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  1. wdietz

    Destroyed some more threads...

    Done correctly a Heli coil will be fine, if you can get it use a Timesert. It is a solid sleeve you screw in after drilling and tapping the hole. Get your dad to help if needed, it isn’t rocket surgery. If you take the link off a machine shop would probably do it cheaply.
  2. wdietz

    XR80 points? NO Spark

    I suspect you'll need a puller, I'm pretty sure it is a taper fit and it is jammed onto the crank. You need to use a two or three jaw puller to get it off. Get some pressure pulling on the rim of it and a good smack on the sleeve with a fairly stout punch and hammer should shock it off the taper. It would be prudent to check the runout of the shaft to see if the crank is bent. Are there hammer marks on the outside of the flywheel? Could be a monkey broke the flywheel hammering on it trying to get it off.
  3. wdietz

    XR80 points? NO Spark

    It also appears that one of the magnets is missing from the flywheel. Did any biggish pieces come out when you pulled the flywheel off? That might explain the bent mounting where the points spring/wire connects, probably the ultra wide point gap too.
  4. wdietz

    Tell me what did I get

    Check all the locktite and re greasing fixes on the DRZ page. They are worthwhile and you will get to know your new toy. Looks like a good one! Your running issues sound like the pilot circuit has crap in it, easy to clean and install the jet kit you know you want anyway.
  5. It does look like a pop rivet, there are heavier duty types that are double walled and the mandrel doesn't always stay in them. Is it possible it was in your drain pan before you dropped the oil? Did you drop the plug into the pan like I do more often than not?
  6. wdietz

    YZ 250 Crankcase casting flaws

    Run it, those are parting lines from when it was cast. If they were an issue the main would be a very loose fit in the case. If they do ever crack it won’t be catastrophic, it’ll either run lean or suck gearbox oil. If you are really suspicious you could take a disc sander and grind away at the flaw line, my bet is you’ll be in solid aluminum in less than half a millimeter.
  7. wdietz

    Screw this!

    Oh Man! I can feel that, it kinda gets you just behind n-ts and in front of the a....le!
  8. wdietz

    Xr 600 with XL 600 bottom end?

    Rather than jump through all the hoops to swap bottom ends, what about fixing what you already have? Gears,forks,etc. can’t be that hard to come by. Fix the trans, re ring it, and lap in the valves, good as new!
  9. wdietz

    Superbike to dirt bike conversion?

    Unless you have the money to toss away your decision to walk is the right one. If it worked properly I imagine it would be fun for a weekend or two but the weight and novelty will probably get old quickly. After you get tired of it, YOU will be stuck with a "cool bike" that you probably can't sell unless you part it out.
  10. wdietz

    HELP VIN Number troubles..

    Find that good welder and weld the old headstock on the replacement frame. Likely the replacement frame is tweaked anyway, most are, even when new.
  11. wdietz

    02 yz250 mods?

    As the previous poster said, it's only surface rust. Blast and paint or powder coat, do it in silver and pretend it's aluminum. Damage can be fixed more easily and if weight is a concerned, don't eat for a day or two.
  12. wdietz

    Motorcycle lift tables

    There is a company called Greg Smith Equipment that sells a really nice air/hyd. lift for about $950. Got one a few years ago and love it. They also list one for $650 which is a little lighter duty.
  13. wdietz

    Yz450f aluminum dust in oil

    The Anti Sieze is most likely the cause of your metallic looking oil. It is after all powdered aluminum suspended in a heavy oil. A couple of oil changes should clear it out. Anti sieze is made to be used sparingly, no need to be slopped on unless it is used on assemblies that are exposed to corrosive liquids/salt etc.
  14. wdietz

    Yz450f aluminum dust in oil

    You say it has a fresh top end, was it assembled with a Moly base cam lube? That will give you the metallic looking oil. I’d run it some and change the oil a time or two. The moly is good for the cam and trans gears too.