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  1. A friend of mine bought that very same bike. He and eveyone who rode it hated the auto clutch. He took the auto clutch and FWW off and I like it a lot more now. Not saying everyone would but the point is that there is no right or wrong answer. Some real fast guys want basically a stock MX bike, some want lots of FWW and an auto clutch. I put an auto clutch on my bike once and took it off after one ride. It just did not work well for me. I also switched from the woods to the MX ignition because I like less weight. All I ride is technical woods but this just works for me. Others may have different results. If I ever got a four stroke I would want the MX model for weight reasons and then I might get an auto because those things are hard to start and they don't need as much clutch input.
  2. NWetRider

    San Diego Online? Anywhere? HELP!

    Justin Tv worked great the whole night until the main then it froze constantly. I saw about 30 seconds of the race. Did anyone else have the same experience?
  3. NWetRider

    How to watch Anaheim 1 online?

    me to . wathing justin.tv now and it looks good
  4. NWetRider

    How to watch Anaheim 1 online?

    Anyplace to watch that does not require installing a mountain of crap? I tried the speed link, installed ilivid and it still want to install it. Then I get another plugin link and it goes through several pages of stuff it wants to install. My browser settings are messed up also.
  5. NWetRider

    Tillamook Burn ride report / conditions.

    Ginger creek was excellent yesterday. This is about as good as it gets for an Oregon winter. We only saw two other bikes all day.
  6. NWetRider

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    Well I just picked up a Dunlop trials tire and a IRC X-Heavy tube so the decision has been made. Thanks for all the interesting post. Now I just have to hope it does not snow.
  7. NWetRider

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    After considering all this I think I will run a Dunlop or Michelin trials tire with a tube, or just stick to my knobbie and tube. If I lived somewhere like Arizona and Tubliss let me go from 20psi to 6 I think they would really have an advantage. Since I get away with 10 front and 8 rear at my slow speed I am thinking it is not worth it. Last year I ran a M5B in the winter/spring and a MT16 the remainder of the time (both at 8psi) and really had no complaints. Last ride though I really struggled. In retrospect I realize I was sick and hitting everything really slow but also I had a new Dunlop 773 on the back that I got cheap on ebay. I hated it on anything other than mud which got me thinking about tires. This got me realizing that there are really not that many places in the TSF that a pure mud tire like a 773 is needed, which made me think maybe I should try a trials tire again. When looking into trials tires I found many people use Tubliss now which got me onto the subject of this thread. Since the M5B works in mud and rocks I might get another but a trials tire is the same price and last 3 times as long so that is a big plus. I love the way they work in loose rocks but know I will need to swap to a knobbie for snow and certain areas of Washington that Kelly has taken me to where a trials tire flat out does not work.
  8. NWetRider

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    Lots of good info here, thanks. For those who have a ktmtalk membership this thread got me thinking http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=438396 Guys in AZ are running really heavy duty tires and bashing rocks at pressures down to 2psi and getting trials like traction. With a burly tire punctures would be a lot less of a worry and riding back with the outer flat would be no big deal. I don't think there would be any good NW tires that would be that thick though.
  9. NWetRider

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    So if I ran the Dunlop trials would the quick fix of putting in a plug not be an option? I think I have read they are not thick enough to hold one. That would mean I would have to be prepared to put a tube in. I guess a thicker tire would be better.
  10. NWetRider

    trash on trails

    If I ran tubliss and the Dunlop trials tire would I need to be prepared to put a tube in on the trail? I ask because I think I heard that it will not hold a plug. I assume the tire is not junk, it would just need a tubeless car tire patch on the inside? A knobbie sounds more bullit proof I am just not sure how much I would have to gain. I get away with 8psi with a tube and never flat so I am guessing I would just be able to go a couple lower.
  11. NWetRider

    Tubliss experiences in the NW

    Did you not have any failures in the Dunlop trials tire? I woudl like to run that tire but am worried about the sidewall. When I used on with a tube it took a bunch of pressureto seal the bead. With tubeliss do you need to use a blast of air to seal it?
  12. NWetRider

    Oregon Tubliss experiences in the NW

    First I was thinking of using tubliss with a trials tire. I see people saying it is the way to go and some are using radial trials tires. How exactly does that work? I ran a Dunlop trials tire for about a year (with a tube) and that thing was sliced to hell by the time I took it off. There is no way it would have held air for more then one or two rides at the rate the damage built up on that tire. Are these people somehow not having the cuts I experienced or do they just plug and patch their tires a lot? I think the MT43 would be a lot better option but even it’s sidewall is light compared to most knobbies. Maybe it would be reliable, don’t know? Then I was thinking maybe just run a knobbie with tubeless. At 4psi I bet a M5B would go great everywhere. The advantage seems to be that it would be a lot less likely to puncture the sidewall. And if it did happen the tubliss inner high pressure tube would keep the tire on and I could probably just fix it later at home. Worst case scenario and the inner tube fails and it would still be no worse than a flat with a tube. And with a knobbie I could still ride out completely flat if I had to. Maybe this is a bad assumption as I am not sure the tubliss rim lock would keep the tire from spinning with no air. But I am even a little leery of a knobbie. The reason being is that when I read some of the post where people are going on about how wonderful and flawless their tubliss setup is they sometimes mention things like “my front tire is holding 4 plugs just fine and the rear had 3”. Reading between the lines this means they have had multiple failures for the life of the tire. This is not confidence inspiring as I can usually count on wearing out several tires for each pinched tube. But I am not sure if this is typical of NW riders as we might have less pointy things going into our tires. So basically what I am interested in is the experiences of tubeless users in the NW, particularly those who ride the TSF and similar conditions regularly. Like how long have you used the product, with what tires and air pressure, and how many failures have you had and what type?
  13. NWetRider

    Oregon TSF this weekend?

    Anyone planning a ride in the TSF after Thanksgiving? I hope this warm rain has taken care of the snow.
  14. NWetRider

    Need someone to ride with at Diamond Mill (or nearby)

    Same for me except Sunday. I did not see another bike out there but about a thousand hunters. I usually see elk every few rides and deer every ride but didn't even see much for tracks yesterday. They know what's up.
  15. NWetRider

    looking for people to ride with in TSF

    I'll be at DM Sunday on my trusty Husky 150. I want to be riding by 9.