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  1. xcracer123

    Dr. Mark Allumnus

    Broken right clavicle, 9/16/2007 at the Unadilla GNCC. Endo into Gravity Cavity when the bike stalled going into the jump. Got the run around by a few local Dr.'s and turned to Dr. Mark for help. Repaired by Dr. Mark on 10/5/07 with titanium plate, 8 self locking screws and bone graft from left tibia. I would have went to Houston earlier but.... I HAD to attend the MXdN at Budds Creek. NO WAY I was missing that!!!! Healed up well and quickly! I had the surgery on a Friday, stayed the night and flew home the next day. I was back to work on Monday at 4pm (probably not advised since I work in a prison ). Before: After:
  2. xcracer123

    My clavicle scar..check it out.

    Dr. Mark repaired my clavicle in early Oct. 2007. I'm healed up and I actually went riding today!
  3. xcracer123

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    I worked unit after midnight and still went. I showed up with 3 hours of sleep! Good to meet all the guys that did show. It was a good morning of riding. *** happened to Bosch????
  4. xcracer123

    My clavicle scar..check it out.

    That's not a large cut! This is a large cut! LOL
  5. xcracer123

    Prednisone side effects

    Yeah...what Doc said. I was perscibed that often when I was a teen for acute asthma and bronchitis and I will NEVER take that stuff again. I would rather die first.
  6. xcracer123

    Anyone on TT ever brake their coller bone?

    Well...Good luck with that. Unless it's repaired (if it's truely broken like the cartoon picture that you posted a link to) it will never be right. The geometry of your shoulder will be "off" and IMHO you will have problems with it for the rest of your life. The choices you make now WILL effect you more and more as you age. You can bank on that! This thread has given me a headache. It reminded me WHY I don't visit TT as often as I used to.
  7. xcracer123

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    If I were you, I would just get the JD Jetting Kit. That's what I have done with my last 3 WRs and I ride the same elevations and conditions that you do. They jetting has been spot on. Oh, get the scotts adjustable fuel mixture screw too for minor adjustments.
  8. xcracer123

    is Reed the fastest

    Villipoto - hands down.
  9. xcracer123

    Seal Savers ????

  10. xcracer123

    Rekluse pro tuning on an 06 wr450

    sausage boy - look here: https://ssl4.westserver.net/rekluse.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22_79_25_36&products_id=79&osCsid=69292e00291b9686a4dfe4b5201b388b
  11. xcracer123

    Trying to lose weight, not seeing any difference

    I use www.fitday.com to track calories in and my work outs. It's free online and has been a great resource for me. This is also a good site that i ran across just other day: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm# Just be diligent and patient and you'll get to where you want to be.
  12. xcracer123

    Stewarts ACL

    Is there an echo in here? Some guys just don't listen or take the time to read. Geez!
  13. xcracer123

    Knee support

    Have you considered suppliments? Glucosomine/Conjoiten/MSM help me. Maybe it's all in my head but if I stop taking them, I can tell! I used to use the type you are talking about. I found that if you apply a little cornstach powder to them before putting them on it helps. Plus, you should be standing up most of the time so they wont bunch.
  14. xcracer123

    My new 08 WR450

  15. xcracer123

    Un healed Collar bone..Dr Mark?

    I felw from DC to Houston and had my clavicle repaired by Dr. Mark on October 5th and returned on the 6th. It was the best $ I have ever spent! I would assume that you could get a flight as cheap if not cheaper than I did. I got the run around just like you did for a few weeks. I even had a second opnion from a ortho that works with the WVU Football team. After all was said and done, I was MUCH more comfortable with Dr. Mark and he did a great job repairing my clavicle. You only have one body. What is that worth to you?