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  1. Very nice. That's smaller capacity than stock, no? What's the price tag on that? $500? And it's metal? I do like the way it looks. Defently makes the Z look more sleek, it's got more of a crf450 look nowReminds me of this... DRZ with 2004 yz250f tank, seat, and plastics http://lh4.ggpht.com/_ggk_9VyOsE8/S6Z3ph8fAuI/AAAAAAAAAQE/O3M3OUE5XrE/s912/IMG_0037.JPG
  2. Is there a correlation between aftermarket safari plastic tanks and engine failure? A very trustworthy mechanic told me not to install a plastic tank because the gas wears out the lining in the plastic tank and results in engine failure. I'm not sure if his claim was fact based or if it was just a trend he had noticed over the years of rebuilding motorcycles with aftermarket tanks. Obviously there are more factors at play here, but I figure on this forum with how most thumpertalk members are pretty meticulous about maintanence and the bulletproof nature of the DRZ, just wondering if we could get a poll on how many here had to rebuild their Z and were running plastic aftermarket tanks and the engine failure was for the most part unexplained. I had an unexplained failed crank on my 2009 WR250X with 12k miles and an aftermarket 3.2 gallon tank. My 2001 DRZ never had a plastic tank and yielded a 3% result on the leak down test at 15k miles, no rebuild necessary. Also could be a California issue with our 10% diluted with ethanol corn syrup gasoline? Does the ethanol wear down the plastic contributing to engine failure? Any scientists here that can explain if this theory has any merit, chime in. So, anybody that had to rebuild their motor due to unexplained engine failure, just comment below whether or not you were running a stock metal tank or plastic.
  3. EvanNaculum

    How many colors did the DRZS modrls come in?

    Haha Ron, I think you've been on this forum too long!Just kidding, the truth is I have been without my Z for too long...thinking about getting on one again hopefully. Cheers m8
  4. EvanNaculum

    keihin fcr (non-mx) 39mm carb setup and tuning question

    Truth.Not to get all sappy, but this forum is the best "help" forum available for any bike. That's the crappy part about riding a WR250X now, there are no forums for that bike like this one. Hell, I don't even own a Z anymore and I still click the DRZ400 page just out of habit.
  5. EvanNaculum

    WR250R Questions

    Research the C1 settings as well. Ever notice a real flat spot right when you are trying to accelerate from a stop? The C1 setting allows you to adjust the onboard fueling for the first 1/8 throttle. Works in conjunction with the FMF PP and the power commander. Very simply to do, google search "wr250r tach" or "wr250r C1 settings"
  6. EvanNaculum

    WR250R Shorty levers

    Zeta from wheeling cycle supplyOr ASV, straight from ASV... http://asvinventions.com/Applications/Yamaha.pdf You can directly email or call ASV, and they will help you. I have experience dealing with their sales department, and felt they were very helpful. They will be able to tell you if you can use their levers with your stock perch.
  7. EvanNaculum

    New WR250r

    I'm running the mega bomb on my X, I really like it. Not a huge difference over stock, but defenetly no regrets. I just took off the airbox door yesterday and so far that was the cheapest, most mind blowing mod I have done yet. If you take a look at how the door is held in place, it's just two pins fastened with two clips, removal takes about a minute, and if you don't like it, re-installation takes about 2 minutes. Heads up, removing the airbox door makes it LOUD! Also will be more susceptible to dirt and water, so keep that air filter clean and avoid river crossing/heavy rain riding.Have you researched the onboard C1 settings? That has helped out greatly as well, even with the programmer. I noticed no matter what map I run on my power commander, the bike was struggling under 1/8 throttle; there seemed to be a really bad flat spot right when taking off. The C1 setting is simply just like the pilot circuit adjustment screw you have on a carbureted bike. Mine was at -1, I bumped it up to +3 and really liked the results, but there was still a slight flat spot, now I'm up to +6 and I think it's perfect. She's much happier cruising around town and pulling away quickly from a stop without hesitation. I think modding the bike in most of these ways will void your warranty if you have one, so that is most likely the biggest downside to modding a brand new bike.
  8. EvanNaculum

    New WR250r

    Well then, do as you wish. It's your money and your bike. You can get the AIS removal kit from wheeling cycle supply.
  9. EvanNaculum

    New WR250r

    Just out of curiosity, what changes have been made?
  10. EvanNaculum

    New WR250r

    If you do the airbox mods, you need a programmer. Anytime you have more airflow to the engine, you should increase fueling to avoid running a lean condition which is bad for the life of the engine. If you don't want to get a power commander, just leave it stock! Changing the gearing down from 13/43 to 13/48 will give her a bit more kick. If you get the programmer, starting ripping all the bullshit off: AIS, flapper mod, Cali fuel evap canister (if you live in California), get a FMF slip on and ditch the servo motor, taillight assembly is best swapped for the DRC edge tail light. There's no point in tuning the engine if you aren't going about it properly, either leave it stock or get a power commander and let the mods rain.
  11. EvanNaculum


    Try adjusting or replacing the clutch cable
  12. EvanNaculum

    WR250R WR250X EXUP removal

    Does anybody have any pics of what the servo motor looks like? I'm still waiting for my service manual to arrive... I bought the EXUP emulator from 12 o'clock labs and the previous owner installed the FMF pipe, so I'm not sure how he approached it, if the servo motor is still there, I would like to remove it. I know it's somewhere near the battery, but I don't know what is what, any tips or advice would be appreciated! She's gettin gutted today dammit!!
  13. EvanNaculum

    What does the EXUP servo emulator do?

    Ok...I still don't know anything about this. I just bought a 2009 wr250x, and it already has an FMF pipe...how do I know the previous owner did either route on the servo motor?
  14. http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/product/exup-servo-emulator/741