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  1. Shredjim

    Front axle position

    It is easy to get it flush. You don't need a $20 tool to install your axle correctly. I'm sure it is nice but not necessary. Position the axle with it flush on the right fork and tighten one pinch bolt a bit. Then tighten the axle bolt nut (just enough, doesn't need to be really tight) and the left side pinch bolts. Then loosen the right side pinch bolt and stroke on the forks a bunch. This will center the fork on the axle where it needs to be without binding the forks. It also helps to make sure a little grease is on the axle right side that interfaces with the fork so it can slide (and it will). Once it is centered tighten the right side pinch bolts. If when you do this, and it puts the axle in position like your photo, when you begin the process, leave that much space on the axle to the left of the fork and it will take it back when you stroke the forks and should then become flush.
  2. Shredjim

    Got a freshie

    Congrats on your new ride. Please - the search feature works great on this site. Just about everything you will need has already been covered before, so if you search you will find it. Plus, you will learn lots about the bike when looking for the specific topic you are searching for....
  3. Be glad your 15's & 16's have a kick starter for backup when needed! 17's & up don't I know there is a kit.......
  4. The FX stock exhaust is great and many of us have been using it for years because there is little to no gain from spending a bunch of money on an aftermarket exhaust, but it has no spark arrestor. Adding a spark arrestor to the stock exhaust is what I would do. Be aware, no matter what exhaust you put on the bike it is still going to seem really loud to you while you are riding it until you get used to it. The FX's airbox intake is where most bikes gas tank is, ie just below your head and ears. So, get ready cause it is loud!
  5. Shredjim

    YZ250FX running hot?

    How was the clutch working on your last few rides? Any difference from when it had less hours?
  6. Shredjim

    Radiator supports and cooling fan

    Unabiker rad guards are a great value for the money, and they are way less expensive than BPD and other vendors. Here is the link https://www.unabiker.com/collections/yamaha-radiator-guards/products/ywr250f15 They make two versions for the 15+ F, FX and WR bikes, so make sure you order the ones linked here, because they will fit with the fan - and the other model does not fit with a fan. I have used these rad guards for many years, Brian really stands behind his products. Plus for $99.95 its a great value!
  7. Shredjim

    Cycra Power flow JUNK!!!

    The white spacers come in the Unabiker hardware kits. They are necessary to make the STOCK radiator shrouds work with the Unabiker rad braces. Without them, nothing will line up appropriately. However, as I posted above, with the CYCRA power flow shrouds, they are not necessary. The airplane nuts are the nuts that also come in the Unabiker hardware kits. These nuts have nylon to keep them from coming loose while riding. I have found the Unabiker rad guards to be outstanding for a very reasonable cost! If you are that disappointed with the Cycra plastic and it looks that bad, I would take pictures and send them to Cycra. Talk to their customer service and they will probably work with you and determine a resolution. Another good company from what I have seen.
  8. Shredjim

    Cycra Power flow JUNK!!!

    I have run the Unabiker rad guards on 2 250 FX's and several bikes before. I can tell you that with Unabiker rad guards, to get the stock radiator shrouds to fit on a FX, you will have to use the white plastic spacers that Brian provides in his kits. Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty, but you may have read the reviews and watched youtube vids that most riders and several of the magazines report the same thing as I have found - that the Cycra plastic is excellent quality and fits well. Radiator guards of any kind are going to make shroud installation more difficult, in that you have to fiddle with getting the longer bolts provided in Brian's kit through the bolt holes of the guards, spacers & shrouds and line it up to receive the airplane nut. It is a PITA for sure, but gets better with practice.
  9. Shredjim

    Cycra Power flow JUNK!!!

    What plastic parts are you talking about? I have the power flow radiator shrouds and like them a lot. A bit thinner and it fits well without needing the plastic spacers I have to run with the stock shrouds to clear the Unabiker rad guards.
  10. I've never felt the need to have a steering stabilizer on my FX's, like on my previous bikes. I like the quicker steering response and less weight.
  11. Shredjim

    '17 YZ250FX high idle problem..

    No need to leave choke on except to get it to fire, then take it off. If it won't idle on its own with no choke just after it fires, you may have ethanol related issues in your fuel injector. Sounds like you may have been letting it sit for a while - and that will do it if you have been using fuel with ethanol in it.
  12. Shredjim

    '15 YZ250FX

    I think it is a pity how used Yamaha dirt bikes sell for such low prices, when they are clearly a better more reliable machine and should therefore carry a higher resale value. It is crazy how quickly the orange bikes sell and the prices people are getting for them.
  13. How does it sound with the Lexx end cap compared to stock?
  14. Shredjim

    '15 YZ250FX

    Good price, then sell the Rekluse on eBay for $500 and you will be laughing!
  15. When getting the 17 after the 15 FX I momentarily thought about this, but the FX's e-starter and electrical system are solid. In 4 seasons of riding one, I have never needed a kick start. Plus, I don't believe in slipper clutches so I could always bump start if required. Because the electrical system turns itself off when no activity, I have never needed a trickle charger over the winter either.