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  1. rws

    Stapling Seat Covers

    motoyoyo: thanks for the info... been searching since Christmas for a tool to install my seat cover. This is going to make my next ride a bit more comfortable!
  2. rws

    noisey engine

    brucer7, Dude... that is a great piece of advice. I've been chasing the cause of my engine noise for some time... my only problem now is that I'm at work (on a break) and I can't get to my garage to check what you've recommended! Cough... cough... hmm... perhaps I have to leave due to "illness" P.S. I know they are noisey engines... but it seems that something in mine got "noisier" some time ago.
  3. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    BrandonV, I went riding at the track (last Wednesday) and rode pretty good for about 3 hours or so. The bike seems to be running just fine. The noise is really annoying but at this point doesn't seem to be destructive. So... like many of my fellow 426 owners... I'm learning to live with it and keep a careful ear to it. Perhaps as it's been stated by so many others... the motors are "bullet-proof" but just not "sound-proof". Thanks for the encouragement... now go out and ride!
  4. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    Jeremiah, I just came back to revisit this thread. I wanted to report that I too have decided that the bike is just noisy. I've compared with another 426 and the noise is about the same. So like you decided... I'll ride and see if anything changes. Until then... the bike is running great and I'm looking forward to getting on the track tomorrow. It's my birthday and I'm treating myself to a day off work and at the track riding!
  5. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    sanpedro426, It took me a while but I did finally get around to covering the clutch cover like you mentioned. Low and behold... the noise volume definately changes. The amplifying cavity behind that large cover sure seems to play a role in the volume of the noise. Now I'm planning on pulling the cover and making sure that nothing has come loose in there. I had an oppurtunity to listen to a riding buddies 02 YZ426... although it made some noise... it didn't quite make the same noise that my bike is currently making. So... the search continues and if I find it... I'll be sure to post the answer to this mystery! Until then... I'm gonna ride and try to enjoy it despite the clanking that's going on down there!
  6. rws

    2000 Yz 426 Fork ?

    GMAN69, I just finished [last night] putting my forks back together. While my bike was sitting on the stand it looked very odd [during various phases of assembly]. Perhaps the differential in lengths is an optical illusion. It seems that the caliper side fork "hangs" a little lower, but in reality it was just the turn of the front end, the added bulk of the caliper mount, etc. The rod inside the fork kind of limits full extention of the forks... so as long as everything [base valve and top cap] are tight... the fully extended length is set. The alternative is that the fork that appears "shorter" is not fully extending... this would mean something is preventing the spring from fully extending. That would seem difficult considering the parts that are inside the tube. Is there any free-play in the tube that seems longer? Can you move it more freely though some travel than the other? If nothing else... break out the tape measure and confirm the length of the fully extended forks. I am certainly not an expert in this area... but having been inside there just last night... I have experience with the parts in question.
  7. rws

    Fork Tube maintenance?

    Eddie, I put the front end of my bike back together last night. I mulled over the issue for a while and finally cleaned things up as best I could and re-assembled. I had the hardest time finding high grit [>1000] material to do the polishing. So... I cleaned the tubes, carefully assembled and for now... no runs, drips or errors. But of course, I haven't ridden it yet... but it does look nice sitting in the garage I also realized that on my last fork oil change I seemed to add too much oil. This could be the primary reason for my "leakage". This time I think I got it right. Although I enjoy working on my bike... I really hope I don't have to do this job for at least another year! Thanks for your response to my "inexperienced" question. Now if the weather will cooperate... I'll be able to ride this weekend and see how well I did putting the pieces back together!
  8. rws

    Fork Tube maintenance?

    Eddie, Thanks for the info. Sounds like you have seen exactly what I'm talking about. I'll do a search and see what I come up with. I'm finding it difficult to find 1500+ grit material with which to do the polishing... but the search is part of the fun! Thanks again for the feedback. Robert
  9. I am currently in the process of replacing the fork seals on my '00 YZ426F. I noticed that there are visible [albeit slightly] lines on the inner tube. I suspect this is from the dirt and stuff that was probably built up on the tubes while riding. There are no "grooves" that I can feel but in the right light I can see lines. Question: Should I get some very fine 1500 or greater grit emory or wet/dry cloth and go over the tubes to see if I can polish them out? Or... if no grooves are apparent... leave well enough alone and just reassemble? I don't want to make an "issue" out of a non-issue for sure. Any suggestions or feedback is certainly appreciated.
  10. rws

    Finally I rode my bike

    congratulations! Welcome back and of course a speedy recovery!
  11. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    John_Lorenz: Definately sound [no pun intended] advice. I will continue to fine tune my ear to the sounds of the bike and remain diligent on the maintenance. I sure love riding this thing!!! Just want to be able to relax and not worry about it coming apart beneath me. I am going to check out the water pump. Then... I'm going riding! Thanks again for the feedback.
  12. Just a little suggestion about getting new plugs... I've found that Advance Auto Parts will usually order you a plug [or 4] and they are typcially 50% of what the dealer charges. I've gotten my plugs from Advance Auto Parts for the past 4 years now. Saved quite a sum of money... and just found out... the plugs come with a 1 or 2 year warranty [depends on the type you purchase]. Example: Standard NGK CR8E [my 426 uses] approx $2 w/1yr warranty, Iridium NGK approx $6 [latest thing since platnium] w/2yr warranty.
  13. Anyone ever use the Tusk brand replacement clutch plates?
  14. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    ThrakenH04: I'm sure hoping that's the case! Once the weather warms a little I'm looking forward to riding the bike much more than working on it You know...that red-glowing header pipe is another thing that will take some getting used to also.
  15. rws

    00 YZ426F Engine Noise!

    Birdie426: LOL! As I was reading your reply I was re-living the exact moments when I went through it. My wife just said "that don't sound good"... I'm thinking about starting a support group for those of us having to deal with this phenominon that Yamaha has produced! "Bullet proof" motor that drives us crazy with the clanking and clunking! I definately appreciate the support group sharing experiences Happy trails [or tracks] to you!