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  1. The P-38 IS NOT performing the same function as the QS cover. The P-38 which I own has not cured the bog which is what people were saying it would do. Now "I might be wrong here" BUT, I think I read somewhere that theQS helps deliver more air while the P-38 alters the fuel pumps ability to dispense a certain amount of fuel (changes the duration). While the principle seems similar, the function is different. Maybe a PRO can clear this up though. I still have a bog. Also, the Power Now is great if you are a woods rider. The bog still remains, but there is a lot more meat down low for corner to corner stuff and crawling through slow tight stuff.
  2. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    Used to be my name here till I had the god's ......I mean mods wrath and although they allowed me back, my SBG handle was no longer usable for some reason. So, yeah, that guy is me. So who is spinemup on the ZR2 site and DR site?
  3. Neville1

    dr650 60 lb weight loss program?

    Never seen you out there on 495, but do you ever hit wrentham or foxboro trails?
  4. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    The 93-95 all look the same as do the 96-2006, but the 93 was the last year for kickstart only models. That means if you do get that 94, you get the magic button. You can check this DR650 site out too. Some people might have your model year that you are looking for, but it is a small group of older model riders. DR650 site
  5. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    What condition is it in? Mint? Trashed? I'd probably pay $2200 if it looked AND ran good. Listen for clutch squealing. That's the only issue I ever had with mine as the basket got grooved.
  6. Neville1

    need shock for a 1990 DR650S

    Progressive Suspension sells one for about $400 and Ohlins makes one. Unsure of the cost on that one though.
  7. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    That 6.6 is for 92-95. I think if one is lucky, they could scour the great britain ebay sites and possibly find an acerbis tank for the older 650's, but they never imported them to the states.
  8. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    Tennessee probably doesn't get cold enough to need the choke. I ride all year round if there is no ice on the roads, and choke is needed in new england. I guarantee you, the technique I described is the best technique whether it's cold enough to need the choke or not. Just the half kick till the decomp lever pops, and then the full kick.
  9. Those would be the Tenere. Not sure of the years:
  10. Neville1


    Ebay sells a device for about $60 that does the same thing. This was originated in europe a while back and I guess the originator is bummed and selling low since it seems iCat is making a killing at $200. I'd buy the $60 one if I was willing to waste the money at this time since the buyers seem happy with their purchase.
  11. Neville1

    DV 12 with T Evans

    DV has been disappointing for the last two years, and isn't that about the time he got married? No more fire. He thinks he's done enough to deserve a free ride and he never got a #1 plate. I think he needs to step back, look at how he acted on that show, look at what he's become (lazy and expecting things he should have to actually WORK for).
  12. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    I just bought the emulators and springs. Did you need preload spacers to be cut, or was it a perfect replacement? Also, did you adjust the emulators to the race tech "initial" specs, or did you set them differently?
  13. Neville1

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    You're wasting too much time on your starting technique or it's out of order. Step 3 should be step 5, step 4 should be step 3, and step 5 should be step 4. Follow these steps. Besides, that how Suzuki says to do it and it works everytime. Best part is when you explain the routine to Suzuki mechanics, they take your bike for a ride, stall it a mile a way, and have to walk it back because they didn't bother to listen to the start technique because they think they know how a decomp lever works. They aren't all the same, and honestly, this was the best and easiest idea to find tdc ever. 1. choke at full 2. key on 3. pull the compression release in 4. kick, 1/2 time, until the lever pops up 5. kick- "one-time-only and I mean one-time-only! Fire it up.
  14. Neville1


    Some reviews have made the iCat sound like it makes a stock engine perform like a bigbore kit, and other reviews call it garbage. Even the iCat website says that no performance improvements can be seen on a dyno. To me, that about says it all.
  15. The XT's last forever with a little TLC. I'd love to have one if it was near mint.