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  1. shane45

    exploded drawing of TM carb ??

    Thks. I found that site, googling think I found an append by yourself. Cheers Shane
  2. shane45

    TM 250 4str info required

    Guys in response to your questions : I'm a WR250F man myself. The TM is a mates. This is his second one, first being a non electric start. He had the 1st one from new and kept 3 years..in that time never touched the engine at all, I couldn't believe it. Iexpected these bikes to be a bit delicate. Valves clearances never moved at all. His latest TM the leccy boot model is much the same. He has had problems with it cutting out down to dodgy carbration we think. All he does is change the oil. How does it compare to the WR ? The brakes are rubbish, scared me the first time I tried to slow down. The power isn't anything like the WR, its more low down the top end feels weak. Its turns much quicker and the handling is in another league, the ohlins front especially are so plush. Its small too, much like a KTM 4str, they feel compact. Would I buy one ? No probably not as they are very expensive in the UK compared to jap bikes. Cheers Shane.
  3. shane45

    exploded drawing of TM carb ??

    I'm hoping someone can point me to an exploded view of the mikuni carb on the TM250. I cant seem to find on the TM racing download site. Thks in anticipation. Cheers Shane.
  4. shane45

    TM 250 4str info required

    Thks TM530. just what I was wanting. Regards Shane
  5. shane45

    TM 250 4str info required

    Hi all, Anybody got any links to TM info online ? Or has anyone got a manual handy ? Looking for the valve clearances on a 2004 250 eletric start. Cheers Shane.
  6. shane45

    Whats after a 120 pad?

    Sounds like a new valve time..Odd that the middle valve is so different to the others though. Shane45
  7. shane45

    imported wr250f

    Switch gear pic here : http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shane_babey/detail?.dir=d5c3&.dnm=5649.jpg&.src=ph
  8. shane45

    imported wr250f

    will try take a pic tonight...havent forgotten the steering lock. found this weekend.
  9. shane45

    imported wr250f

    I have a pic how do I post ? Not a great pic but you can se the indicators, bigger headlight and huge rear fender thing : http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shane_babey/detail?.dir=d5c3&.dnm=e460.jpg&.src=ph
  10. shane45

    imported wr250f

    Wether you have an imported or UK WR, both are available with or without the 'road kit' Sounds like yours is without. Replace the odometer with a cheap chrome speedo I bought one for approx. £30 from Poole Motorcycles. Most of us dont worry about dipping headlights, just tape up when its MOT time. Cheers Shane.
  11. shane45

    UK question ref "road kit"

    Good point forgot the speedo and horn. Speedo nice quality with idiot lights etc, not easy to remove with all the little wires for back lighting etc. No idea on part numbers I'm afraid. If you want the steering lock you can have it, I've removed and wont be re-fitting. Cheers Shane. p.s I broke the indicators on my '99 moel and replaced with GasGas ones (also used on the CCMs) as these are proper bendy ones and were about £8 each I think.
  12. shane45

    UK question ref "road kit"

    My 04 250F has the road kit, its a spanish import but I'm pretty sure the kit is the same. Diff headlight, bigger than std and has dip beam. Switch gear on handle bars (horn, indicators,main beam) quality kit now my old '99 WR400 model had a cheap switch as seen on Gas Gas and TMs. There is no ignition switch, just a steering lock. 2 steel support bars to support the extra weight of the rear indictors and hideously long number plate board & reflector. Extra wiring loom for indicators etc. brake light switch rear only. different spring for side stand, so it auto retracts aka ducati road bikes, horrible replaced with std. A few jets & needle. Exhaust fitted with a little turn down pipe (pop riveted) with E marking. think that it. Cheers Shane.
  13. shane45

    No WR Clutch plates in the UK?

    hmm I bought a EBC YZ250F clutch kit for my WR..they are the same apart from the springs. Tried MDR ? for the plates. Suprised Racespec are out of stock..unless its my fault cos I fried my clutch twice recently :-)
  14. shane45

    Clutch adjustment

    Had the same prob myself, Pressure plate had not located in the basket. Check the clutch pull is ok before rplacing engine case.
  15. shane45

    Clutch rings which way round ?

    Yes you still need the 2 rings, anti judder springs I'm told.