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  1. bbbom

    I've gone to the dark side

    Sorry girls, been tied up working, yuck! Ding Dong Hill is one of the many hills we ride from my house. I'm just outside of Spokane, WA. We named it Ding Dong Hill because my son (who is a ding dong) was the first rider to make it all the way to the top after his buddies had discovered the hillclimb. He was on my old YZ125 so it was an impressive ride since neither my CR500 nor his buddies on their 450's or my studette riding buddies who are kickass riders had made it up the hill until he topped out. Now we all know it's doable but it's still a challenge. The 5hunny makes it easier to climb but the 250F is much easier to turn around when I don't make it all the way to the top! Thanks ketch17, it is a fun bike. Just hope the valves and crap aren't a PITA. My trusty old 500 gets a new top end every couple years and a new piston every 4 or 5 years, otherwise he's bulletproof. Except rear tires!
  2. I still have my beloved CR500 but I couldn't pass up a sweet, barely used 08YZ250F that came with a full set of gear, boots, helmet (new), goggles, and some other misc paraphenalia. I almost felt bad about taking this one off the kid's hands but he didn't have time to ride anymore, needed money and I wanted another bike for the stable. This thing is fun! It's so light but it tractors almost as well as my 5hunny. I nearly made it up Ding Dong Hill on it, stalled in the last 5 feet from the top and all the boys that had been trying to make it up the hill were a little disgusted because I made it look so easy on my little bike that they left me. Well, except my new riding buddy and one of his buddies - they were laughing because the other guys left and didn't want to ride with me anymore. I really bought it so I had something to loan BikeDestroyer when she comes up to visit. But it will be well broken in by the time she throws a leg over it.
  3. bbbom

    Dirt bikes MADE for women?

    I would say that a business model would be more successful and have a larger market if you were to go after adult riders that are simply height challenged rather than specifically for Women. I know plenty of women that can ride a normal bike just fine and I know plenty of men that could benefit from some lowering mods.
  4. bbbom

    Great place for women to ride

    They should be Jake but, they usually aren't, at least not for beginner women are learning on their own! I'm not a beginner and I am a confident rider but even I get intimidated at a track where a bunch of hot shot younguns are out there rippin around. Anywhere with trails or a track should be a great place for women to ride but a lot really aren't so when we find one that is, we spread the word!
  5. Got an email from Eric about upcoming MX Classes - he's a great instructor for all levels and I highly recommend his classes for kids and adults. My kids have been to several of Eric's classes in the past and my son will be taking one of them this spring when we can schedule it. I've taken his class once and learned a ton that has stuck with me, even though I don't get to ride nearly as often as I'd like to. I'd love to take another one but since I'm old and have to work too much so the kid can ride I probably won't get to this year. Oh well, I coulda been great. Dear Riders and Families - Inside this email you'll find the list of upcoming Fall/Winter EW MX School Dates. Although they are posted on my website (www.ewmxschools.com), I wanted to send them out personally to each of you. As the seasons change, so do the venues. Keeping my commitment to provide a healthy environment for schools and to provide numerous options, I have selected the following locations: Toes MX Park (Vantage), Monroe (Evergreen State Fairgrounds indoor track) and HRMC (Horn Rapids). More dates will be added when they come available. Keep a watch on the website. It's going to be making a big change soon. As we head into the holiday season, I want to remind everyone that I do have gift certificates available for schools and/or private lessons. Shoot me an email on how to get certificates. Nov. 8th Advanced class at Toes MX Park Nov. 14h 85-450cc Beginner-Novice class at Toes MX Park Nov. 15th 65cc class at Toes MX Park Nov. 22nd Advanced class at HRMC (Horn Rapids) supercross track Dec. 4th Advanced class at Monroe Dec. 11th Beginner-Novice class at Monroe Dec. 18th 50/65cc and entry level class at Monroe I look forward to another great winter riding season! Thank you, Eric Waunch www.ewmxschools.com
  6. bbbom

    Totally bummed

    Man Deb, I'm so sorry to hear about all the troubles. I don't have much to offer beyond what has already been said. Hang in there. Maybe we should form a posey of thumpettes to track him down and teach him a lesson. Kinda like the girls did at the end of that disgusting movie Death Proof???
  7. bbbom

    Work out schedules???

    Awwww, he's got such a way with words. I knew he was a sweetie but that just brought a tear to my eye. I try to lift 3 x's a week, ride once a week or so at least and run or do other cardio when I can. Between work and kids lately, I have very little motovation to do much of anything though, so I'm getting kinda soft & flabby. Trying to kill myself on a little double double double rythm section yesterday made me realize that at least my weightlifting is helping me. Instead of double, double, double like I wanted to do, I did a double, oh chit I'm going down, nope saved it, oh chit, another bump, waahooo, single, oops, and finally a 1 3/4 into the face of the last one but I kept it upright. One of the kids parked by us had a look of terror when he asked if I was okay - heck ya, I'm still upright. But it was time to drink beer then.
  8. Back when I was on the BLM Resource Advisory Board, we met with the Odessa Citizens Action Committee who were basically sponsoring this project. The plan was for this to be just the start of a major trail OHV Trail System to link several of the outlying communities together, similar to the trail system back east that I can't for the life of me remember the name of. Anyways, this is just the start so any support or advice you can offer in writing will help see this thing move forward. I thought it was pretty funny though when we did the site visit and the BLM insisted that the area was non-motorized but you could see it was obviously well used by 4x4 vehicles. That's the only way you seem to find tracks that look like tires. I did point that out to the BLM reps and they kinda did the old "yeah, we do realize that but can't admit it" thing.
  9. bbbom

    extmotorsports spokane

    Yeah, never listen to Ryan - he's a turd.
  10. bbbom

    extmotorsports spokane

    Yep, we live just SE of Spokane. I'm mainly a trail rider but have taken to the track at times. The kid is 16, on an 08YZ250F and is one of the faster trail riders, now becoming one of the better C track racers, soon to move to B Class if his sponsor (me) lets him keep practicing enough to stay on top of the competition. I'm a PANTRA member too, since about 2000. The kids and I host the PANTRA LPO Father's Day Campout & Rides. The Newport Track is not crowded normally but it's getting more riders each week. Lemme know when you are planning on riding Cowboy, I'm usually up for a trail ride or hitting the track as long as it doesn't conflict with the kid's race schedule, which seems to be every Saturday until the end of the month now. Sunday's are always good for riding somewhere.
  11. bbbom

    extmotorsports spokane

    The Newport MX track is pretty cool. We were just there yesterday. It is a fun track but not a lot of jumps for beginners, mostly pretty big doubles with a few smaller doubles into tables. They've changed it a bit over the past few weeks. Yesterday was my 2nd time there and my son's 3rd time - he loves the track. Brad Nauditt and some of the other local fast guys were there yesterday, seemed to be enjoying the track. There's a local ex Pro that's there everytime we are there Leon MacDonald - he likes to play with the fast boys and it's pretty entertaining. He/we also like Airway and of course the MRP Arenacross & Endurocross tracks since he (the kid) kicks butt on those courses. A couple things to keep in mind on the Newport Track - it is new, it is still in the development stages and it is basically run all on volunteer labor. We were talking with some of the guys that help out up there. They hope to have a race in September, but need to get some things squared away like scoring system, watering system, advertising, etc. Anyone have some 2" plastic pipe they wanna donate? They need about 500 feet to get water from a natural spring down to where they can use it better.
  12. BLUERIBBON COALITION, INC The BlueRibbon Coalition Announces Its New Member Incentive Program We have never experienced such a relentless onslaught against OHV recreation and access as we are right now. Almost daily, we learn of some new planning initiative, a new piece of Wilderness legislation, a new lawsuit, or new attempt to rip-off dedicated OHV registration fees. BRC is drawing from our unparalleled experience to turn the tide and build lasting solutions that make sense for the land and the people. Your membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition is critical. Now is the time to join together and expand our influence on the issues. With the help of Rocky Mountain ATV-MC, we've made joining, renewing, or extending your membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition especially worth your while. For a limited time, we are making you this special "no buts-no brainer" offer where you can join BRC and literally double the value of your money: Join-renew-extend your membership in BlueRibbon Coalition now and you will get a $25 gift card from Rocky Mountain ATV-MC! Do the math: $29.00 BRC Membership -$25.00 Gift Card $ 4.00 Your final cost YOU CAN'T LOSE! ► It's the right thing to do-at the right time ► You're helping to save trails ► You stay informed on issues ► Righteous deal for you ► Join-Renew-Extend membership in BRC for a full year ► Get the gift card-buy what you wanted to buy anyway ► Final membership cost to you is $4 Hands down, there has never been a better opportunity to help protect trails through membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition. Won't you please join with us? We've made it very easy for you at http://www.sharetrails.org/rmatv Share this with your friends-we'll give them the same opportunity when they JOIN! ### The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public lands and waters, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. It represents of 10,000 individual, business, and organizational members for a combined total of over 600,000 recreationists nationwide. 1-800-258-3742 http://www.sharetrails.org
  13. I just received this from Cheyanne @ the BLM: United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Spokane District 1103 North Fancher Road Spokane Valley, Washington 99212-1275 (509) 536-1200 OR_Spokane_Mail@blm.gov Dear Interested Party: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Spokane District, has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine the environmental effects of a proposal to designate a motorized route on public lands in the Lakeview Ranch Unit, in Lincoln County, WA. The EA is available on the internet at: www.blm.gov/or/districts/spokane/plans, or upon request from the Spokane District Office at (509) 536-1200. BLM is seeking comments on the EA until September 4, 2009. Comments may be sent to the email or postal address listed above, ATTN: Lakeview Proposed OHV Route. Be advised that your entire comment – including personal identifying information (address, phone number, or email address) may be made publicly available. If you would like to stop receiving future notices by email, please reply to this message. --------------------------------------------------------------- Cheyne Rossbach Public Affairs Contact Representative BLM Spokane District Office 1103 N Fancher Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99212 (509) 536-1297
  14. bbbom

    Womens Washougal 2nd moto first turn photo

    Yep, awesome photo NTG! Wish the kid woulda made it all the way to the race track Saturday. Oh well, like they say: tow truck $194 hotel room $159 car trailer rental $150 gas for mom's pickup that friend had to drive from home to The Dalles $180 stinger because someone forgot to put it on mom's truck $50 wiring adapter $10 Learning that when Mom says "take my truck because your's is not reliable" she's probably not wrong - priceless
  15. Thanks for all the input EVERYONE. Sorry I haven't been back to chime in, had to get a major bid out on a project but I have been taking care of the dog. The quills he got THIS TIME were very few, tiny ones from a baby porcupine so he is eating his dry dog food and drinking water, I made sure to observe. He's not digging at the quills, much different than when he's gotten into the big critters so just to ease everyone's mind, and my own, he's okay. Uncomfortable but okay. Now that the project is done (sorry whoever thinks I'm cruel but feeding my family comes first) I can figure out what to do. Thank you to EVERYONE that responded I printed out the thread so I can read it over and figure out what I will do. He is not a BAD dog, he was about 6 months old when we took him from the pound and we quickly realized that he was most likely abused and a working/hunting dog. So we have always treated him with respect to his background. Sorry but I'm exhausted from pursuing the bid we turned in and took 2nd on today (yeah, the dog is important but my work feeds the family, the pets and pays for vets so I gotta do what I do). I printed out the thread and will consider the opinions posted, that's why I posted the original post. I wanted some input and options from peeps that have diverse opinions. He's not happy but he's not suffering anymore than any of us have that have ever crashed a bike and he's not dead. So, I'll take into consideration the myriad opinions so graceously posted here and figure out what to do. Thanks everyone that posted, I was looking for some ideas and I think I got some.