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  1. I had a 250CRF x a while ago and it caused me to believe Honda doesn't build that great of a motorcycle. Little things, like it was nearly impossible to put the rear wheel on without having someone help me to keep the wheel bearing collars in because they were so shallow and popped out so easy. On the other hand, Yamaha seems to build a very good quality motorcycle. A example is the electrical system. After a few minutes of inactivity, the FX shuts down the entire electrical system. I leave my bike all winter in a cold outside garage with no battery tender and when I fire the bike after several months of not starting it, it fires right up and the battery is fine. Plus, unless they have gotten a lot better recently, Honda's suspension systems are nowhere near the quality of KYB that you get with Yamaha. Get the FX, you will love it!
  2. If both bikes are at a dealer, get the dealers to let you use their power tuner and it takes 1 minute to check the hours. If you want to buy a FX, you will want to buy a tuner anyway so seeing how it works is a great idea, then you will know the exact hours (unless someone has reset the hours on the ECU). These are outstanding bikes believe me, but unfortunately Yamaha's don't sell for the high dollars like KTM's. The kickstart kit for the 17 is around $220 or so. I had a 2015 FX for 2 years and liked it so much I bought a 2017. It was hard to sell the 2015 for reasonable dollars, unfortunately. Drive them down in price. How much are they asking for these bikes?
  3. I run a trail tech headlight, which I like the set up but it is not so durable. Easy to break the plastic feet that connect into the front fender.
  4. Go Tubliss and you will never look back! It makes traction easy everywhere, and is like adding another inch of suspension to your bike. I run 3.5 psi in my rear tire - a Shinko 505 Cheater 110. I run 6.5 psi up front with a Shinko Fatty 90. (The same tire they were making for Golden tire 216AA but 1/2 the price!) This low pressure soft rubber tire combo is confidence inspiring, trust me.
  5. Set it and forget it, right billy? No need to deal with maps anymore, that map makes the bike rip meanwhile no stalling! It works just as well on my 2017 FX as it did my 2015 FX.
  6. This topic has been beat to death over the years since the introduction of the FX, try searching. Most people agree that the stock pipe on the FX is good enough that there are other ways to spend your money to gain real improvements like mentioned above.
  7. Yep, 2017 + FX's got the WR low fuel and check engine light.
  8. Great looking bike! If it is a 2006 and has only 10 hours on it, it has obviously sat extremely long periods of time. Surprised it ran as good as you say, but it undoubtedly has partially clogged jets. With the look of that air filter, I would bet heavily the guy did not use non-ethanol gas either. Therefore, jets are cheap, I'd replace them all after you give the carb a good cleaning. A JD jet kit might be a good option to also help dial it in for your elevation, riding style, etc. Make sure you also clean the airboot and everything in between and around. Please give us an update after you get it all back together!
  9. Try this map we figured out in 2015! It is called the "hard map softened". It enables a somewhat aggressive power delivery meanwhile the bike is very hard to stall in technical single track. For many of us, it was the set it and forget it map. I never use the tuner these days. -1 0 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 1 1 2 1 0 -1 -1 0 2 1
  10. I agree with beezer and dirtdigger. Put a few clicks on compression and ride it. Then report back!
  11. I would get the parts you have ordered, install them and ride it. When valves start to have problems they tighten up. When this happens the bike will become hard to start, both cold and hot. Don' t forget - NO throttle when starting a 4stroke! You didn't list it but you might want to buy another air filter too. Over time they degrade. Also ditch the tubes and go Tubliss! You will not believe the difference riding your bike with 6.5 psi in front and 3.5 in rear makes in increased traction - which equates to better performance!
  12. GoYamaha, you seem to know a lot of Yamaha upcoming data . Question - will the 2019 YZ250 2smoker have e-start and/or EFI? While I love the FX, I would try out a YZ250 if it had e-start.
  13. Two things: - First: Get a Shinko 505 cheater 110 for the rear tire. Get a tubliss setup so you can run the tire at 3.5 psi. Not so hard to install yourself or get a local shop to install it for you. Your hill climbing blues will be behind you and your friends will be jumping on Rockymtn to buy this tire! Second: get your body position figured out to stay on the pegs and learn how to use your clutch with lots of throttle. When the FX is hooked up there is no stopping it - , and its 4stroke nature makes it easy with the correct tire with low pressure and a rider psyched to twist the throttle!
  14. I realize this will stir up the beehive, but here goes. I was in the same boat as you 2.5 years ago when I wanted a change from my 450XCW. I thought the 350XCF-W was going to be the bike for me. I was turned off by the KTM no discount policy and didn't want to pay 6K plus the $4K I could get for my used bike. I ended up buying a YZ250FX and absolutely love the bike. For a 250 this thing rips! The motor is tremendous, the suspension is the best available, and the electrical system and EFI are bullet proof. Yamaha reliability has its advantages meanwhile costs significantly less! Check out blue before you make your decision!
  15. Through testing, I have found that the WR stock fan I have installed on my FX turns on at around 180-185 degrees. The fan is so quiet it is hard to hear it come on when riding.