)

    Hey guys, it's Lyle. I haven't seen Satan's Anus lately, but I have had a couple bad dreams about it!! Hey Irondude congrats on getting hitched!! Offer's always open for you guys to come ride in our neck o' the woods!!
  15. thrtlljnki

    Baja 500 Ride Report (Very Very Long)

    Sounds like a great time! Myself and 9 others did a ride with Tim and Mike this spring. Tim runs an incredible tour! I imagine his race efforts are much the same. Mike was our sweep rider, so I can just picture him "appearing" out of a crowd to help out!