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  1. Dfr136

    144sx clutch master cylinder

    Found the ktm part # is 50302030200 Looks like I can only buy the complete assembly.
  2. I have a question regarding master cylinder part numbers and was hoping someone on here could help. I have a 2008 144sx and noticed the clutch master cylinder is seeping a bit around the nylon washer that holds the piston in the cylinder. I tore it apart and seen that whatever coating magura puts on the master cylinder is flaking off inside the bore, so I'm assuming that is what's causing the leak. Instead of just trying a rebuild kit, I figured I should probably replace the master cylinder. My question is what magura part # is the same as the one on my bike. I know it's a 9.5 mm but it seems there are a couple different part #s and I don't want to order one that will not work. The magura part numbers I seen were 0020580 and 2000302. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Dfr136

    Wiseco crank kits

    Don't get the wiseco they are junk. I used one in a cr125 and the thrust washer came apart in 1 hour. Wiseco did make everything right and replaced the crank, bearings, piston, head and sent my cylinder to millennium. I've read many, many cases about wiseco cranks failing. From now on when I do cranks I stick with oem. From what I've read the hot rod seems like a decent crank, but I've never used one.
  4. Dfr136

    01 cr250 JD jetting

    It may be leaning out your oil mixture, but 50:1 is a richer fuel/air mixture than 20:1. Less oil in your premix = a richer fuel mixture.
  5. Also you really need a pot and heat source you can use outside. The water needs to be kept at a near boil while you add in the dye. Hot water just ain't gonna do it. I used an old metal pan and a portable propane grill to do my stuff. And like I said earlier it's hit or miss it seemed when I tried to dye old plastic. But give it another shot with liquid rit dye, and don't be afraid to be generous with it. If that doesn't work I'd plasti-dip them. Plasti-dip is really tough and if it ever chips or you end up hating them, it peels off very easy.
  6. Did you use powder dye or the liquid?I've only used the liquid dye I don't think the powder works very well. on black parts I use a lot of dye using to much can't hurt since your doing the parts black.
  7. I used rit dye available at pretty much any craft or hobby store. I found out about it from the rc car people who do it. It's been a year since I've done it so if I were you I would do an internet search and a bunch of stuff should come up, I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction. I just know that it was not difficult , just need to do it outside because it involves boiling water and the dye and can make quite a mess.
  8. You could try dyeing them. Sometimes it's hit or miss with how well the color comes out on the plastic. I did a few parts this spring on my bikes and it seemed the newer plastics dyed quite well and actually looked black. The older plastics I tried dyed more of a faded black/purple. But it's worth a shot if it doesn't turn the color you like then spray them with krylon. I always strongly advise against painting any dirtbike plastic especially a part that is going to see quite a bit of roost like the radiator guards.
  9. Dfr136

    2003 yz125 vs 2005 yz250

    The 2003 yz didn't have the aluminum frame, The 2005 He is looking at does. Also a 250 2 stroke will be cheaper to maintain than a 125 2-stroke almost always. Seems the op mixed up the two pictures.
  10. Dfr136

    Wiseco cranks

    I used a wiseco crank in a cr125 last year. lasted one hour, thrust washer came apart on the rod. Wiseco warrantied everything and had my cylinder re-plated and a brand new head. They did take care of me. If I was to do it again I would only put a oem crank in any of my bikes after the hassle and months of being without my bike.
  11. Dfr136

    Yz250 issues- need some help

    Mines pretty short, if it was leaking any out of that it would be covering my linkage. Is there any other possibilities. It lost 200ml in one practice day with no visible leaks anywhere, what I'd really like to figure out is if it is the crank seals and why it's still running normal. How can you tell if its a seal or a case gasket.
  12. Dfr136

    Yz250 issues- need some help

    Motor is spotless. Which breather hose are you referring to? The bike doesn't seem like its leaking anything, always clean underneath the bike. I'm just trying to figure out if a bad crank seal is my issue since the bike runs perfect.
  13. Dfr136

    Yz250 issues- need some help

    No mess on the outside of motor. I get a little oil out of my powervalve overflow. I rode the bike on a normal mx practice day maybe put 1.5 hrs of run time on it. I'm feeling like its probably a seal but just don't understand why it's running normal with no spooge or extra smoke.
  14. I have a 2005 yz250 and just started noticing that when I drained my trans oil out it really didn't look like the amount I put in. So I decided to drain the gear oil after one ride I put in 750ml, 550ml came out. My question is could this be from a trans side crank seal...bike runs perfect doesn't really smoke at all once warmed up, plug is a golden brown color and no sppoge or anything. This has me a little cofused. Any input would be great thank you.