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    Time Left: 19 days and 4 hours

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    I’m going to trade my 2008 SM and am getting rid of all extra parts from this bike and my 2001 S model. I’ve got the front forks, rear swing arm, carb, metal tank, passenger foot pegs and many others. If you’re after something else just let me know and I can look around.


    Kansas City

  2. Time Left: 18 days and 1 hour

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    Looking to trade my 2008 DRZ for a vintage Japanese cruiser or cafe racer. It's a project but includes about one and a half bikes worth of parts. I've got everything from a 2001 DRZ-400s except the engine and frame. I've got everything from the 2008 DRZ-400SM except for the supermoto wheels. The bike is still sitting on the supermoto suspension but with 18/21 wheels on brand new Kenda trackmasters. The frame is freshly powder coated also. Looking at trading it before parting it out.


    Kansas City , Kansas

  3. Dylanhaiduk

    DRZ-400 Sprayed with bed liner

    What are you guys even talking about? Ive had no issues with uncomfortable rubbing on my knees or burning through my pants..
  4. Dylanhaiduk

    DRZ-400 Sprayed with bed liner

    I just use the gun they provide, hook it up to my air compressor and set the regulator to around 60PSI. You can tell when the pressure is dropping it starts getting clumpy so just keep an eye on the psi coming out. Never felt a thing! I occasionally wear shorts if its just a short ride or too hot, but even then its not anything noticeable.
  5. Dylanhaiduk

    2001 DRZ-400S Stator and Rectifier/Regulator

    What he said! The guys at Ricky Stator did an awesome job helping me pick out the right one, great customer service. The cheaper one works just fine but if you insist on "OEM" parts then go for the more expensive one. I ordered mine from Ricky Stator website, make sure to mention TT forum for a discount!
  6. Dylanhaiduk

    DRZ-400 Sprayed with bed liner

    Maybe adds a 2-5 pounds but nothing that I noticed on the bike. As for my Jeep, there is absolutely no noticeable different in weight. If anything the little Jeep could use the extra weight. I wouldn't be worried about the weight on a truck, but maybe if you were really into motocross racing and technical riding. I went through some crazy stuff on my last trip through the Flint Hills, with a backpack loaded down, gas can, water and extra oil in the back and I couldn't tell the difference. Thanks for the feedback guys, I would like to think I'm getting pretty good at this after doing it a couple times! VERY MESSY AND DOES NOT COME OFF FINGERS FOR A WEEK.
  7. Dylanhaiduk

    2001 DRZ-400S Stator and Rectifier/Regulator

    Turns out it was a combination of stator failure and the douche connectors not connecting properly. Hard wired most of the wires with heat wrapped butt connectors and been running like a champ ever since. Was real easy to replace with a friends help and we went ahead and put loctite on the bolts while everything was apart.
  8. After thinking about it forever I finally decided to spray all my plastics and gas tank with bed liner. The tank is an aftermarket see-through and had been getting nasty. I used U-Pol Raptor Liner spray on kit, it comes with 4 bottles, hardener and a spray gun for about $120. I sprayed the inside of my Jeep Wrangler with this stuff and it has held up and looks awesome. If you ever thought about doing this dont go with the cheap option (Dupli-Color, Rustoleum, or any other rattle can junk). You can use this for touch ups though. You need an air compressor that can regulate 40-60 psi depending on the desired texture. This bike turns heads every where I go and people are always asking about it.
  9. Dylanhaiduk

    Kansas City riders..... Anyone want to ride 3/16/13

    Once I get my new DRZ400S fixed I'd be down to ride! Anybody have experience with replacing the stator and rectifier/regulator?
  10. This is my first time posting here on TT and hoping to get some advice on stators/rectifierMy battery is not charging and I have narrowed it down to the Stator and/or the Rectifier/Regulator. I have tested the battery level while running and it is draining at idle, and staying pretty much constant when revved up. Does anybody have any advice on which stator & r/r to buy? Is it worth it to spend $350 on an OEM Stator (Part # 32101-29F00) and $150 on an OEM Rectifier/Regulator (Part # 32800-29F00)? Or would something like this from ebay be just fine? http://www.ebay.com/itm/STATOR-REGULATOR-RECTIFIER-KIT-SUZUKI-DRZ400-2000-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-11-/290878945593?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43b9bc7939&vxp=mtr I have also looked at the Moose Racing Stator, Electrosports Stator and the Ricky Stator brands as aftemarket choices. Any advice, tips or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dylan.