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  1. Shredjim

    2019 wr250f first trail ride and thoughts

    I run the GYTR lower seat. It is a bit stiffer than stock but not much. The seat cover material is more grippy and seams a bit more durable. A good solution whole seat that was way cheaper than the awesome Seat Concepts cover and foam only.
  2. Shredjim

    Tire size comparison on 18/19 stock wr/fx 250&450

    You must not have used the search function on this site? Pretty much everybody feels those AT 81 tires, especially the front are not so great. Please use the search function as it works well, and you can read many threads that will indicate that other tires like already mentioned Michelin S12 or IRC M5B for rears are good - or for another notch up check out Golden Tires and Shinko. But - Tubliss is the weapon you should consider if you really want to improve your game. If you ride technical single track - you won’t believe the confidence inspired by 7psi front and 3.5 psi rear tire pressure!
  3. You guys need to block out mud from being able to enter the engine area above the stock skid plate. One of the great features of this 14+ YZ250F models is the wrap around exhaust. If you notice in this picture, I riveted a piece of plastic to the top of my skid plate. It completely keeps dirt from entering the engine area unless it is a really muddy day and it comes in from the sides. Great cheap mod!
  4. I have not found the ktmhusky fuel rail to make me want to chase different mapping, bike runs the same. You would be able to tell if your valve clearances are starting to get tight. It won't start so well every time when it is warm, especially when starting it in gear. Plus it will pop on decel a lot more often. From what I have seen from riding 250 + hours on 2 different 250 FX's, if you keep the air filter clean and change the oil often enough, the valves don't move. How many total hours are on your bike? Did you have good race starts before you put the FMF 4.1 on? Its been discussed a bunch here, are you priming the bike in preparation of the race start?
  5. Shredjim

    YZ250FX Lowering Question

    d Unless you have suspension tuning experience, I would take it to a suspension tuner in your area. Most tuners say lowering a bike more than 1" is a bad idea, so I just lower both my forks and shock by 1". To properly lower the forks, you will need 1" shorter fork springs and a spacer. If your weight is 180 - 185 without gear the stock 250FX springs will be about right. If not, make sure you change the spring rates to match your weight and ability level. Again, another thing a professional tuner can help you with. My tuner convinced me to go down two spring rates (I was figuring on going down only 1 rate) on the shock and I'm really glad I did. I use the Japanese spring rates instead of USA. Like I have posted before, one of the best things about this bike is the KYB suspension with real springs. Once you get it dialed, it is a game changer.
  6. Shredjim

    2019 yz250f

    Oh, and in our world (ie yamaha tuner), the stock setting is all zeros for all the bikes!
  7. Shredjim

    2019 yz250f

    Wow, so it looks like the mapping on the newer bikes gets an additional two rows of programming than we have on our yamaha tuners?
  8. Shredjim

    Light Blue Plastic Kit

    Cycra and Acerbis make plastic kits for your bike. Find the one you want on their websites, then google the part numbers to find best price. My last plastic kit I was able to get the best price on Amazon. Other times on RMATVMC. Because I have an YZFX, I use a combination of Cycra radiator shrouds and the rest Acerbis because they have the FX rear fender.
  9. Shredjim

    Yz250fx engine codes

    Welcome to the forum! And a gal at that!!! Do you have a tuner yet? It tells you the error codes, engine hours etc., and enables you to change the fuel delivery and ignition timing. Plenty of threads on all the above. If you don't have and/or want to buy a tuner, find a friend with a newer yamaha 4 stroke, they will have one and can probably help you to diagnose. Once you get it connected to a tuner, if you report back with the code if it is throwing one, and the engine hours - we can help you!
  10. I also have the GYTR low seat and think it is ok, a bit lower and about the same comfort as stock but more grippy. I ride with friends who have the Seat Concepts comfort seat and they love it. I have sat on it, it is a beautiful seat and VERY comfortable. I'd get the comfort one, as it is a bit wider and plush. Only drawback is the high cost.
  11. Shredjim

    Removing the lurch from a YZ250FX ?

    I have that fuel rail installed on my bike. I tested it for Dave last spring. While it does help some to remove a bit of the jerkiness on/off idle, I felt it was not worth the risk/hassle of installing it. Plus, as I have posted time and time again, if you use your clutch properly you will learn to love the quick throttle response the FX delivers. To get to the fuel rail on these bikes, you have to remove the gas tank and air box. The gas tank is no problem, but removing the airbox is a bummer if the bike was ever ridden on muddy days.. The reason being it is almost impossible to not get dirt dropping into the throat of the throttle body. If your bike is brand new, no problem. But, if it has been ridden on muddy days, your bike will have dirt in between the frame and airbox that is impossible to remove before you take the airbox out of the bike. When you lift the airbox out, the dirt drops right into the then exposed throttle body throat. If you have a surgical suction tool, no problem, but I don't. So, I had to get creative to get the dirt out of my throttle body, and it was a bit of a hassle. Again, IMO, small gain not worth the risk/hassle of the install.
  12. Shredjim

    Calming the YZ250FX (throttle tamer, etc.)

    I've gotten a lot of flack for posting this in the past, but if you learn how to use your clutch properly, you will not even notice the crisp throttle response. Clutch, clutch, clutch and more clutch is how you ride a dirt bike, ie always using it! Once you start getting the hang of using the clutch, you will learn to love the quick throttle response. Search this topic, I hope you have all day to read all the threads on it.
  13. Shredjim

    yz250fx kickstart

    These bikes need near the proper electrical voltage for the ECU and EFI to work or I doubt it will start. Just use a battery charger and charge it up.
  14. Shredjim

    YZ250FX Lowering Question

    You never mentioned your height? I have both my shock and my forks lowered 1" and have on my past 3 bikes. I'm 5'8" and weigh 165 lbs without gear, so vertically challenged for the FX with stock suspension. I also went down several spring rates both ft and back due to my weight. I think with your weight the stock springs are about right, but if you want to lower the forks, you will need fork springs 1" shorter. Search and ask around for a good local shock tuner - or contact Factory Connection. At least for me, if you are riding technical single track, being able to dab on occasion is necessary, or you tip over, which is a bummer. Once you get your FX's suspension dialed in, it is a game changer.
  15. Shredjim

    Calming the YZ250FX (throttle tamer, etc.)

    For what you say and if resistance to stalling is important - try this one: "Hard Map Softened" -1 0 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 1 1 2 1 0 -1 -1 0 2 1