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  1. Just try this map and report back.
  2. All you need to do is look at the very first post in this thread by Burger72, it is there, but here it is again: -1 0 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 1 1 2 1 0 -1 -1 0 2 1 I question how many of you guys really understand what is happening when you change these values in a tune? Maybe we should do some education in that regard? I say this because some posts in this thread and others indicate people really don't know what the tuner does.
  3. You won't like it stock but you can make it a good bike - ie after you put in the comp ecu, take out the intake snorkel and get rid of the pee shooter exhaust. Oh and put in a different throttle stop screw. I would tell them the green sticker thing means nothing to you, you want it because you hate the blue rims on the 2018 - then make them show you the invoice and only pay what they paid Yamaha. Green sticker or not, it still is a 3 year old bike.
  4. This is a great feature of this bike that most other brands don't have. My FX's have never needed a battery tender over the winter. Fires immediately after not starting for 4 months. Try to determine if you hear the electrical system turn itself off, like a minute or two after you hit the kill switch and the bike stops running. Check under the seat and trace wires along frame and look for wear spots. Also, if you have a tuner, check if it is throwing any codes
  5. The 18 WR got the same updates as the F and FX got it 2017. I had a 2015 250FX for 2 years and now a 2017 FX for 1 year. The map I've been recommending works the exact same on both bikes. Because - when you chuck the marketing BS aside - they are the same bike! The beauty of the map is the resistance to flame outs in technical riding, while still providing good low end and great rev. Set it and forget it! I have used my tuner once in the last 6 months, to check the hours!
  6. Now that is cool! Great photo!
  7. What e-start YZ? Do you know something we don't? Who wouldn't want a YZ250X with a button?
  8. I've had two FX's for 3 yrs now and like them a lot. Most guys on the FX don't wish they got a WR - but once the WR is uncorked, they are essentially the same bike. Comparing the FX to other brands - the suspension is the top of differentiator, then the FI snappy motor that has extra crisp throttle response, then the great electrical system with powerful stator and last but not least is Yami reliability. Don't rule out the 250X either, but make sure your right leg is up for no estart. Kind of gettin a 2 stoke itch recently, so praying the 19 250X will finally have the button!
  9. The 250 FX will bark circles around that carbureted 2008 KTM 250 XCF-W. I had a 2008 KTM 450 XCW and the 250 FX is almost as powerful and lofts the front wheel just as easy (without using the clutch and with the stock map) You probably should have read more here on TT before purchasing the FMF exhaust as there are reports about losing low end power with it. Try the stock exhaust and report back. Also, the tuner will change a bit of the power delivery characteristics, but it is not earth shattering. (tons of threads about the tuner). The stock exhaust is great on these bikes.
  10. I make it easy and just pour the gas out into a gas can before I disconnect the hose. There is enough slack in the hose and wires to do this
  11. Sounds like you might not be familiar with how the tuner works? I'm sure there are videos on youtube that will show you. It was posted above that the "stock" settings for your bike are all zeros - same as all yamaha's. Yes, those of us who have had FX's for a while, learned in 2015 that these bike are delivered a bit rich from the factory. Most of us who want aggressive power delivery with the added benefit of the bike being hard to stall in steep single track typically run a map that is negative numbers on the fuel side and positive numbers on the ignition side (leaning it out, and advancing timing). Search it up, its all there..........
  12. I agree that good oil helps the cutch in several ways - finding neutral and smoother clutch engagement. I use Motul full synthetic and like it. I'm amazed at how good the cable clutch is on the FX - very light lever pull with outstanding clutch action. Another good thing I have found about the FX is the stator is strong, so starting the bike in gear is no problem. Finding neutral is not so much a problem when you don't need to do it to start the bike!
  13. The WR and FX have the same brakes. In 2017, the FX got the larger rotor, which is noticeable a little.
  14. Funny you guys say this..... Last summer I had a really hard time selling my 15 FX and only got $4700 for it in the fall. No hits on craigs list until the guy who bought it.
  15. Get real dude. The side stand on the FX and WR bikes are well made, sturdy and minimalistic enough to be a great asset to the bike. Its a Yamaha, what else needs to be said. KTM kick stands are a joke comparatively.